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Quote from: lac on April 25, 2008, 01:20:03 PM

A Comprehensive New Player Guide to Tanking

Worth bearing in mind that this is quite old, although I didn't know that you could run paired shield boosters even as late as April 2006.

I may be the only Mac OSX user here, but anyway.

EveMon like tool for OSX There's some screenshots.

Skill planning not yet done, but will be for version 1.0, current is 0.9.3.


This is my favorite eve map, this thread is lacking my favorite eve map.

EvE Training Monitor for iGoogle.  Works great.  The same author also has versions that use the full API for stuff like wallet transactions or POS info.

There's also EveTimer, which is a training tracker for Linux, but I haven't had a chance to check it out.  (I really didn't know I had this much crap on this laptop :uhrr:.)

Having looked at Caladein's links, I browsed to (and liked a lot) iPOS.

This lets you see the fuel levels for your POSes.  I assume that you need a director-level API key.  The iCEO product does POSes, corp assets etc.


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