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Author Topic: Total War: Arena - Total Warld in Conflict?  (Read 5236 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 246

Reply #35 on: October 26, 2017, 03:10:03 PM

I got a closed beta key to this and played a lot last weekend. It was a lot of fun. That said it also has a lot of problems. Many being the same as World of Tanks.

Arty is an issue just like WoT. It takes the least amount of skill to play but can often do the most damage. When not a very high mobile class is little you can do about it. My current feeling is even a mid level mobile unit has less options than WoT because of less places to hide. I read a developer post from a month ago that they have all the same concerns and are working on solutions but they also like the positives it brings to battles. I think it will remain an issue.

From what I have read level 9 and 10 are money sinks. Possibly worse than WoT because I have seen screen shots of people who had double the kills of anyone else on the team, won the game, and still lost silver at tier 10. Apparently the differences in power have been increased between levels from the steam alpha game. Likely to force people into thinking they have to play high levels to have any chance. This results in them needing to pay more money to play.

Unit balance and friendly fire are also big hot topics likely to always cause complaints. Gold ammo is not exactly a thing but consumables bought with either silver or gold are. So when you are beaten by someone else you never know if it is because their units are an OP class, they out spent you on consumables, or are just better skilled. No one ever wants to admit to the last. I have read currently the premium units that you can buy are not considered OP but WoT started that way with premium tanks until they wanted to drive up income.

The two biggest issues for me are not issues I generally had with WoT. The first is the interface outside the game battle play is terrible in my opinion. The second is Tuesday's patch added having to install easyanticheat to play the game. I have not decided if is worth allowing a key logger to be installed even if supposedly only runs when playing the game. Already reports of people that have beta graphic drivers (to be able to play another game) not able to play.
Speedy Cerviche
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2583

Reply #36 on: October 26, 2017, 03:29:53 PM

I think what will help with balance compared to WoT is the fixed rock-scissors-paper nature of this kind of historical game. Unlike tanks which are all kind of the same, here there's rules about how generally it's spears beating cav, swords beating spears (unless deployed phalanx frontal), 2h weapons beat 1h but are punished by archers, etc. It becomes such a blindingly obvious issue when some unit is breaking through these limitation expectations (because of balance problems or pay2win bonuses) that it cannot be ignored.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 246

Reply #37 on: October 26, 2017, 07:47:11 PM

The balance problem comes from too many categories and combinations. You have swords with and without shields, cavalry light and heavy, archers, spears/pikes in and out of phalanx, ballista, catapults, and light infantry with dogs. Apparently the last one causing most problems before Tuesday's patch (unknown after) because dogs were not in the previous steam alpha. Then on top of that you have commander and troops skills. For example, just because a troop has a shield does not mean it has a skill to block arrows. Dogs after Tuesday's patch can be counter charged to hurt them or use shield swipe but many don't have a charge or shield swipe skill even though others of same class do. Then there are things that are likely just bugs like spears with phalanx should be countered from behind but if charged from behind they can instantly turn around and instead decimate the charger.
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