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Play 2 Crush (lol)

Read the press release

The names Gordon Walton and J. Todd Coleman are probably more familiar names to others here than they are to me. They have voluntarily listed Shadowbane, UO, Wizard 101, SWToR and SWG on their collective resume. I played the trial versions of Wizard 101 and ToR, but haven't played the others.

Their pitch gives the impression that they believe there's a market out there for players who want risk, skill, and open PvP in an MMO setting. I'm here to tell you they're wrong. But, I am tingly with anticipation for the inevitable popcorn festival.

Edited to change the awesome original thread title, so that the subsequently announced actual name is in there. You're welcome  :why_so_serious:

The original title came close to taking up the size limit for titles, so I just changed the whole thing. Original title: "Old School MMO devs catch case of Nostalgia. Is it contagious? Call your doctor."

Those kind of players are out there, but only if they have a game that will feed them sheep to slaughter. Unfortunately for them, the sheep know better nowadays.

The underlying game itself better be damn good so that you get enough PVErs to support the PVP pop. There IS a player base somewhere for a game like this but it's probably to small to be profitable.

There are people who claim they want this kind of game, but never show up once this kind of game exists. They don't actually want this kind of game, they want the 'street cred' that saying you want this type of game supposedly gives... at least in their minds.  :why_so_serious:

No they really do want that kind of game until they realize they are not that good, then they claim the game sucks.  The kind of game they actually want is God of War with the endless waves of cannon fodder being actual people.


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