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Author Topic: Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)  (Read 2572 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 110

on: October 10, 2010, 07:22:10 AM

For those unfamiliar with the website Reddit, there's a section called Ask Me Anything where, you can probably guess, people post a topic to have others ask them things.

Anyways, saw this guy and thought some here might be interested.

Not sure how much interest there would be here, but I've been told a couple times I should do one of these.

I was a member of the UO Interest Team for 2 years up to the day they all got "fired." I was a Troubadour and Elder Fidelio on Atlantic for about 2 years. I helped "write" and "act" out the main story lines ingame, including the one with Nostur'yl (the character Kraltch was my personal addition to the storyline). I use quotes around "write" and "act" as it was more along the lines of creating a basic outline and improvising the rest.

Our Atlantic team was known as the best and most active in the game. There were about 7 of us... and there were times where we would do small in game stories with random people, each of which were about 20 minutes long, for 6 hours straight.

While on the team, I saw a shittone of ingame cybersex as I was able to move invisibly throughout the shard.

For my regular player life on UO, I ran the Bloodrock Clan on GL. Think ShadowClan, only more tough. We were the #1 war clan in UO for about 2 years (around 98-00 or so). We coined "RPvP" back in 1999ish. We had a few hundred members, but perhaps only 40 or so were super active at any given time. We spoke our own made-up orc language. When people wanted a real fight, they didn't go dungeon crawling, they came looking for us.

So.. I guess AMA.
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