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Author Topic: Letter from the Game Director - March 2010  (Read 9638 times)
Terracotta Army
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a polyamorous pansexual genderqueer born and living in the wrong country

on: April 01, 2010, 10:42:30 AM

Letter from the Game Director - March 2010
This month’s letter gives me the opportunity to write the type of letter that I know some of you crave. This month we will be getting down to some of the details of the expansion. To be specific we are going to talk about some of the new armor items, and to be even more specific, the new faction armors that are coming with the expansion.

This one will be going into a lot more detail than normal, as there is quite a bit to cover, so here we go, let’s take a look at the new faction armors…

Before we start

As always the details here are subject to change during the beta process, and indeed part of the reason for revealing this information in this month’s letter is not just to explain to you all how it will work, but also get your feedback on the plans. So the usual disclaimer applies here as well, thing may change before the expansion launches!

Factions and how they reward you

Each faction offers four visual and power tier of armor sets, across two different armor types giving us a total of eighty different armor sets visually. That though is only the start of the faction armors. In order to distribute the various armor sets out over each class and create unique and interesting sets for each class you will find that every class has the ability to choose from five different possible sets.

So some classes may share a visual look from a faction tier on occasion, but they will have five sets available that are specifically designed to be useful to their class. So in effect there are actually far more armor sets (with unique names and statistics) than there are the eighty different visual sets.

At a top level each class has these five functional sets. Those sets are loosely categorized as follows:
One set that offers general increase to your DPS
One set that offers general increase to your health
Three sets that offer different class specific utility

So for example the first two sets of the five available to the Ranger class cover their two base sets (general health and general DPS) and then you have the three specialist sets. The first of which focuses on critical damage, evades and hit rating, the second set focuses on protections and immunities and a third specialist set that focuses of taps and regeneration.

Of course you will also be able to mix and match pieces from the different sets if you wish to.

The intention here is to offer players viable choices in their selections. You can use your armor choice alongside your alternate advancement abilities to further specialize your role, should you wish to do so.

So who needs to seek out which faction? Let’s take a look at each class individually
Assassin – Wolves of the Steppes, Scholars of Cheng-Ho, Scarlet Circle, Brittle Blade, Shadows of Jade
Barbarian – Hyrkanians, Tamarin Tigers, Yellow Priests of Yun, Children of Yagkosha, Brittle Blade
Bear Shaman - Hyrkanians, Tamarin Tigers, Yellow Priests of Yun, Children of Yagkosha, Shadows of Jade
Conqueror - Wolves of the Steppes (Plate), Tamarin Tigers (Heavy), Last Legion (heavy), Last Legion (Magical Plate), Last legion (Physical Plate)
Dark Templar - Wolves of the Steppes (Plate), Tamarin Tigers (Heavy), Last Legion (heavy), Last Legion (Magical Plate), Last legion (Physical Plate)
Demonologist – Wolves of the Steppes, Scholars of Cheng-Ho, Scarlet Circle, Shadows of Jade, Brittle Blade
Guardian – Wolves of the Steppes (Plate), Tamarin Tigers (Heavy), Last Legion (heavy), Last Legion (Magical Plate), Last legion (Physical Plate)
Herald of Xotli – Wolves of the Steppes, Scholars of Cheng-Ho, Scarlet Circle, Brittle Blade, Shadows of Jade
Necromancer - Wolves of the Steppes, Scholars of Cheng-Ho, Scarlet Circle, Shadows of Jade, Brittle Blade
Priest of Mitra – Hyrkanians, Scholar’s of Cheng-Ho, Yellow Priests of Yun, Children of Yagkosha, Scarlet Circle
Ranger – Hyrkanians, Tamarin Tigers, Yellow Priest of Yun, Children of Yagkosha, Shadows of Jade
Tempest of Set - Hyrkanians, Scholar’s of Cheng-Ho, Yellow Priests of Yun, Children of Yagkosha, Scarlet Circle

Remember though, this is just for the armor items! It may well be that a faction also offers you a choice of weapons or other benefits that you may want. Those factions may not always be the same as the ones who provide you with armor choices. You may to even choose between two rival factions.


The way in which you will attain these armors is a slight variation of what you might expect if we had just approached in a traditional sense. We didn’t want these rewards to just be seen as a pure ‘grind’ through faction ranks. We didn’t want to see all of these items as simple vendor rewards just for gaining as much faction as fast as possible. We want to incentivize players to also enjoy the great encounters and group play opportunities in the expansion.

Faction armor will be available through three different ways. Buying it straight from a faction vendor, as drops from encounters and dungeon encounters and finally from a token vendor who will accept tokens as payments (these tokens are found throughout the expansion content from boss encounters)

So how are the items attained? Let’s take an example and display it visually for you.

So as you can see the system effectively distributes the sets are designed both horizontally and vertically. You can collect one set, the vertical set from the faction vendor, entirely from solo play, including two pieces of epic quality. So you can choose to either collect the sets with the same suffix or the same prefix, or any combination.

New armor statistics

The expansion also introduces new statistics in relation to critical damage. Many of the new armor pieces will have a new ‘critigation’ statistic that allows you to mitigate critical damage. This is a major new mechanic that has allowed us to create these new armor tiers without making them overpowered in the old world content.

The enemies you will face in Khitai, in particular as you progress further will be more capable of performing critical strikes and using the faction armor against these enemies will be part of your journey through Khitai.

So what does this mean?

Choice and consequence

Anyone who saw the coverage of our presentations at GDC recently knows that choice and consequence play a large role in how we built the expansion. It is also very relevant to this design. With the system described above we feel we are offering players a lot more flexibility and options in terms of their armor choices, and the functionality that it affords you.

It also means however that you will have some meaningful choices to make. It is by design that these choices exist. You won’t necessarily be able to get everything, at least not immediately, and you will have choices to make. Some of the faction rewards are in effect mutually exclusive and you will have to make choices about what suits your character best.

This was an important layer of depth that we really wanted to add with the expansion and when combined with the alternate advancement system will really offer you all a lot more options for choosing how your character will be built.

Bear in mind that the factions will have many other rewards as well, not just the armor pieces.

Also, the faction armors are not only the armor rewards in the expansion! In addition there are a number of general sets that can be found across the expansion content.

In Closing

There are exciting times ahead, with the 1.07 update, complete with the new PVP feature – ‘The Shrines of Bori’ – coming to the live servers (hopefully next week) and the expansion just around the corner, the world is about to get a lot bigger with expanding horizons and we are all anxiously preparing to see what you all think of it!

Terracotta Army
Posts: 11119

a polyamorous pansexual genderqueer born and living in the wrong country

Reply #1 on: April 01, 2010, 10:44:23 AM

I'll use this to post the patch notes from yesterday, too.

Update Notes 1.07 - 30th March
New PvP Content – ‚Shrines of Bori’

With Shrines of Bori players will experience challenging guild-based ongoing outdoor PvP conflicts with capturable objectives, which take place in the Border Kingdoms: Cimmerian End. The gameplay includes capturing shrines and defending them against other players. There are also new rare PvP resources involved that players have to harvest and bring back safely to the captured shrines in order to make an offer to the war god Bori and receive his favours.

You can read more about the Shrines of Bori in this article.

Additional PvP Levels, PvP Tokens and New Tier 2 PvP Gear

Update 1.07 also opens PvP levels 6 to 10 and introduces new Tier 2 PvP Gear. This gear will require a player to have reached the appropriate PvP level, and is priced in new PvP Tokens similar to how raid gear is priced in Raid Tokens. The PvP Tokens obtained from performing a Sacrifice of Bori are of only one type. A different type of PvP Token is obtained through mini-games and is rewarded upon the completion of wanted-poster style quests to win at the various mini-games (one quest per mini-game type). These quests are on several hours cooldown.

Expansion Teaser Event – “The Silver Atrium”

Experience “The Silver Atrium” – a new in-game event that challenges you with new quests found in Stygia and Aquilonia. Meet and battle mysterious spies, assassins and other shady characters from the far east to get great new rewards.
Players of level 40 and above will be able to visit the new mysterious Silver Atrium (entrance can be gained by players level 20 and above but the quests available during this event will be for players level 40 and above).
You access the Silver Atrium by first claiming the consumable item “Embroidered Invitation” (by using the command “/claim”). Afterwards use the item to get the quest added to your quest log. Your first travels will take you to the city of Khemi.
The Silver Atrium offers two brand new solo quests and a new group quests based around the appearance of mysterious harbingers from eastern lands.
Includes great new Khitan themed rewards.
This quest series will only be available up until the launch of the expansion, so make sure you check it out before it's gone!

Read more about the in-game event in this article.

New Regional Fast Travel System

New wagoner NPCs present in major outposts and quest hubs allow players to travel to notable locations within that playfield for a small fee. For example: in the Eiglophian Mountains you will find the new NPC in the village of Dinog and he will offer one way transportation to a number of locations within the Eiglophian Mountains playfield such as the Hunting Lodge, entrance to Ymir’s Pass or Yakhmar's Cave.

In addition there are also new vendors available right next to the new wagoner NPCs who sell “Wagoner Route Maps” consumable items. When used, these will transport you directly to the central hub of the current playfield.


The Frozen Hatred spell should now persist after zoning.

Mezz Shot will now grant the correct crowd control immunities.

Guild renown XP gain messages will now show in the XP Gain chat channel.
You can once again sort columns on the members tab in your Guild Management window.
The Reverent Settler will now correctly spawn in your city's temple if your guild’s Renown is higher than level 8.
Male character can no longer buy goods from the Brothel Madame, as intended.
Social clothes sold by Renown-unlocked vendors no longer require Renown levels to wear.
Tatianus - the Crier in Old Tarantia - will now advertise your guild as long as you paid him for.


The Field Manual tutorial that is displayed when entering a Capture the Skull minigame will now point to the right entry.
Tortage: Characters with level 26 or higher should now automatically get removed from White Sands daytime and Underhalls daytime.
Khemi Sparring Arena: The spectator area has been extended to the bottom of the stairs. This should make it easier to observe fights.
The way PvP Kill XP is gained has been adjusted to work with the new PvP progression changes.
If a grouped player is out of range to receive PvP XP gained by his group, he will now also not get the diminishing return added on the killed target.

Massive PvP
Battlekeep owners can use their Siege Merchants again.
Siege weapons now have range requirements to fire them. You need to be within 25 meters in order to activate a siege weapon. If this distance between you and your siege weapon exceeds 40 meters the siege weapon will destroy itself. Your siege weapon will also not fire while you are hiding.

The experience in minigames has been adjusted. A good amount of experience now comes from completing the minigame objectives, such as capturing a skull and destroying a totem. If a minigame exceeds more than a specific duration the amount of experience rewarded for completing the minigame will also start to diminish.
Totem Torrent: The status of the totem is now taken into account when determining the score. This means if one side loses their totem the side which still has their totem will win the minigame. If the minigame times out and both sides still have their totem (or both have lost their totem) kills are taken into account to determine the winner.


Iron Tower
Fixed the Guardians' Escaping Soul. He will now howl again before running off.

Thoth-Amon's Stronghold
Increased all respawn times on Thoth-Amon trash mobs. Some timers have been increased more than others.
Favored of Louhi: Phylacteries should no longer aggro players prior to the encounter.
Gyas: “Execute” can no longer be blocked by line of sight.
Hathor-Ka: The buff given by “Consume” (Omen) has had its power increased slightly at lower stacks and drastically at higher stacks. The Harbingers of Death now also hate their targets a bit more.
Ixion: Lowered casting time of Wrath, and increased his run speed.
Arbanus: "Blood Draw" and "Unholy Word" can no longer be avoided by line of sight. Players should now also no longer get stuck or fall through the floor behind the weapon racks.
The Keeper of Artifacts: fixed an issue which sometimes caused this encounter to crash.
Adjusted the frost and fire version of "The Keeper of Artifacts".
Favored of Louhi: Players should no longer be able to use evade or sidestep to avoid Repentance.
Favored of Louhi: Unholy Retribution will now correctly proc and apply the proper debuff.

The World map window has been given a new look and additional functionality. You can now easily switch between different playfields and also pull up a list of map icons that explain what they are standing for.
Window positions and hotkeys will now be stored online on the server and not like previously on your local hard disk. The settings are saved after every successful logout.
The /claim command will now open a new window where players can choose which items they want to claim.
During startup of the game client (after the launcher window) you will now see a small picture on screen while the client is loading.
You can now track individual quests on the map in the quest tracker window, as well as list the goals for several active quests on screen at the same time. To change the number of quests shown, adjust the new slider at the bottom of the F10/Interface Options window.
Auto Target and Auto Facing are now disabled by default.
Subscribing players now get a warning when messaging a trial player not in their friends list.
Enabling options in the DX10 section of the video options menu should no longer cause the GUI to flicker.
Players will once again receive notification in the guild announcement channel about guild members leveling up.
JPG screenshots are now bound to F11, PNG screenshots are bound to F12.
The /camp command will now get you to the character selection screen instead of the login screen. The /quit command will however still get you to the login screen as before.
There is now a slider in the Launcher Options available to give players the option to change the bandwidth usage of the download happening in the background while playing. This does not affect the download while zoning or during patching and will be noticeable mostly by players who have unchecked some of the available bundles in the launcher window.
There is now a chat filter option that you can choose to enable under Basic Interface Options. It will filter out naughty words in your language if you enable it.

Eiglophian Mountains: Reduced the damage on the spell Tearing Power cast by Vindictive Spirit.
Ymir's Pass: Fixed an issue which caused Atali's brothers to keep you rooted indefinitely.
Field of the Dead: the Conriocht Menace will no longer cast ‘Frenzy’ on players.
The Astrologer in Tarantia is no longer naked.
Amphitheatre of Karutonia: slightly reduced the Devourer's mana/stamina drains.
The sentry right inside Tortage will no longer occasionally let slaves inside the city.

Quest items that have to be handed over to NPCs should now get correctly deleted from the inventory when the player deletes the quest.
The Dark Ring-fastened Cloak can no longer be traded, as intended.
The “Scipio's Necklace of Protection“ quest reward item received from "The Face of Evil" is now bound on pickup.

All Battlekeep Building Material Recipes should now reward Artistry.

Removing “Curse of Flies” by Ur-Emnet should no longer kill you.
Tortage - Letter to the King II: The Volcano Eruption cutscene has been adjusted so the player will stay hidden from Mithrelle while she is picking up the blood vial.

'Offline Character Progression' not part of Update 1.07
The new feature offering Offline Character Progression is not a part of Update 1.07 as there are some adjustments that need to be done to this new system first. But we didn't want to let this hold back the entire Update 1.07 so we decided to exclude it and deploy all the other fixes and additions for our players to enjoy. You can expect the Offline Character Progression System to be part of a future update. As soon as we have more details we will let you know.

Terracotta Army
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a polyamorous pansexual genderqueer born and living in the wrong country

Reply #2 on: April 01, 2010, 10:45:14 AM

And explanations for the PvP stuff introduced with the Shrines of Bori.

Update 1.07 - Shrines of Bori
With Shrines of Bori players will experience a guild-based ongoing outdoor conflict with capturable objectives, which takes place in the Border Kingdoms: Cimmerian End.

A Border Kingdoms playfield was chosen for this feature because unlike other playfields, only one instance of a Border Kingdom will ever exist at a time.

An additional change has been made so that players who have previously logged out in the Border Kingdoms: Cimmerian End will appear upon login at one of the existing entrance/exit locations of the playfield, chosen at random. This is to prevent players from strategically logging out. This change has also been applied to Aquilonian End and Border to Kush.

Note that all Border Kingdoms block a player's use of teleport spells (Path of Asura, Path of Comrades, etc).

Brandoc Village

Four Shrines to the war god Bori have been placed around Brandoc village. A shrine generally consists of the following elements:
A Banner, to be captured and fought over by guilds
An Altar, where a guild who has captured the Banner may make offerings to Bori and receive tokens and PvP experience, which conversely may be destroyed by other guilds.
A Merchant, who sells useful materials in a limited stock that spawn on a timer of 5 minutes. This means these materials don't spawn for 5 minutes after the Merchant has spawned. The Merchant is considered a Group Mob and is attackable, although he will not aggro unless attacked. If killed, he will respawn after 5 minutes.

Capturing a Shrine

A Shrine is captured when a member (must be level 80) of a guild who does not currently own that Shrine interacts with the Shrine’s associated Banner for an uninterrupted 6 seconds. The Banner then enters a contested state for at least 60 seconds. A guild can retake their “contested” Shrine if a member of the guild interacts with the Banner for an uninterrupted 6 seconds.

Thus, the Banners have three possible states:
Neutral – This is the “start” state of the Banners, such as when the playfield comes up. Neutral Banners appear on the map with a unique icon.
Contested – This state occurs when a member of a guild interacts with a Banner attached to a Shrine his guild does not own for an uninterrupted five seconds. Contested Banners appear on the map with a unique icon, and also a playfield-wide message is broadcast. If a member of a guild who owns the Banner (and therefore not part of the contesting guild) interacts with it for an uninterrupted five seconds, it is immediately reverted back to the owning guild.
Captured – If a Banner has been contested for a continuous 60 seconds, it then is owned by the capturing guild. This resets the other elements of the Shrine, such as the Altar and the Merchant.

Making an Offer

An Offer is made to the Altar when a member of a guild who owns the Shrine interacts with the Altar for an uninterrupted 5 seconds, and an appropriate resource is in the player's inventory. A Shrine may only be interacted with for this purpose by 1 person at a time, and there is a 5 second global cool-down on any player making an offer. Making the offer removes the resource from the player's inventory.

As different objects are of intrinsically different value, each resource has been assigned a value which represents how much the resource is worth to the war god. If there are multiple items in a player's inventory which may be offered to the shrine, the items are offered in order from least valuable to most valuable.

Rare PvP Resources

We have added a number of rare PvP resources to the nodes which already exist in Border Kingdoms: Cimmerian End. These items are unique (a player can have only one of a specific rare PvP resource at a time), and will drop 100% of the time in PvP death. Harvesting these resources require the existing harvesting feats.

Rare resources drop from existing PvP resource nodes at the following rates:
Tier 3 Rare PvP Resources: drop 5% off Tier 3 PvP nodes (per tap)
Tier 2 Rare PvP Resources: drop 10% off Tier 2 PvP nodes (per tap)
Tier 1 Rare PvP Resources: drop 15% off Tier 1 PvP nodes (per tap)

Therefore a player who wishes to make an offer to Bori using a rare PvP resource must first harvest the resource (or otherwise obtain it) and return to the Shrine without suffering a PvP death.

Since there are several tiers of PvP resources, each rare type has been assigned a number of units based on the how much favor the sacrifice yields with Bori.
Tier 3 Rare Metal/Precious Ore PvP Resource = 180 units
Tier 2 Rare Metal/Precious Ore PvP Resource = 45 units
Tier 1 Rare Metal/Precious Ore PvP Resource = 20 units
Tier 3 Rare Stone/Wood PvP Resource = 60 units
Tier 2 Rare Stone/Wood PvP Resource = 18 units
Tier 1 Rare Stone/Wood PvP Resource = 10 units

Idol of Bori

The Idol of Bori is a crafted item, and there are versions of the recipe for each of the five crafting professions. Similar to the rare PvP resources, it is also unique and a player may only have one Idol of Bori at any given time. It also drops 100% of the time on PvP death.

Recipes for the Idol of Bori are sold on the merchant who spawns after a Shrine is captured. The materials used to make the Idol of Bori are the common PvP resources (which currently exist in the game), as well as a unique limited-stock ingredient that is sold on the Merchant and spawns 5 minutes after the Merchant has spawned. After his ingredient is purchased by any player, the Merchant will restock after 5 minutes assuming he isn't killed which resets that timer.

Offering the Idol of Bori to the Shrine yields 50 units.

Making a Sacrifice

A Sacrifice to Bori is made when the Altar has accumulated enough units. A Sacrifice to Bori is made automatically when the Altar has reached or surpassed this required unit amount.

After a Sacrifice has been made, all members of the controlling guild who are in the playfield receive the Favor of Bori event. Also, after a Sacrifice to an Altar, the other 3 Altars in the playfield have their Offerings reduced by 50% of the total amount needed to trigger a Sacrifice. This is independent of which guild controls the other shrines. Bori rewards action!

Favor of Bori

Upon a Sacrifice, Bori grants a favor to all members of the controlling guild who are in the playfield, up to a limit of 24 players. This includes:
Some amount PvP experience
Some amount of PvP Tokens
Some amount of Glory (PvP Renown)
15 minutes buff called “Favor of Bori,” which stacks up to 5 times.

In order to encourage and support smaller guilds in the face of a greater number of opponents, the amounts of tokens awarded is inversely proportional to guild members in the playfield. The breakdown is as follows:
1-6 guild members in the playfield yields 12 tokens per member
7-12 guild members in the playfield yields 6 tokens per member
13-18 guild members in the playfield yields 4 tokens per member
19-24 guild members in the playfield yields 3 tokens per member

If there are more than 24 guild members in the playfield at a time, Bori will randomly choose 24 players of the guild in the playfield to grant his favor. However, in this case Bori will only grant 1 token to the chosen 24 players (instead of 3) as Bori is not impressed by overwhelming odds.

The amount of PvP experience a player obtains from making a Sacrifice is proportional to the number of tokens he receives.

Destroying an Enemy Altar

Players may destroy the Altar, should the Shrine be owned by another guild. Note this is different than capturing the Banner, which causes the Shrine to change hands. Destroying an Altar does not cause the Shrine to change hands, but it is still an undesirable event for the guild whose Altar is destroyed.

To destroy an Altar, a player of a guild who doesn't own the Shrine must interact with the Altar for an uninterrupted 5 seconds. Doing so causes the Altar to lose 10% of its health. When the Altar reaches 0 health, it is destroyed.

Similar to making an offering, interacting with the Altar such a way may only be accomplished by 1 player a time, and there is a 5 second global cooldown on interacting with the Shrine in this manner. If the Altar is destroyed, it will lose all of the accumulated offerings. Afterwards, it respawns in 5 minutes with 100% health. Upon a successful Sacrifice, the Shrine will obtain 25% of it's health back if it was damaged, up to 100%.

If an Altar is destroyed, the attacking guild receives some smaller number of tokens if the number of offerings on the Altar is greater than 75% (aka the Altar is more than 75% full). Altars which are 75% full or greater have a special particle effect visible. Similar to making a sacrifice, the number of tokens obtained in this manner is inversely proportional to the number of guild members in the playfield.

For destroying an enemy Altar:
1-6 guild members in the playfield yields 6 tokens per member
7-12 guild members in the playfield yields 3 tokens per member
13-18 guild members in the playfield yields 2 tokens per member
19-24 guild members in the playfield yields 1 tokens per member
If there are more than 24 guild members in the playfield, there are no tokens obtained in this manner

There is no PvP experience or buff rewarded for destroying an enemy Altar.

Improving a Shrine

For each successful Sacrifice made to an Altar by a guild without the Altar being destroyed (or the Shrine changing hands due to capturing the Banner), the power of the Shrine will be increased up to a cap of 5 successful Sacrifices. This means there is a cumulative benefit for holding a Shrine for an extended period of time.

With each Sacrifice, the amount of units added to the Altar by an object (rare PvP resource or Idol of Bori) will increase by 5%, and also 6 seconds will be added to the amount of time the Banner needs to be in the contested state before being captured by another guild.

This means, after 5 successful Sacrifices (without losing the Shrine, or the Altar getting destroyed), the number of units granted by a rare PvP resource or Idol of Bori obtained will increased by 25% of the base value, and the contested time on the Banner will be increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

Losing a Shrine

A guild loses its Shrine if a different guild captures the Banner. This means it is interacted with for an uninterrupted period of 5 seconds, and then the Shrine remains in a contested state for an additional 60 seconds. When a guild loses its Shrine, the Altar and the Merchant will despawn, and all progress and timers on the Shrine will be erased and reset to initial values.

Owning Multiple Shrines

It is perfectly possible for a guild to own multiple Shrines. However, because making a Sacrifice reduces the offerings on the other Shrines by 50%, guilds may or may not find holding multiple Shrines as a useful strategy.

Terracotta Army
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Reply #3 on: April 01, 2010, 11:23:47 AM

Why does a game with such quick online progression need offline progression?

"Me am play gods"
Terracotta Army
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Reply #4 on: April 03, 2010, 09:49:56 PM

Why does a game with such quick online progression need offline progression?

In Eve Online (for example) offline progression has been amazingly effective at causing players who aren't actually interested in playing to continue to pay their sub.

Most people struggle to actually cancel through simple inertia but find the idea of paying for nothing repulsive enough to cause them to act.

Offline progression, even fairly pointless offline progression, means they are not quite paying for nothing.
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Terracotta Army
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Reply #5 on: April 03, 2010, 09:53:47 PM

The expansion also introduces new statistics in relation to critical damage. Many of the new armor pieces will have a new ‘critigation’ statistic that allows you to mitigate critical damage.

They couldn't call it resilience. No they had to go ahead and massacre the English language trying to shoehorn the concept of WoW-style resilience into a word that they think makes it non-obvious they grabbed the idea from WoW. (Actually it makes it more obvious by making everyone think "why the hell would anyone make up a word like critigation - ah....").

Otherwise the new stuff looks great and the game's really enjoyable.

But seriously, critigation? Don't make me come to Norway and critigate your ass!
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Reply #6 on: April 10, 2010, 11:50:28 PM

Shoulda called it Mastication!
 awesome, for real

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #7 on: April 26, 2010, 07:25:11 AM

Yeah, but mastication is actually a word

to chew.
to reduce to a pulp by crushing or kneading, as rubber.

Thank you to the film Arachnophobia for increasing my vocabulary  Oh ho ho ho. Reallllly?

Hic sunt dracones.
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