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Author Topic: Got Leveled by an Exploiter Last Night  (Read 2226 times)
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on: March 19, 2006, 01:03:11 PM

I think I was powerleveled by an exploiter on Vindication last night. His name was noobisle something or other. He invited, and since safehold groups are essentially X number of complete fucking retards flailing about for xp, I took the invite. Then something strange happened. I got a level. Noobisle was a rank 1 something or other, I didn't notice. But whatever he was doing was taking out mobs in record time.

Then I got SB.exe. Thanks a fucking lot. I jumped back in and was still in the group. Only the little area where the mobs were (some Snow Orc outpost or fort or some such) had disappeared. Yet I was still getting hit by something. Actually, I was getting hit by "Someone" that I couldn't see. And I was still getting exp. I would see two and three lines saying I'd gotten the exact same exp. like I'd killed 3 mobs at once, only I rarely saw the mobs. And I gained a level. And another. I went from level 16 to 20 in about the span of five minutes. I don't know what exploit this guy was doing, because even in the old fury AOE groups, I never got xp. this fast. So I buggered off to the mainland.

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Reply #1 on: March 20, 2006, 08:18:03 AM

I'm not surprised.  These guys have had years now in their little population to perfect their practices.  They are nearly ignored by any "GMs" too.  SB has been the only game that actually tells you to go ahead and lvl up in whatever way you want.  As long as you don't cheat on resources, it seems whatever method is acceptable.  That's the way I understand it anyway.

Everytime I complain that afk lvl'ing suxxorz, I get a barrage of posts about just let other people level you and you'll have a lvl 70 character in a few nights.

Why they don't just let everyone start at 70 is beyond me though.  I'd have been playing it a lot longer if they did.  The whole game IS the end game.  Their PvE has to be some of the worst ever.
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