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Author Topic: Haze - Free Radical - PS3  (Read 719 times)
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on: January 29, 2011, 11:27:02 PM

Despite a pretty positive developer lineage, Free Radical pumped out a shitty game in Haze. There's a kind of interesting twist in that the force you start off as - a douchey "bromarine" PMC group strung out on heroin nectar turn out to be the baddies when you change sides ha;fway through the game, it's lost in that the game is a steaming pile of shit. The graphics aren't anything special, nor is the sound design, but it's really the shooting and driving mechanics where the game falls down, hard.

Often when playing something that's a bit average, I'm able to just tune out the poorly-written plots and concentrate on playing through to the end using the force of sheer bloody-mindedness to "get my money's worth from it". Sometimes, I finish the game (Timeshift). Sometimes I get to a bullshit end boss battle and end up giving up (Viking). And sometimes after a couple of hours, I just say fuck it, this is no fun at all and quit in disgust (Darkness - though it had an alright story).

This game is one of the latter. It's not even fun to rip into it, just consider this a warning for my fellow f13.readers. It'd be a bland, generic shooter on the PC, as a console shooter, it's just really bad and not fun at all.



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f13.net  |  f13.net General Forums  |  Gaming  |  But is it Fun?  |  Topic: Haze - Free Radical - PS3  
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