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Author Topic: Statesman quotes and Paragon Times article  (Read 1131 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: March 17, 2005, 01:29:28 PM

I love most of the graphics out there, and don't want to have to turn my graphics off entirely in order to enjoy using, say, Hasten - but the Glowing Fists of Recharge are utterly unsuited for a shadow wielder like my dark/dark defender. Will we ever be able to turn off specific effects while leaving the rest unaffected?

Eventually? Yes. We know that this has been requested by many people. It is not, however, on the immediate schedule.

Similarly, I find most of the sound effects pleasant and/or useful, and I don't particularly want to play in silence. But some of the looping sound effects are annoying on my system. Will we ever get the ability to disable only the looping sounds?

See above.

We know that the Avilians are something to do with wings, the Coralax is something to do with water and the Incarnate is the Archetype of Lord Recluse and Statesman, but can you tell us a little more about the Blood of the Black Stream?

You値l need to wait and see.

What is the design intent of the Hamidon encounter and do you feel that it is now (after recent changes) working as the devs intended, or can we expect more changes to Hamidon such as a reduction in spawn times or further changes to the rewards system for the encounter?

I知 sure we値l always be changing Hamidon! We want it to be a fun challenge for a large group of high level characters. That痴 the goal.

Once the body slider/face slider changes go live with issue 4, will we be able to change our body/face at Icon or will our current characters be 'locked in' to our existing body?

You値l be able to change your avatars at Icon.

Are there any special plans for the 1st anniversary of CoH going live? A second round of the Rikti Invasion, perhaps? It seems like an awful waste to have the code for massive, floating Rikti motherships going unused, when so many new players have never experienced the glory of the beta invasion...

None planned.

Are there any major storylines upcoming that all the heroes can participate in? I don't just mean like a winter event, I'm thinking more along the lines of a world affecting crisis where the successful completion of missions help to uncover a story that the entire game world can see developing, perhaps maybe a souvenir could be specially written detailing the players who took part and given to all those involved.

This is something that we definitely want to do moving forward. We壇 like players to have a real, lasting effect in the game.

Besides the already mentioned arena ones, will there be added more badges to ensure that there'll still be some to gain even after you reach the high levels? I'm thinking along the lines of more 'recieve an insanely high amount of damage'-badges and 'heal a massillion HP' ones.

We値l be adding new badges with every Issue; and high level gameplay is going to be something of a focus moving forward.

Are there any plans to have Arena matches against monsters like the Paladin, Admastor and others? Kind of like gladiator bouts?

Currently, the Arena is all about PvP, but your idea is a good one!

Will we be seeing any more monsters like the Paladin in Kings Row and the Octopus in Independance Port? If so, any hints what they might be?

My goal is to put a special event in nearly every zone. In every issue, we値l try to add to pre-existing zones.

What do you think are the most important lessons you've learned from City of Heroes, and how are you applying them to City of Villains?

First, make every zone dynamic. In other words, make them come alive. We accomplished this quite well with Striga; that zone provides a new standard for us. Secondly, communicate the story better. We値l have some new technology in City of Villains that will allow players to see the plotlines in a cool new way. Thirdly, give players what they want. We have a much better understanding of what makes Archetypes and powers cool. Lastly, make missions feel unique. One of the earliest criticisms was that our missions were repetitive. Now we've got over a year痴 worth of new tech and art to use as we write the City of Villains missions from scratch.

The last question is particularly interesting.

For some time I've felt that almost the only difference real difference between missions in something like Kotor and in CoH is that the plot isn't expressed in a sufficiently emotive manner for most players to listen.

There is also a 'Paragon Times' piece up on the website about a particular theatre in the game. The piece has no obvious reason to exist and doesn't directly link to any known event, this usually means it foreshadows story content in the next patch...

The Orion-Majestic Theatre Celebrates Its Once and Future Glory

GALAXY CITY, March 16, 2005 It痴 tucked back out of the way along the Orion Beltway in eastern Galaxy City預n aging theatre featuring third-run movies at discount prices. The faded and worn marquee above its awning-sheltered entrance no longer beckons with bright lights and the names of beloved movie stars. Once called the Orion-Majestic Theatre, over the years the name had faded (at least from public consciousness) and with it some 77 years of history. Some would say the theatre had simply become a victim of progress. Others more romantically inclined say that it痴 dying by inches of a broken heart. Perhaps if you placed your hand on those stained and cracked bricks you could almost feel the fading beat of a once glorious life.

 Though the Orion-Majestic Theatre痴 history seems frozen within its walls, a little research can make even old bricks talk. And what a history emerges a brilliant parade of cinema痴 greatest actors moving across its proscenium framed screen


Hardly the epitome of architectural splendor then or now, the Orion-Majestic Theatre had once claimed the honor of being the most famous movie theatre in Paragon City. There would be others like it throughout the city預ll designed by the same architect, Walter Palley (1885-1940), and commissioned by the notorious Gianci family in their bid to monopolize movie distribution in Rhode Island. The Orion-Majestic, built in 1928, was not only the first of these theatres to be built, it was the first to have the new Vitaphone system in place預 technology that ushered in what many at the time believed was a fad: sound.

"People will not assume that what they read on the internet is trustworthy or that it carries any particular ュassurance or accuracy" - Lord Leveson
"Hyperbole is a cancer" - Lakov Sanite
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