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Author Topic: Happy Wars - Playlogic - X360  (Read 836 times)
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on: November 12, 2012, 07:40:59 PM

Happy Wars is the X360's first F2P title. You will need a Gold account to play it.

Gameplay is a MOBA - you pick one of three classes, race with your team to capture the early towers (which allow you to respawn at them) and then fight the opposing team to try to take their towers and ultimately their castle. It has a simple, cute-sy graphics style that suits the relatively basic gameplay.

The three classes are Warrior (I'm sure you can guess what he does), Mage (ditto) and Cleric (can heal, but also serves an Engineer / utility role). You can switch classes any time you die.

When playing a stage you will level up by earning experience, then once the game is completed you'll be awarded account experience. There are a number of item drops you get automatically as you play and can be equipped after matches. Gaining experience while playing a stage sees your character unlock extra abilities, but these are randomised and some abilities are certainly more useful than others.

There's other stuff, and as a F2P title there is a dual currency of Happy Stars (which you'll be awarded at the end of matches; can be used to modify equipment, spin the RNG to win more equipment) and Happy Tickets (that you have to buy and lets you buy item packs and other things) but to date I haven't seen a point to spending any money on this.

Multiplayer: Matchmaking is terrible (having your team of sub-level 6s be matched up against a team of 30+s isn't uncommon) and the server is somewhat unreliable in terms of dropping you. You can play against other humans or in a co-op mode against AI opponents.

Single Player: There's a story, but you need to level your account up through multiplayer to keep going through it.

It's fun enough for now, but pretty basic. I'm assuming that the Xbox Live Bigot Squad is off playing Halo 4, because I haven't heard much in the way of abuse through the headset.

TL;DR - simple, cutesy, fun enough, free.

Rating: Try it

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