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Author Topic: Portal Map Pack  (Read 614 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: September 13, 2009, 09:30:28 PM

So I reinstalled Portal on a whim and played through it again.  Awesome game.  It reminded me that I never really looked into custom levels, which seemed like they would have a lot of potential.  So, in glancing at some map sites, I discovered this:


Its a map pack based around the flash version of portal.  However, its much more than a map pack.  Its basically an alternate version of the entire damn game (they describe it as being the adventure of an earlier test subject).  It even has GLADOS talking to you the entire way, just like the original, though its just re-cuts of all the old dialog.  I HIGHLY recommend this to anybody who liked portal.  Its very well done, and many of the levels feel like they could have been from the original game.  It is much more difficult than the original game to boot.  It really adds a lot to the overall story as well.  The ending is badass.

So yeah, thought I would bring this up to anybody who hasn't tried it (I don't recall seeing this mentioned in any portal threads).  Also figured this would be a good thread for anybody to post custom maps they enjoy.  So far I've only tried this, so if anybody has any other suggestions I'd appreciate it.

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