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Author Topic: Dungeon Revamps = Awesome  (Read 862 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 999

on: January 24, 2006, 08:49:12 AM

Until recently I hadn't gone back and explored any of the old dungeons they had revamped. Wow, was that a mistake. I've recently been doing Runnyeye with my conjuror (36) and Warden (35). Holy christ is that a fun place. It's not even really tha difficult either. When my conjuror was 34 I was able to group with 2 healers and using the pet to tank we did just fine up to the first 2 named spawns.

And speaking of named spawns that has to be the best thing ever. There are probably a good 12-15 different named mobs throughout RE and as you run from room to room it's almost a guarantee that one or more of them will be up. Last night I got into a group that went all the way in to the deepest parts, mainly because we had a 42 tank (42 SK, 40 Conj, 37 Monk, 34 Warden.) Between the 4 of us we pulled in 5 master spells, 4 pieces of legendary gear, 3 rares, and all sorts of treasured gear, adept 1 books, and tradeskill books.

The exp rate in there must also be cranked up a bit more than normal zones I was easily gaining a level per hour w/ vitality. Of course vitality runs out real quick at that pace.

I'm not entirely sure what other dungeons have been revamped as part of the process but I believe RE (32-45), RoV (25-35), and Fallen Gate (Huh) have all been revamped. I think there were a few others but not sure which. I would highly recommend trying them out. All you really need are a tank (or pet class in a pinch) and a healer, any other classes can fill in.
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