Is there any MMO worth starting?

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It seems the current MMO staples are in take-new-chars-to-max-lvl-asap mode. Are there any MMOs currently worth starting as a noob and doing the low level content or do I just have to deal with fast forwarding through content to catch up to the existing playerbase?

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GW2, Secret World, and SWtOR are all fun at low levels in my opinion. 

FF XIV has good low-level content which you have to do cause it gates your progress :awesome_for_real:

Yeah, was about to say... FFXIV also has incentives for high-level players to run low-level dungeons, so the runs tend to be fairly painless. Well, unless you're a tank or healer, in which case you're expected to know every fight by heart and you'd better have decent gear for your level.  :awesome_for_real:


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