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Author Topic: Basic training :)  (Read 1556 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 1477

still drives a stick shift

on: June 23, 2006, 06:58:26 AM

Decided on how to build up my pvp guys and my pve guys, but was curious as to how you all are macro'ing up your characters.  I went ahead and got my second account and with 2 razor's going it is awesome.  I wish I had remembered how to build characters when I made Guitarzan, but he is still finishing out okay (magery and resist will probably be the last things to gm for him).

Starting off with a character:  60 Str, 10 dex, 10 intel

1.  Get buck naked and take your cash and buy 40 shovels.  You can buy shovels from the tinker shop which is NE of the main Brit bank.  Drop what is left of your gold in the bank and then take your shovels and run North east out of town and keep running till you hit the pass to Despise/Wind.  A couple of options here, you can find a small mining area near the despise pass, or you can head to Wind.  The maze of mountains near Wind is nice and silent, I've been over there macro'ing mining and no one has messed with me yet.  Now that you are in a secluded spot, set up a macro for mining.

2.  In UO, there is something about server lines and the 8x8 method, not sure if it is that big a deal on this shard, but it helps sometimes, but anyway, what you want to do is do your skill, then move 8 spaces, do your skill, then move 8 paces.  Some people would do this by loading up a boat, go out and sail back and forth across the serve line in the ocean, and get decent gains.  Works great for multi accounts and some skills, but sucks if your mining or blacksmithing, or chopping wood (aint' none of that in the sea).  Anyway, I set up a macro to mine like 5 times in one spot, then to walk to the right about 8 spaces, mine about 5 times, then walk back 8 spaces and then repeat the process.  I started Sgt Skippy last night about 2am I think, and now he is up to 81 str and has 36.4 mining.  I think it took about 60 skill gain (from 0 to 60ish) to get me to 100 str with two other characters this week.  It takes a while because at 90 str it slows down in skill gains.  The other trick would be to set up say a lumberjack and mining which would have you making even more skill gains, but would leave you with 2 skills to drop (unless you were going with a crafter type character).

3.  Now that you have 100 str, you can work on whatever for your character.  In theory it would be awesome if we all could work on magery, resisting spells, healing, and anatomy since skills raise faster before you hit the 700 point mark.  But it seems that even with 700 mark reached, Metro still has decent skill gains, so it isn't as painful as some other shards or OSI.

4.  Razor macro's~~learn to luv them!  The macro's in the game vs razor is no contest, for some reason the client preforms the actions quicker with razor than the standard macro, which means it buys you a bit of time to help turn the tide in your favor.

Okay those are just some tid bits that I have dusted off my cobweb filled mind, since I still think Archer/mage is the god combo (from having started in Jan of 98) when I think of old school UO, but the mix of some of the old and new makes it a lot of fun.  Post any tid bits and ideas so we can keep us all going crazy.

Btw, took Guitarzan out on a stroll last night after server came up.  Walked to Britian and killed some trolls and harpys along the way, then walked to Despise and killed a bunch of trolls outside of the entrance, then had one heck of a rock concert for the ettins and earth elemental on the second floor.  Only made off with about 5k in gold, since my magery is so-so...it takes me to long to kill them.  After I work on magery I'll be able to put on one heckuva jam session on the monsters.  Oh, provoking a monster on a wisp is awesome, they have been eating all the monsters I throw at them, and as long as i provoke the monster on them, the wisps don't argo you.

Terracotta Army
Posts: 4868

Victim: Sirius Maximus

Reply #1 on: June 23, 2006, 08:34:24 AM

Haha, good stuff...curious, are you still the GM of F13? We gotta get all that straightened out...stupid guild features...I love how a GM cant just hand GMness off...

"I have more qualifications than Jesus and earn more than this whole board put together.  My ego is huge and my modesty non-existant." -Ironwood
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2419

Reply #2 on: June 23, 2006, 12:40:21 PM

I always thought they should allow you to run your guild as you want.  Set it up to either be a dictatorship (hand off as you see fit,) or a democracy (do the current voting stuff.)  Yes, this part of guildstones has always been wonky.
Train Wreck
Posts: 796

Reply #3 on: June 23, 2006, 02:21:33 PM

Just about everything in UO is wonky.  Most of it was an afterthought.
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