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Author Topic: Slick quest engine (example)  (Read 1256 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 1205

on: September 28, 2004, 12:13:58 PM

Got into the hidden area of the Down Below (Qeynos) today and that whole quest was very very nicely done.

Don't want to spoil too much for others, but you start it by reading the book you find in the stack of books at either vendor (by the circular zone ins).  It leads you to a trail of other items you have to inspect to continue the quest.  Ending in unlocking a separate zone inside the sewer.

Well, not really ending there.

The quest engine part I commented on was that there was a mob telling you to stay out of the back room.  If you go past a certain point you get attacked by all mobs in the area (humans) and they kill you.  If you bug the mob who talked to you, they tell you that you can go back if you do something useful like cleaning up the area.  On the floor is debris scattered about that you have to clean up and then the aggro code is removed, and a statement is issued that you can go into the back.

Back there you get a book that has to be signed by 5 different people in what is basically a riddle.  The right people update the book/quest and when done you can return for the reward (which kicks ass if you are a light armor wearer).

The part about this quest that impressed me was all the interactivity allowed within the quest.  Mobs altering equipment you own (the book), mobs tracking multiple objects (the debris) and using this to set their aggro code.  And not just a simple code, but a positional switch that is only triggered if you go down a hallway.

All pretty nice stuff.

EQ2 has shown me a lot of this in their quests.  I find the quests I like the best are the hidden ones like this.  The quest for the undead troll pirate on refuge isle, the quests for the goblin suppliers on refuge, the quest you get from the rock in oakmyst, the druid quest you get from oakmyst from a dropped note...  The dryad quest that has you going town to town to find the right ingredients on the alchemy shelves.

Nice stuff.

I have yet to stand still and actually grind anything.  The level advancement is not as fast as WoW, but my enjoyment is far greater.  The quests are FAR more plentiful if you look for them, and so far up to level 14 in qeynos and level 11 in freeport I have yet to have to do anything but follow quests.

The thing I think is better here over WoW is that at WoW everybody pretty much had to do the quests, and they all did the same ones because they were so few.  Here I find lots of people who don't know about the books in the sewers or that it is part of a big 20 step quest.  Those who are not explorers don't know that the bell of Vharsoon gives you a kill 40 gnoll quest that has a GREAT reward.

Can't put my finger right on it.  But I am having a lot of fun in EQ2 where WoW was just going through the motions.  My level 14 predator has a lot more to do in battle than my level 18 warlock did as well.  The heroic opportunities really add a lot.  It lets me do things 2-3 levels over my level if I do out of my way to keep the right HO coming in.  Being a scout helps in that as I can flip the wheel as well I guess.  Although I am far more effective solo than my wife even when we are both playing a priest, I use the HOs she does not.  The priest one just does a ton of extra damage.
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