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Author Topic: The Predator (2018)  (Read 2464 times)
Terracotta Army
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Goat Variations

Reply #35 on: March 08, 2017, 03:38:38 PM

through the 00's (do we have a fucking name for that decade yet?)

Kind of depends upon where you are.  In the UK/Australia it's usually called the noughties.  In the US most people call it the aughts.

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #36 on: March 08, 2017, 10:40:33 PM

80's and 90's Sci-fi is pretty distinctly different.  All of the 80's stuff had the major cities falling into extreme crime, corporations taking over everything, and extreme over the top commercialization.  Outside of early 90's stuff (which you can lump in with the 80's era stuff), it's all about egalitarian futures, where the future is sort of similar to as it is now, but everything has a touch screen monitor attached to it and everything is clean.  Like Steve Jobs masturbating over everything instead of Gordon Gekko.  Which pretty much runs up through the 00's (do we have a fucking name for that decade yet?), before the financial crisis.  Think Gattica, Eraser, Demolition Man, 6th Day, ect.
Demolition Man actually has both; the movie begins in 96 (3 years in the future from it's 93 release) in LA which has been abandoned to crime. It then jumps forward into the Brave New World-esque 2032, which is more commonly seen in later 90s and 00s movies.

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #37 on: March 09, 2017, 03:08:27 PM

Really, the only bad predator movies have been the AvP movies.  Predator 1, 2 and Predators have all been either amazing or reasonably good.

AVP2 was pretty hardcore in some ways like having the alien in the maternity ward. My biggest problem with that movie is it was so dark literally that its really murky in a lot of the action scenes because you can't see fucking shit especially when they are in the sewers.
Terracotta Army
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Reply #38 on: March 27, 2017, 02:15:47 AM

I totally erased predators from my mind until I read this thread.
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