Netdevil sucking blood from Westwood

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iirc, X2 has had an online version in the works since X.  It's also awful; I had been looking forward to a joystick controlled space sim coming out for months, and really wanted to like the game.  If you can get past 10 minute cut scenes every 10 minutes and a total lack of physics, you might enjoy the game.  I couldn't.

As far as Jumpgate goes, you really need a joystick to get the feel for flying.  JG is best as a pvp flight sim; E&B and Eve didn't pull too many players away from the game when they launched because those games lacked the joystick controlled 'twitch' gamplay.  For the same reason, I'm not sure how many E&B players Jumpgate will be able to catch and keep.

The players are hopefull though.  I know some pvpers are planning a "E&B Refugee Flight Class" to get people over the hurdle.

Jumpgate is best as a pvp flight sim, in the same way that DAOC is best as a large-scale team-based pvp game. Either way you spend a hell of a lot of time leveling...and dying in Jumpgate can get very costly, very quickly.

Arcadian Del Sol:
I read that piece of crap press release and it made me feel all validated for insisting all these years that NetDevil's management was a bunch of creeps.

Its no different than ambulance chasing. "hey buddy? Need a lawyer? wow that looks bad, you should call a doctor. I can wait."



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