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Author Topic: A game I built long ago.  (Read 1008 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 1980

on: October 29, 2008, 03:20:49 PM

Thought I'd share with you a game I built five or so years ago. It's a top-down 2D space scroller and won't win any prizes for capivating game design, but I built it ground-up with a friend and we're still sorta proud of what we managed to build considering we had no experience what so ever of what we were doing. It was pretty much the first thing we wrote in C and everything you hear and/or see is original work we did.

Some screens, for that instant gratification:

Download link

Windows only. I'm not sure it'll run in Vista at all, but you're free to try. In XP it will just work if you make a shortcut, then hit properties for it and change compatability to Win95 or 98. Some update since we started coding the game makes it run like mud unless you change the mode it runs in. Don't know why and not interested in going through that old, horrible code we wrote to fix up it up since it's likely major.

CONTROLS (sorta important, they're a bit complex):
Arrow keys for moving. ASD will fire primary guns (machine gun, plasma, rail) while QWE will toggle secondary for each weapon, respectively. Space fires rockets.

Upgrades are bought using keys 1-5, engine, machine gun, plasma, rail and rockets. Engine upgrades give more shields and increase speed. An upgrade costs as many "blue balls" as the number of the key that is used to purchase it. You can hold 5 upgrade balls at once.

Secondary guns are only available when you've upgraded past the yellow strip on the tube for the weapon.

Rockets are available as soon as you buy the first level.

Once a blue bar is filled, you can activate special powers by buying yet another rank of that kind of upgrade. For example, maxing Engine and then trying to upgrade it again will restore shields to max. Machine gun will give a bullet spray and so on. You can see for yourself.

Enter "HAT" in-game to enable cheat mode. Then enter:
JNI - All upgrades maxed out.
TSE - Spawns a nuke power-up in the middle of the screen.
DFO - Gives you 5 upgrade balls.

Enjoy. smiley
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- I'm giving you this one for free.
- Nothing's free in the waterworld.
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