Project Gorgon

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Sir T:
Buy some premade assets from UNity like every shite asset flip on steam if you can't handle the animations.

Quote from: Malakili on April 28, 2018, 01:16:12 PM

I got no time for something that can't bother to have passable animations in 2018.

you should try path of exile

people love it

Not because of the animations. :oh_i_see: You're comparing apples to durians.

The ass-tastic graphics notwithstanding, this guy is my hero. He was one of the leads in AC2 and STO. (Yeah, I know...) And he decided to build a commercial MMO solo. He contracted out the artwork, but otherwise built the whole thing himself. He used to have a blog showing his progress over the years, but it looks like he took it down.

I'm not saying the game is good, just that it's an amazing technical achievement.

I really should try playing it some time...

this game is teh ass.


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