Netdevil sucking blood from Westwood

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If you are an Earth&Beyond's player you can send your nice box to Netdevil and they'll give you a free account (30 days trial) for Jumpgate.

"We are troubled to see the small online space genre losing another excellent game. At NetDevil, we're hoping that players are still looking for something different in a market saturated with fantasy games. If players want to fly a spaceship, we obviously welcome them to check out Jumpgate,"

Translation: If you paid that horrible mmorpg you surely are able to pay ours.

At least it's fun to see another company to jump on the dead body and launch a party.

Meanwhile, those of us who want to play Privateer Online are left to shake our heads and wonder what the fuck EA was thinking.

X2, the threat, looks decent.  I've played a bit so far.

Yeah, it's not online.  Online is overrated IMO.

Also, I've heard that Eve is trying to poach EnB players through an affiliate program with EnB fansites.

Continuing the fine mmog tradition of poaching/cannibalizing the subscribers.

Quote from: Soulflame

X2, the threat, looks decent.  I've played a bit so far.

I've read only good things about it. I also read voices about an online verion in the work.

Eve Online is also a good replacement.


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