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Author Topic: Eve Online  (Read 1696 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: July 05, 2019, 02:11:57 PM

This topic is more for those crazed veterans who have stayed connected to this no-life spreadsheet simulator where you fly spaceships [RIP Old MMO's topics].

For the uninitiated its a one server 'game'[except China if that server still exists?] where you literally have thousands of players who inhabit thousands of systems at the same time and sometimes in battles. You control one spaceship and those spaceships are flown in a typically third person viewpoint [think Homeworld] and you can configure your spaceships in all kinds of variations and I cannot remember how many different spaceships there are [a lot]. The ones in the picture above represent the main races you get to choose [Gallente Federation, Caldari State, Amarr Empire, Minmatar Republic]. It is a pvp game with pve elements game where typically everything you do competes with other players in some form or another. To do certain things you need skillpoints that are trained over time and not by doing things [though you can also buy skillponts that are culled from other players]. It is also free to play but is primarily a subscription game so free to play [alpha] doesn't allow you to nearly so much as a subscription [omega]. You can pay for omega with in-game items [PLEX] but farming for them as an alpha would just leave you bored in the end so a subscription is really the way to go in the end.

Practically anything is allowed in the game such as scamming and spying and basically you choose what you want to do except where CCP [games creators] forbids it. CCP gets a lot of flack [with good reason] and there is some suspicion that they got lucky with Eve, however they still made the game so kudos there I guess. As a game Eve is not designed to be fair, those who have even a modicum of wits can survive even if it is at the bottom of the barrel. Playing this game for the pve is the quickest way to be disappointed though some people do that anyway be they miners etc though exploration is pretty good. There is high sec space which is safest [for most anyway], low-sec which generally has more pirate players with feeble enforcement from the ai police at the stargates, null-sec which is where there is no enforcement and players can build their space empires, wormhole space and abyssal space. Space ships you can fly include frigates [smallest class vessels], cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, capital ships etc etc. You can build space stations. There is so much to do it would take a lifetime to explain it all. It started in its beta really and since then has seen many empires rise and fall and it has a rich history maybe more than any other game. Best in-game economy of any game too. Video below.


Now the real reason I made a new Eve Online topic.

Instant local is being removed from null-sec! It will soon follow the wormhole space model.


There is also this very recent thing of Drifters running around null-sec and blowing people and bots up.

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #1 on: July 05, 2019, 04:45:55 PM

Where did the old EVE board go? I don't see it in the graveyard?
Terracotta Army
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play his game!: solarwar.net

Reply #2 on: July 05, 2019, 05:52:05 PM

Where did the old EVE board go? I don't see it in the graveyard?

You have to go multiple levels deep for old MMOs: http://forums.f13.net/index.php?board=50.0
Terracotta Army
Posts: 265

Reply #3 on: July 05, 2019, 06:13:11 PM

You have to go multiple levels deep for old MMOs: http://forums.f13.net/index.php?board=50.0

Yeah its there but posting in a Graveyard is probably not the best place for visibility especially for those few veterans on f13. Hell i'll post there anyway just in case.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 5129

Reply #4 on: July 05, 2019, 06:27:56 PM

I just wondered. It had been kept as a live forum for years for no good reason and I didn't even notice when it disappeared.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 1830

Reply #5 on: July 06, 2019, 03:08:29 AM

I would think that co-vert ops and hot drops will be the order of the day.  Apparently Hilmar actually played the game for the first time in a decade and found it stagnate and boring to play outside Wormhole space.

Seems like a Hail Mary plan to try and save the game - did it really take CCP this long to discover that 0.0 was decayed? Maybe the game needed T20 playing for Bob after all.

I can't imagine Goonswarm would let me back in after the rest of the corp joined Pandemic Legion (and I kinda insinuated that The Mittani deserved a ban for something) , and no one seems to talk about PL anymore. Do they still exist?

Defending the Galaxy, from the Scum of the Universe, with nothing but a flashlight and a tshirt. We need tanks Boo, lots of tanks!
Terracotta Army
Posts: 265

Reply #6 on: July 07, 2019, 02:01:30 AM

and no one seems to talk about PL anymore. Do they still exist?

I think PL's light went into Horde, PL might be a PUBG alliance these days AKA Eve Offline. So yes they exist but not as anything remotely significant as they used to be.

Though since Goons and allies are currently wrecking shit in the north whether there would be anything for PL to return to is another matter [though I imagine some enterprising PL managed to unachor and save a few citadels]. SniggWaffe of WAFFLES is alive.

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Reply #7 on: July 08, 2019, 11:15:55 AM

My eye twitch is back.

Why am I homeless?  Why do all you motherfuckers need homes is the real question.
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Reply #8 on: July 09, 2019, 09:12:06 AM

Bat Country is in Pandemic Horde at the moment.  I don't think anyone from here is still playing with them, but a few of us still hang out in the corp Discord channel and it would make a decent home for anyone looking to get back into the game.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 265

Reply #9 on: April 26, 2020, 05:00:22 PM

Recently in EVE Online....Surgical Strike Update was released.

Resilient Capsuleers,

The quest for a healthy Capital ecosystem continues with a massive update to Capital survivability, resistance modules, and more in the Surgical Strike update, coming this April!

As outlined in the recent Ecosystem Outlook blog, bold changes are being made across EVE in the search for diversity and new exciting options for pilots. Surgical Strike will bring Capital survivability more in line with the rest of New Eden, reduce the overwhelming power of logistics, make adjustments to some long-standing powerhouses in the Subcapital meta, and begin to establish more payoff for getting up close and personal with your enemies. Letís get into it!

Resistance Modules

The biggest change coming in this update is a 20% reduction in the power of all modules that increase shield or armor resistances. That means energized plating, armor coating, armor hardeners, shield hardeners and shield resistance amps. This will lead to a drop across the board in effective hit points, but the more slots a ship has devoted to resists, the more important the change becomes. There is excitement here about this approach because not only does it lower Capital survivability, it also diminishes the overall power of logistics and will make modules focused on speed and damage a more attractive option. The hope is to see bloodier fights, less stalemates, and a huge cross-sectional shift in the fitting meta. This kind of shake up rewards those that adapt quickly, so get to theory crafting!

Alongside this update to resistance module power, tiericide for shield and armor resist modules is also underway, which you may have noticed beginning to appear on the Singularity test server. The tiericide adjustments are very small in scale and much more focused on sensible naming and organization of the modules in these groups, but you can expect the 20% reduction to be applied after the stats currently in place on Singularity for modules are affected by tiericide changes.

Capital Updates

There is a vision for a Capital ecosystem with clear escalation steps based on distinct roles for each class. Part of that vision relies on moving Super Carriers and Titans away from all-purpose damage to a specific focus on Capital and structure killing. You will have seen one big step in this direction recently with the removal of High Angle Weapons from Titans. Now, substantial changes are being made to Super Carriers as well, but there is also an acknowledgement that Super Carriers need more to set them apart from Titans and Dreadnaughts as Capital killers before their Subcapital damage application can be fully removed. For now, their fighter tube loadout will be rearranged to promote more class diversity in your local Super umbrella and decrease long range Heavy Fighter damage application.
Capital changes in this update include:

    Removal of support fighter tubes for Super Carriers with the addition of one extra Heavy Fighter tube
    Bonuses to XL plates and extenders for Super Carriers reduced to 200% and for Titans reduced to 300%
    Long Range Heavy Fighter explosion radius increased 50%
    Short Range Heavy Fighter speed increased 50%
    Fighter bay size increased for Aeon and Wyvern
    Capital Capacitor Boosters limited to 1 per ship

Subcapital Updates:

Fleet diversity and an evolving meta are things that are always encouraged, and in that interest there is a small package of Subcapital updates coming as well. The resist module power reduction will naturally favor Tech II hulls slightly, and as these ships already dominate the fleet meta, Battleships will be given an upgrade to keep them competitive while adjusting critical bonuses for ships like the Muninn, Loki, and Eagle.

    All Tech I Battleships - which includes faction hulls - receive 10% increase to base hp and 30% increase to scan resolution
    Muninn bonuses to damage and optimal range reduced to 5% per level
    Eagle max velocity reduced to 190 and powergrid reduced to 950
    Loki offensive subsystem bonuses to projectile optimal range, fall off and tracking reduced to 5% per level and powergrid reduced to 550
    Legion powergrid reduced to 625
    Deimos bonus to hybrid damage from Heavy Assault Cruisers skill increased to 7.5% per level, powergrid increased to 1100 and CPU increased to 380

Additionally, damage from bombs will be reduced by 20% to roughly match the loss in effective hp associated with the resist module change. Bomb hp will also be reduced by 20%.

Brawler's Paradise

Over the years, as fleet commanders and elite PvPers across New Eden have refined their skills, it has become more and more difficult to capitalize on the supposed benefits of short-range ships. Gone are the days of blaster slug fests on Lowsec gates between plated Megathrons and Armageddons. While a return to such primitive times is not expected, there is a desire to begin exploring new rewards and tools for those brave pilots who are willing to get up close and personal. As a first step in this direction, there will be an increase to the damage of all close range Tech II ammo (excluding exotic plasma) by 15%. This means Conflagration, Hail, Rage, and of course Void will all be packing an extra punch.

The Surgical Strike update will be live on the test server very soon, so keep your eyes on EVE social media platforms for that announcement. Its deployment to Tranquility is expected on 15 April.

This is a big step towards our long term capital vision, but we have also planned further updates later in the year to continue the journey towards a vibrant EVE ecosystem.

Until then, fly safe o/

And coming later next month to the relief of a hell of a lot of people is Forsaken Fortress.

Greetings Capsuleers,

Coming 26 May, further improvements to the gameplay mechanics of structures will be introduced in the Forsaken Fortress update as part of the Eclipse Quadrant.

Since the introduction of structures with the Citadel expansion, thousands of structures have been built in New Eden. Many of these structures have been used for a variety of purposes by players, with some structures acting as Headquarters, key strategical beachheads, or even as logistical warehouses. For some of these structure deployments, their use may have dwindled over time to the point where they are no longer maintained by their owners. As a result, these forsaken fortresses proliferate in space as ambitions, conflict, and entrepreneurs rise and fall in New Eden. Cleaning up your sovereign space by removing these abandoned structures can be a frustrating experience, a topic that has been brought up by the community and CSM alike.

In the continuing journey to frequently iterate, there will be changes made following the last structure update of Kicking Over Castles, from 10 December 2019. The Forsaken Fortress update will introduce a new structure state - 'Abandoned' - alongside the existing Full Power and Low Power states to formalize the mechanics of structures being abandoned. This will apply to both standard structures and FLEX structures. In the update, structures will transition from Low Power to the new Abandoned state if they have not consumed any fuel from service modules for 7 days.

When a structure enters the Abandoned state, the following structure abilities will no longer be available to it:

No Reinforcement Phases - The structure will have no reinforcement phases, meaning it can be destroyed in one session (Damage caps will still be in effect. If a structure is currently in a reinforced state at the moment the abandonment timer expires, then that reinforce timer will operate as normal but no new reinforcement phases will be allowed).
No Tethering - The structure will not provide any tethering assistance.
No Asset Safety - Items will not be put into asset safety when the structure is destroyed (Wormhole located structures will continue to operate with no asset safety for all states).

Onlining a service module in a structure that is in the Abandoned state will return it to Full Power, restoring its abilities provided that the structure is not damaged, as service modules cannot be onlined for a damaged structure. If a structure survives through a Hull Vulnerable repair cycle and transitions back to the Shield Vulnerable phase, then the service modules will automatically attempt to re-online themselves, provided there is fuel available to do so. This is important in order to ensure that a Full Power structure with sufficient fuel cannot be prematurely forced into the Abandoned state by pushing it through a hull reinforcement and then allowing it to repair.

Two diagrams are included below that detail the new flow of structure states (Full Power, Low Power, Abandoned) and the phases (Shield, Armor, Hull Vulnerable).

Standard Structures:

FLEX Structures:

As mentioned earlier, this update to structure mechanics follows the topics and discussion in the community from the previous update to structures - Kicking Over Castles. As the journey in 2020 with EVE in Quadrants continues, it is hoped that these regular balance changes, game health improvements, and permanent meta changes continue to excite you and bring about further discussion to engage in.

These changes will be coming live to the Singularity test server soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further communications on that from the EVE social media channels.

Until then, Capsuleers, fly safe o7

If you'd like to discuss this dev blog please join the forum discussion to give us your thoughts!
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Terracotta Army
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Reply #10 on: April 27, 2020, 12:54:57 PM

I just recently installed this game to play.

I uninstalled it before I launched it.

Terracotta Army
Posts: 265

Reply #11 on: April 27, 2020, 03:50:47 PM

I just recently installed this game to play.

I uninstalled it before I launched it.

Cool story bro.
Sir T
Terracotta Army
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Reply #12 on: April 28, 2020, 04:22:17 AM

The only way to win is not to play.

Sometimes irony is pretty ironic.
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