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Author Topic: Traveling Advice/Tips/Suggestions  (Read 2453 times)
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Reply #105 on: March 13, 2019, 02:14:43 PM

My wife and I area similar to you. She's a D) All of the above, type traveler, and I just want to make sure I'm eating and drinking at places that are cool.

Here's what we do:

You arrange vacations around doing both of those things. You plan the dinners first, and pick out the times. She plans the places she wants to see. You both agree you can't do EVERYTHING, because that's exhausting and stupid. It's a vacation, not a forced death march to the next museum or some out of the way brewery.

If your vacation is long enough, you include some optional time. For example, one afternoon she gets to do the museum you have no interest at all in, and you sit on your ass in a cafe somewhere. You meet for dinner.

The second thing you do is define certain vacations if they are shorter. For example, if you're going to Utah to see the national parks? That's going to be an intense vacation. If you're going to say New Orleans? That's going to be a food vacation. If you're going to Florida? Sitting around and doing nothing on the beach vacation.

Essentially deciding to trade off the adventure vacation with the relaxing vacation can be good for you both. You convince the run around partner to relax a bit, and you convince the relaxed partner to get off their butt a little more.

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Reply #106 on: March 13, 2019, 03:53:11 PM

I'm curious what people with significant others do regarding travel arrangements. I ask because my fiance and me are basically complete opposites when it comes to travel. Both of us enjoy visiting new cities but she wants to hit basically every tourist spot, museum, attraction, etc. that she can physically fit into a day and I really want to hang out in cafes, drink coffee until it's late enough to drink beer/wine and sample every local food item I can find. I'm happy if I've passed a museum on the outside, she's happy if she can find a Subway to grab a sandwich from between galleries. We're slowly getting better at the joint travel but I'm honestly curious if other people have found they accommodate each other or if they travel separately? Or if we're just weirdly incompatible in that area of life.

My girlfriend likes to go on a trip every year and we've been dating for a little over two years, so we've already had to work out a system.   awesome, for real  We take turns being in charge of deciding where we'll go (she likes warm places, I like cold places, so our first trip together was to Greece and our second was to Scotland), come up with lists of what we're each excited about doing in that place, and try to come up with a schedule that lets us both do all of our things.  We tend to have a lot of overlap in the kinds of things we want to do once we're in a place, but to the extent there's divergence there we'll just split off for a bit.

To take your example, if your'e both excited about traveling to the same city but she wants to hit 3 museums in one day and you want to hit 1 museum and then spend a few hours chilling, my advice would be to join her for the 1, let her tackle the other 2 on her own while you chill, and meet up at the end of the day for dinner (or, if you have wildly different dinner tastes too, bed).  That way you don't have to take completely separate trips (which seems like a solution of last resort if you liked traveling to completely different places and couldn't find a compromise) and get to spend some time together without her dragging you through museums you don't want to be in (which I have to imagine is stressful for both of you).

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