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Author Topic: Legend of Grimrock - Mobile  (Read 605 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: November 28, 2012, 03:13:34 AM


Got a chance to see the progress on the iOS version of this at developer event yesterday.
So decided to make a thread for the mobile version as a sort of update for those who might have been on the lookout for it or didn't even know a mobile version was coming.

If you liked the PC version, you will like this. You will want it. You will NEED it.

The guys at Almost Human are some amazing individuals. Getting controls that were originally meant for PC to play nice, work well and feel natural on a touch device can be a royal pain. But from everything I saw, the controls work fantastically.
Graphics were not dulled down at all from what I could tell. From what I saw the game looks pretty much done. But the guys want to polish up to the best it can be before rolling it out.

No idea when this is actually going to land, but I'd hazard a guess at early Q1 2013, don't hold me to that. They didn't say, I'm just making a guess based on how good the game looked, which really says nothing for how finished it actually is.

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