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Author Topic: Vega Conflict  (Read 1142 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 5574

on: June 30, 2013, 12:28:43 PM


A pretty simplistic MMORTS, but very well polished.  Might be a tad better than Edgeworld, but I dont have much time in either.  Key points:

Interesting base geometries (roids have to be linked to mine)
A base defense aspect.
Base, planet, and sector levels.
Full pvp w/no ingame guilds (most of the time sectors work together for resources and raids).
Editable ship layouts (limited by available mass of course)
Manual resource banking (so it pays to login and bank frequently)
Sexy female computer voice.  (gotta have this)

You have your requisite one-week protection bubble then you'd better make sure you're friends with your neighbors.  The game is definitely more centered around starship RTS warfare, but it's limited to 1fleet vs 1fleet right now, which is great to prevent the zerg I guess and make the focus tactics and strat.  How MUCH tactics and strat has me scratching my head though.  There are times in gamedesign when you just have to fess up and keep it a turn-based diceroll; this might be one of those times... but if you like your pew pew hands-on this should fit the bill once you get past the 1st week.

"See, the beauty of webgames is that I can play them on my phone while I'm plowing your mom."  -Samwise
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f13.net  |  f13.net General Forums  |  MMOG Discussion  |  Browser-Based Titles  |  Topic: Vega Conflict  
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