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Author Topic: Viking: Battle for Asgard - Creative Assembly - 360  (Read 2195 times)
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Locomotive Pandamonium

on: September 19, 2008, 09:18:43 AM

You're Skarin a mighty Viking warrior that everyone thinks is absolutely insane. For some reason or another Freya has decided that you're the best man for the job she needs done. What job is that? Slaying Hel's forces and thwarting her evil plan to take over Asgard/Midgard. I know they're both different places, but it would seem whoever wrote the voice dialogue couldn't decide which one they liked more, so they constantly switch between saying either place. The game is broken up into 3 seperate areas, each of which is quite large and takes about 3-5 hours.

The game drops you into a city without much direction and without a tutorial you're not quite sure what's at your disposal. After much fumbling I figured out what exactly it is my character was tasked with doing. It turns out Hel's forces have captured some of your forces, so before you can launch your assault on one of their base camps, you have to save these men to increase the size of your army. In the midst of releasing men from the confines of a bone cell, you're also tasked with summoning the great power of the dragons to aid you in your battle against Hel. This is accomplished by collecting a medallion used for summoning the dragon. The whole point of all this is to meet the requirements for assaulting one of Hel's many fortresses scattered around Asgard. Once you've met the criteria, you start the assault and a Heavenly Sword/Kingdom Under Fire size battle ensues. These battles are roughly the same each time, with different sub-objectives to progress the assault further. Unfortunately, this is the bulk of Viking. You can try exploring and to discover the vast amount of bags, vases and chests of gold scattered around each map, but despite that there's no other reason to explore.

The combat is very simple and uses a "fatality" style system where you beat each enemy until an image of the "X" button shows up above their heads. If you hit X when this happens Skarin will perform one of 4-5 executions on the enemy which range from cutting them in half to lifting them up with one weapon while you maim them with the other. The magic is hit or miss depending on the combat situation. Each time you kill an enemy you gain "rage" from killing them that is used to fuel your magic. The problem with this system is that it takes a large amount of time to gain a full bar of rage to properly utilize your magic. For the most part you'll only end up using your magic during the assaults on the fortresses because the positive affects of your magic apply to allies in a small radius.

Overall, the game does what it set out to do very well despite being repetitive in most areas. It claims to be nothing more than an action/adventure with lots of violence. It doesn't try to do anything fancy while also containing enough content to keep you busy for an hour each time you pick it up. Visually it looks good with an impressive draw distance. Sound wise it drops off a bit with some audio just not playing.

Rent It
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Reply #1 on: October 13, 2008, 04:51:09 PM

This was one I was looking at picking up when it gets reeeeeeeeeeeal cheap. Basiclaly, just for the mindless bloodletting.

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