Crowfall aka Play2Crush aka Shadowbane II aka Nostalgia Online

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I am fairly sure the shields at the bottom of the page were all from shadowbane.

Isn't this the pitch that hmm... what was it called, Darkfall, made? Haven't we been round this merry-go-round before?

And thus speaketh the abyss... "Come join us. We all float down here."

Yes, they are from Shadowbane and there is definitely a market for a new Shadowbane. It's a tiny one but it's there. The problem is, how much is it gonna cost to make it not suck?
The trick is to be able to make a game for that niche that will earn more than it'll cost and it doesn't suck. Players who love those game don't necessarily care about extreme graphics or animation so I think they (or anyone else) could absolutely make it work. IN THEORY. Hell, take stupid Darkfall: it did work and had a moderate success, that kind a players DID show up. And it's still alive five years later. Even Mortal Online is still alive after four years. So, can these people make a Shadowbane/UO/Eve-like game on a tight budget? That's the thing.

The hilarity comes in when the reality of player numbers at beta/ launch hits the hype of marketing and VC pitches.

Just once there needs to be a single well-coded and well-managed game in this genre that releases to shut the hype down forever. Each one so far has had the excuses of "code was shit" or "company is incompetent" in various combinations.


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