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Author Topic: Astroneer  (Read 802 times)
Amarr HM
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2987

on: December 20, 2016, 09:07:20 AM

Cutesy style space exploration in early access game, which looks fairly fun.

Anyone tried it? Or too burned out on no mans shit.

I'm going to escape, come back, wipe this place off the face of the Earth, obliterate it and you with it.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 6710

Planes? Shit, I'm terrified to get in my car now!

Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 09:17:23 AM

It's totally on my wishlist, but too Early Access for me just yet.

If it still looks good and if the devs seem to be on the ball with it in ~6 months time then I'll get it, but I'm not in the mood for something unfinished again just yet.

"Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to socialism or regression into barbarism" - Rosa Luxemburg, 1915.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 4775

Reply #2 on: December 27, 2016, 11:04:05 PM

Picked this up this afternoon. Whoosh there went my afternoon. Really enjoying it.

Posts: 56864

Reply #3 on: December 28, 2016, 03:34:13 AM

Is there a game or is it half a sandbox?
Terracotta Army
Posts: 4775

Reply #4 on: December 28, 2016, 08:30:11 AM

Explore, mine, research, build things. Sandbox/open world.

This is a pre-alpha. I don't know what they have in store, was too busy playing and having fun to spend time reading about what is coming. I was expecting a lot more bugs, but it plays very smoothly.

So far I've managed to mine, set up a base, build a truck, and scavenge old spaceships that I've found crashed on my world. And die a few times. I've gotten lost and found my way back (no minimap). Gone caving. Died in a windstorm. Still feel like I've only scratched the surface, and I probably have 8 hours into it.
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