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Well, at the risk of getting some stoney stares and possibly being automatically denned/banned/nuked from orbit, has anyone here had the sick urge to try this?

I've got this strong suspicion that I tried a beta of this YEARS ago (it was some Roman mythology themed game) but after damn near 20 years of playing MMO's, everything tends to run together a bit. It appears to be catering to the true old school MMO vets and I am so damn tempted to pull the trigger as it's cross platform and has a Linux client, which is where I live most of the time now.

Soooo....was/is this on anyone's radar? I did a search to try to make sure I wasn't commiting a cardinal sin by creating a second or dupe topic and came up empty.

Looks interesting in an old school kinda way, but no fucking way am I spending $40 on an early access MMO. :ye_gods:

no one is getting denned for punching themselves in the dick

You are probably thinking of Gods and Heroes which isnít this game.

holy shit gods and heroes lol


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