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Author Topic: The Incredible Hulk - Edge of Reality, Ltd - 360  (Read 1505 times)
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on: June 07, 2009, 06:08:42 AM

So this was on sale a couple of weeks ago at bargain bin levels, so my wife bought it for me as a gift when she stopped into a store to buy herself GH: Metallica.

Taking a brief break from other things, I've been having a muck about with it. It's basically a familiar sandbox-style super-hero genre game. Apparently it's a movie-licence game of the recent Hulk film with Ed Norton in it. Since I haven't seen the film, I'm not sure how much it follows the plot of the film. Not terribly much, I imagine, aside from of one of the several missions-plot-streams, but really, who cares?

Running around as Hulk, beating the shit out of things.
Smashing New York City Landmarks and in fact tearing them down. (until they respawn later)
The way that Hulk can bound around the city, and climb buildings and so forth give it a bit of a Spidey-vibe, and is a lot of fun.

Hulk doesn't control particularly well. They added some inertia to him when he's barreling around, but the result is that he feels responsive and jerky.  HULK OVERSTEER!!
Repetitive missions - Hulk needs to protect this guy, protect that guy, carry this guy around, beat the shit out of those guys. I can deal with it, but it's not incredibly interesting.
Side missions - races around the city and across rooftops and that kind of thing made annoyingly difficult by the way that Hulk controls. These things are always very hit-or-miss anyway.
Lots of "Feats", which feel like they should be achievements, but aren't. They do unlock new powers and concept art and so forth slowly, though.
I'm still OK with it, but I can really see NYC getting boring before I finish the game.
Apparently NYC is made up solely of 1-way streets.
Like other games of this ilk, you build up rage which you can then use to execute super powers.

Unfortunately, your rage takes quite awhile to build up, so most of the time you're just punching things.
Not as good as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction on X-Box 1. (I rented that at one point, and it had a lot more to it. - I might seek it out and buy it, actually.)
Really pathetic still cut-scenes.
Even more pathetic animated cut-scenes, with Tim Roth, Ed Norton, etc disinterestedly sleepwalking through their lines.
Repetitive enemies.

The impermanence of building destruction disappointed me a bit at first, but I quickly realised that the city would very quickly look like Berlin in 1945 when the Russians were running around breaking things, and many of the missions would be unplayable.

As a cheapo, it's fine. I'll play through it. Probably. If I can finish it in about another day or two, I'll be happy and consider it not to have been time wasted. If it lasts longer than that I'll likely put it to one side and never look at it again. I doubt I'll try to 100% this one and collect all the bullshit doohickeys, etc.

If you like this sort of thing - some mindless, repetitive HULK SMASHing in a simple melee sandbox, then give it a rent or buy it if you see it super cheap.
If you're not into this kind of thing, give it a miss.

Verdict - Rent it or Skip it.
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