TERA Online from Bluehole Studio

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The fight against the big rock monster in the second video really highlighted the clone problem you get in some mmos. All those elf girls wearing the same red dress shooting fireballs just looked odd. 

Evil Elvis:
It looks like Final Fantasy meets Pole Dancer Online.

You'll notice in the first video they zoom in to crop out the XP bar  :awesome_for_real:

Site is wonky so I can't get to the infoz. Does look like a console/action-y MMO, which itself could be a saving grace. Because as a PC MMO it has only one or two markets in which it'll survive for a few months until the next game that looks exactly the same come alone. But heck, from what I understand, MMOs are like books over there, not about the one title, but how fast they come out in succession.

Last time I was in Korea they didn't do consoles.

Been a few years now, but I still think PC is the medium of choice there.

They're starting to like the Wii. And you can find PS/XBOX rooms from time to time.

But yeah, it's all about the PC. Sometimes I seriously think that there is a PC Bang on every street in Seoul.


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