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Author Topic: Making History 2  (Read 710 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 4436

on: January 02, 2011, 08:51:13 PM

Got this from Steam this weekend.  Have played 11 hours of this WW2 grand strategy simulator.

Overview-You can play any country with scenarios that start in '33, '36 and so on.  You try to increase your farms for food production and mines for coal, steel and oil.  You also need to increase your army and your industrial capability for the inevitable war with your weaker neighbors.  You can win the game by conquering certain cities or by having the highest score at scenario end.

Economy-Your nation will have one or more provinces.  Each province will usually have a resource; oil, food, coal or steel.  You can spend money and invest in upgrades to your infrastructure.  For instance you can buy an coal pit to increase coal production a little bit or a coal mine to increase it even more.
Having self-sufficiency in your natural resources is very important.  You can buy these resources off of the world market, but it can be hit and miss.  Other nations are doing the same.  You can sign exclusive trade deals as well.  For instance as France I only needed oil.  So I bought 50 a turn from the U.S.

Industry-Each city you own has a certain number of factories.  You can increase this number to speed up production in that city.  So you can increase Paris' IP's from 30 to say 50.  Then you can build a infantry that costs 100 IPs in two turns there.  You can also build universities (research), academies, and specific factories.  For example, you can't build aircraft in a city without a aircraft factory.

Armies-You can build infantry, tanks, artillery, fighters, bombers all the usual stuff.  You spend "Arms" at factories to field them and mechanized units require oil and can even run out of gas (which I love).  You can name any unit any name you want and can send the "Bismark" out to sea alone if that's your thing.

Stuff I'm a bit fuzzy on-Diplomacy.  It does seems like you can do a few things in diplomacy. 

But is it fun?-Heck yeah.  If you like Hearts of Iron, this is a simpler, cleaner and faster playing version.  The AI, so far, seems average but you can ramp up the difficulty level if needed.  Twice I've played France, lost the first game and won the second thanks to the UK and USSR wearing down the Axis for two years before I jumped in.  There are lots of nice little touches (like upgrading a unit with a single click), but other design decisions leave me scratching my head.  Really glad I waited for its three patches before I purchased as it's mostly bug-free from my limited time playing.

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