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Author Topic: [MOVIE] Planetside: Echo of Paradise  (Read 4173 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 15148

on: April 14, 2008, 08:12:48 AM


Every Legend Has a Beginning. This is the beginning of PlanetSide.

High-Speed Stream / Download
Youtube Pt1. Pt2. Pt3.       Google Video
All versions currently 328x240 105mb 24:00 minutes.

"Set at the dawn of human-colonization on Auraxis, when the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty
had just recently formed, Echo of Paradise is a combination of the history of the PlanetSide universe, as
well as a classic story of revenge. Featuring 24 minutes of voice acting, computer animation, and new,
never before seen textures, discover how close humanity came to peace on Auraxis, before paradise
as-we-knew-it turned to hell."


This film took over a year to create, and involves over seventy-five cast members, most of whom are fellow
PlanetSide players you may recognize. I want to thank everyone involved in the making of this movie for
being so patient during its very extended creation. I'm glad to have had the pleasure of working with such
amazing people. Many thanks to all of the voice actors who were patient with my exact demands, as
well as all the in-game actors who had to put up with a very boring job. Special thanks to Tangent,
CaptainUnknown, GrimReaperRevived, Dudeyoushotme, Death Bringers and the PCP Forum Members.

I hope everyone enjoys the film, and I ask that you please send it to at least one friend who
may have forgotten how exciting the universe of PlanetSide is.

-Rob aka Radant-J

Really really good (Not Hollywood good, but good). Had to post it here for those not playing anymore that may appreciate it.

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