TERA Online from Bluehole Studio

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TERA Online

Anyone know anything about it?  Looks like an action based console type of MMOG.  Screenshots have Hangame on them which is a gaming portal in Korea.  I don't know much about them other than what a wiki page says.  The forum post stated the game has been in development since 2007. 

Though I don't have anything to write about, it looks fun.  Who knows if this will ever see the light of day and/or will actually work.

Videos appear to show gameplay with UI etc.

Video One

Video Two

Some demo and presentation that's not in english

Dual wielding demon chick got my attention.  It's still a KMMO though, so I'm suspect.

I have had my eye on it.

Looks like Lineage 2 only more terrible.

Apparently these guys (Bluehole) were working for NCSoft on L3 but left to make their own game.


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