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Getting Started:
You'll want to download the programs and check out the websites in red. They will make your eve time a lot easier. As you start to get used to the game, branch out and check the other areas. Eve is a very deep game, and no one knows all the intricacies. Post a link in this thread to be added to the list.

**EVEMon - This puts an icon in your taskbar and lets you know when you need to log in to switch skills, includes skill plan and guidance.
**Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) - EFT lets you virtually fit modules to your virtual ships. Use this tool to build ships offline to test stats and dps. Check their FAQ as well.
**OSX EveMon - It's like EveMon, but for OSX.
**Ventrilo - Voice chat program, used for F13/Bat Country ops.
Quickfit - It's EFT's less pretty platform neutral (written in java) brother.
Eve Launcher - This allows switching between eve windows with hotkeys and also lets you run a borderless windowed mode game.
Eve Trader - This program lets you do extended market analysis and find trade routes. You use it with the in-game browser (IGB).
Eve Meep - This is a must-have for any serious industrialist. It helps and tracks everything from production, mining, trade and PoS fuel costs.
iGoogle Eve Training Monitor - EvE Training Monitor for iGoogle, it's kind of like evemon
iGoogle iPOS - Skill training and PoS Fuel Monitor
iGoogle iCEO - Skill training and wallet transactions / journal for both character and corp.

**Goonfleet Specific Base Stat Builds - USE THIS and PICK A TEMPLATE so you don't gimp yourself. If you don't use this, you will kick yourself later or rationalize it by saying "It's not that big of a difference". It is. You are not a unique and special snowflake. Training time for skills is stat based, so starting stats can be the difference between a skill taking 1 week versus 2-3 weeks to train.
**Goonfleet Skill Training Guide - Use this to get an idea of good general skills to train that will be useful in all ships. Pay special attention and train the Advanced Learning skill chain ASAP!
Goonfleet Character Creation - General information about characters, their factions, and general build advice.
Goonfleet Character Portrait - How to create a portrait that is not eye-gougingly bad. This is important since you'll be looking at your own face for the rest of the game. Comedy faces quickly get old and the only option is to pay CCP to do a face swap.
Character Lister - This will use EVE-API and show your character in html format. Good for giving to someone to show off or ask what you should train next.

**Eve Map - This is the best out of game map viewer/program I've seen. It rocks, try it out. Requires .Net 2.0. Run it on a second monitor when you're FCing or tracking your location.
**SVG EveMaps - Scalable vector graphics maps, viewable online. Contains sovereignty and stations in an easily read format.
Universe Map - A JPEG of the current universe map. It's good. Use it.
Out of Game Map - Just what it says. The eve map is quite complex and having it out of game is a bonus for route planning or if you have a second monitor - It's created in Java.
Ore Map - A map showing where various types of ore can be found.
A Big PDF with every region in 2d format
Current Influence map - This shows alliance holdings in 0.0 space, automatically updated and current.

Game Mechanics / Ship Fittings / Combat
**Scrapheap Challenge - A great website for the nitty gritty mechanics of eve. Ship fittings for all needs, information on soverignty, invention, production, mining, game design and balance. Be sure to check out their Handy tricks thread.
Eve Wiki - Independently run, constantly being updated. Many of the pages are useful and detailed, such as their article on scan probing.
Ship Fitting EVE-O Thread - A good place to start on fitting ships. May be somewhat outdated depending on ship.
Player Guides - A good website listing various player guides converted to PDF format.
Turret Combat Simulator - Online guide and simulator showing damages of turrets at range and speeds.
Missile Combat Simulator - Online guide simulator showing damages of missiles at range and speeds.
Faction Warfare - Offical online guide to faction warfare, new in the Empyrean Age expansion

**Eve Survival Mission Guides - Detailed reports on most L2-L4 missions in the game. Be sure to crib your missions before you warp in, or you WILL lose your ship.
Eve Agents - A database listing every agent in the game, ready for searching. Good for finding avaliable R&D and missioning agents.

Trading and Commerce
**Eve Asset Manager - An Incredibly cool program that allows you to track and browse your assets across the galaxy. Does things the in-game UI can't, including showing ship fittings and items inside containers.
RGS Data - Evaluate Material Levels (efficiency per item), Regional ship cost, LP Store Database, Implant list, compare ice and ore value by market values, Control Tower Fuel Costs.
Eve Geek - A good website for various combat math (damage, tracking, modules, stacking penalties), Ore calculator/info, and mission lists.
Eve Central - A website that gives near real time market information and statistics including a cross-region market data engine.

Factory forum links - This is one-stop shop - a compliation of links, guides, and excel spreadsheets for the budding industrialist looking to learn about PoS operation, T2 Component production, production in general, mining, refining, and invention.
Materials Lookup tool - Lists Moon->Simple->Advanced materials reaction chain for potential moon miners.

Eve Tribune - Reporting the goings on and happenings in the virtual EVE world.

Navigate to Grimsar's tools for ALL your IGB (In Game Browser) needs. It has a navigator, an item database, complexes, ore calculator, basically anything you would need, to pull up, in game, that might be useful.

** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Your space life will be easier if you read / use / install these links listed in red.

Things you might not know, but handy tricks thread on scrapheap, some good info there.


Tracking Guide

Added links from above here.

A Comprehensive New Player Guide to Tanking


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