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OK  33 and 35 the ques don't wanna pop. But at lower levels there is a lot of activity.

I mean, this is in the graveyard so not like anyone will see it but for those of you who go back to Tera on and off again. Krafton (what was Bluehole) has shut down their NA publishing subsidiary, EnMasse Entertainment so the NA service is moving to Gameforge in early November.

If you want to have your account/characters moved over they are going to start the process for signing up to do so on Oct 22 and it goes until early December with the EME Servers going offline Nov 9 and the GF servers coming online Nov 12.



I haven't played Tera in almost a year, but still am on discord with my old guild and this popped up today:

Tera shutting down for good on June 30th, 2022

RIP TERA. I had a lot of fun with it during its heyday in the West and you can clearly see the influence it had on the Korean (MMO/A)RPGs that came after it.


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