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Author Topic: Another Idea for Open PvP  (Read 1697 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 6603


on: February 13, 2009, 10:46:58 AM

Welcome to another episode...
So the world is divided up in to territories like Risk.  Each territory has states: War, Open, Peace.  War is pvp+, building destruction, no teleports.  Open is pvp+, no burning, telports.  Peace is pvp-, no burning, teleports.   Each territory has a War meter and Peace meter.  When "warful" activities happen in near by territories, a territorry's War meter goes up based on severity/distance.  These activities like include pvp deaths, destroyed building, captured objectives, etc.  Same goes that peaceful activities like PvE quest running, building and crafting fills up a territories Peace meter.

The territories' states are shifted in the course of a round.  At the beginning of the round, territories with the highest war meters are selected to be in the war state.  Their war meters are cleared and all the adjacent peace meters are cleared as well. Next the territories with the highest peace meters are selected for the peace state.  All the reset would be set to open state. 

The number of war territories and peace territories would be relatively static and balanced how much conflict you wish in the game.  Carebears can live safely in peace zones and given fair warning when war meter gets too high so they can move to a new peace area.  But every area would be attackable under the correct conditions which I think preserves the openPvP ethos.  I also think you'd have a system to determine which gains control of a territory when it goes to war state, so you could sweep the board like Risk.

"Me am play gods"
Terracotta Army
Posts: 342

Reply #1 on: February 23, 2009, 01:26:17 PM

I like this idea... I had something similiar in mind in that once a certain metric had been hit, the entire server population would be presented upon logging into the game (per account not character) an onscreen vote for war or peace. This vote would last a predetermined time (like 3 days) at which the whole server would be sent into peace or war mode, each with some accommodating benefits.

For example:

Peace - PVE XP increased by X%
War - PVP XP increased by X%

Once Peace is established, PvP can only be performed in PvP areas (ala wow) until the metric is hit again (which should be set high enough that several days or even a week will pass regardless of activity before a new vote for war is presented.

Once War is established, then it will continue until one side racks up more "points" which could consist of several activities including but not limited to:
* PvP Kills
* Buildings destroyed
* Objectives taken
* Territories taken
* Battlegrounds won (or whatever the BG equivilent is)

You could even have some non direct PvP activities like the old WoW War Effort were you just collect things or accomplish specific quests to help.

The winning side of the War would be granted a series of bonuses that could consist of:

* XP
* PvP Experience/Honor
* Gold
* Achievements/Appearance only gear

A game will come out like this... someday.
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