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Author Topic: Patch Notes uploaded 9/25  (Read 3497 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: September 25, 2004, 08:32:16 AM

Thought you might want this here for convenience sake.


Build 1301T 09/23/2004 7:11 am

*** Headlines ***

- Maps now more informative!
- It's time to change your /mood
- Level caps removed from the level 30 and 40 hallmark quests.
- Mastery quests are now available!
- Latest heritage quests: Guise of the Deceiver and the Screaming Mace.
- Faster zoning times and lower memory usage!
- Over 150MB of new voiceovers!
- Loot chests reduced in size; goblins and small critters rejoice!

*** Stability and Performance ***

 - Those who couldn't log in, the issue with your characters has been fixed.
 - Fixed a client crash that was most prominent in tradeskill areas.
 - Fixed various memory leaks on both the client and server.
 - Optimized server performance - this should be most noticeable in larger zones.
 - Zone loading times have been reduced by about 50%.
 - The game now uses 50-100mb less of memory depending on your performance settings.

*** Characters, Appearances, and Rendering ***

 - Interactive water has been optimized a little more.
 - Minor tweaks to the spider webs in Blackburrow.
 - Added the ability to further customize your character's appearance with the /mood command.
    - /mood [mood] - changes your character's mood to your choice of the following: afraid, angry, happy, sad, tired
    - /mood none - returns your character's mood to neutral (default appearance)
    - /mood - lists available moods
    - Moods persist until changed, even if you zone or log out and back in again.
    - If your character appears to be dead (death, feign death), your mood will shut off.

*** Controls, Commands, and UI ***

 - /bubble_fontsize <n> is now active to change text size in the chat bubbles. Slider in Options screen coming soon!
 - /disband is no longer defaulted to CTRL+D to solve the conflict with strafe right. You may still map the disband function to a key of your preference.
 - Main UI: Attuned items will now show correctly in mouseover text.
 - Main UI: Spell icon backdrops are now in.
 - Main UI: Player spells now show remaining time in tooltip.
 - Maps: Zone boundaries will now be displayed on your maps.
 - Maps: Zone map icons now have mouseover descriptions.
 - Maps: "You're Here" X has been polished into a dot.
 - Merchants: Fixed bug with examine item.

*** Audio ***

 - VO volume fade has been increased from 10 meters to 25 meters. If you are more than 35 meters away from the NPC, the VO will stop playing.

*** Gameplay ***

 - Fixed 'Unknown attacker' bug - please report it if you see it again.
 - Attuned, Lore, and No-Trade items can no longer be placed in the shared bank slots.
 - AFK, Linkdead, LFG and camping status will now be displayed next to your name for others to see.
 - Roleplay and Anonymous status are now displayed in the Target window and your character name will appear in purple.
 - Item destroy dialog will close out if you click anywhere off the prompt window.
 - Skills that formerly improved with use will now improve as you progress through your level.
 - Falling damage should now be less drastic when falling from low heights.
 - Fixed bug where targeting arrows would remain in the world.
 - Heroic Opportunity result effects should now be appropriate to the level of the person who completed it.

- You now crouch while in stealth so you look more stealthy

*** Known Issues ***  
 - Maintained spells will soon display remaining time in tooltip.

*** Quests ***

Tome Quests

Enchanted Lands
In Defense of the Flower Patch
The Last Straw
The Moppet Master
A Small Matter of Bristles

"1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 291 AS"
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS"
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 313 AS"
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 315 AS"
"3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook"
"Alliz Onu"
"Alliz Tae Ew"
"Alliz Evol Ew"
"The Merchant's Deal"
"Quotes of General Urguuk"

Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part One
Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part Two
Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part Three
The Commander's Wife
Poetry from the War of Plagues

Heritage Quests

- Quests for the Guise of the Deceiver and the Screaming Mace have been added.

Clicky Quests

Enchanted Lands
Sour Soils
Enchanted Creature Culling
A Miner Problem
The Lamia Thrasher Threat
Ferocious Fish
Poisonous Tails in the Poisoned Vale
A Pollution Solution
Hunting for the Briarpaw Bag
Last Diary Entry
Silence the Void Shrillers

Servant of the Temple
The Blood of the Bear, Part One
The Blood of the Bear, Part Two
The Blood of the Bear, Part Three

Obelisk of Lost Souls
"Remembrances - Tel'riia'mil'an'ane'ie"
"Remembrances - Berrox"
"Remembrances - Nyalla-Phon"
"Remembrances - DyzAz"
"The Lyresmith Poetry Collection - Children's Rhymes"

Run Lamias Run
Learning About the Nightbloods the Hard Way
The End of Pain
Pump Out of Order
A Vengeful Opportunity

Evil Eye Rampage
Slay the Runnyeye Miners
A Sizable Problem
Goblin Rampage
The Clay Barrel


- Mastery quests are now available in game. Visit your local sage merchant to find these quests. Mastery quests allow players to study certain monsters in order to learn their secrets and combat techniques. Learning this information will allow players to become more effective against them in combat.
- The Level cap for the 30 and 40 hallmarks has been removed.  It will no longer prevent players from leveling if they have not completed the hallmark quests of access.  Players will be able to level normally but will want to do the access quests to find new hunting areas suited to their level.
- Wanted posters should now appear correctly in Commonlands and Antonica.
- Food and drink rewards have been removed from Sergeant Uthros.
- Several new quest rewards have been created and attached to their respective quests.
- 'Corrupted dryad nuisance' have been changed to a granted reward instead of a selectable one.
- 'Oh, Deer Me' should now be able to be completed.
- 'The Balance of Life' should now be able to be completed.
- View the sign posts in North Qeynos and West Freeport to get information about your slayer status.
- The level 20 armor quests have been retuned to be more in line with their level and quality of reward.
- The quest journal and quest text for 'Hazrulin's Research' has been modified.
- Ilene Cellus' Family History should now allow players to attach the quest to themselves.
- Killing Scholar Al'Quylar will now update the quest journal for 'Glowing Black Stone'.
- Some recipe and recipe scrolls have been fixed in the 'Stein of Moggok' heritage quest.
- The respawn time on Garreg Stonecrusheer has been corrected.

*** Zones ***

- Additional marine population has been added to the zone.
- Lowered the levels of the existing marine population.
- Modified the cave gnoll population.
- Additional wolves and lizards have been added to the zone.

Cazic Thule
- The Steel Golem's appearance has been modified.

The Commonlands
- Lowered the levels of the existing marine population.
- Rare and boss loot has been added to the marine population.
- Pathing in the zone has been modified due to changes in art.

Icebound Hall
- All giants have been changed over to the new Hill Giant model.

Nektropos Castle
- Ghost Hyenas will now use a different appearance.
- Sheila's bedroom door should no longer trap players.

Nektulos Forest
- All Hill Giants have increased in size.

Nettleville Hovel
- Dialogues with Knight-Captain Hastings have been corrected.

Qeynos Harbor
- Some corrections have been made to pathing around the dock area.

Shattered Vale
- Juggernaughts have been changed to Hill Giants.

Thundering Steppes
- Chief Derrog should now be using a Hill Giant model.
- Fixed some of the old giants that were still using a placeholder golem model.
- Item quests in Thundering Steppes should appear more frequently.

West Freeport
- West Freeport has undergone an optimization pass.


- Several merchant lists have been modified and added into all districts and villages in Freeport and Qeynos.
- The Bone Bladed Claymore has been removed from Lord Chesgard.

*** Mechanics ***


- The level of merchant/crafted arrows has been lowered. It was originally set too high.
- The appearances of the Short Sword of the Ykesha and the Serrated Bone Dirk have been modified.
- A Carbonite Lance should now be using the correct inventory icon.
- The Darkwater Lance should now be displayed correctly.
- Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank can now be examined.
- An Intricate Silver Battlehammer should now appear correctly when examined.


- Dual wield has been removed from Crusaders.
- The amount of damage taken when falling has been adjusted.
- Slightly decreased experience reward for green NPCs above level 20.
- Slightly decreased the NPC green con range for players above level 25.

Combat Arts

- Several new combat arts have been added for Swashbucklers, Rangers, Brigands, Assassins, Monks, Bruisers, Guardians, and Berserkers.
- The damage done by Double Shot and Back Shot has been decreased.


- Reduced Summoner: Seism spell line damage to be in line with other Area of Effect damage spells.
- Revised Crusader: Cry of Conviction spell line. Reduced area of effect to 5 meters (similar to Fighter: Assault) and slightly reduced damage to be in line with other Fighter profession area of effect damage abilities.
- Reduced Invisibility rating to be in line with Stealth ratings.
- Priest: Healing spell line now castable on player characters outside of the party
- Summoner: Tellurian Recruit spell line revamped to summon more powerful Tellurians, including increased ability to hold aggro.
- Halfling characters now receive Infravision instead of Ultravision; existing Halfling player characters will retain Ultravision.


- Added recipes and recipe scrolls for all subclasses up to level 50.
- Added recipes for new Warrior, Guardian, Monk, and Bruiser arts.
- Added all spell and combat scrolls for Artisan/Scholars/Sages to 50.
- Added all recipes for Artisan/Outfitter/Outfitter Sub-Classes to 50
- Adjusted how the Tailor and Armorer receive recipes slightly.  They should get most of their recipes at the beginning of a level range.  The recipes will be difficult but you'll get better with them as you progress through that level range.


- Food and Drink replenishment values reduced
- Drink replenishment now refers to appropriate values, was referring to Food replenishment values which are higher for Power replenishment.
- Food and Drink no longer break forms of Stealth or Invisibility.

*** Misc ***

- The default appearance for all encounter chests have been modified to a new small animated chest.
- Albino pythons should now appear white.

*** Art ***

- Revised run backwards animation
- Fixed skin weight issues on many armor pieces
- Many new combat art effects implemented
- Added effects to center of Temple of Life interior
- Added Birds in many zones
- Added Moths in many zones
- Added Bats in Freeport Graveyard
- Tree shadows are implemented
- Atmospheric bloom has been tuned for each zone

Added cast effects to these spells:
- Odyssey
- Elegy at Death's Door
- Elixir of Resuscitation
- Revive
- Blazon Life
- Resurrect

Fixed stuck/collision issues in the following zones:
- Freeport East
- Freeport North
- Scale Yard
- Qeynos Elddar
- Qeynos North
- Qeynos South
- Qeynos Harbor
- Oakmyst Forest
- The Forest Ruins
- Graystone Yard
- The Willow Wood
- The Baubbleshire
- Enchanted Lands
- The Commonlands
- Temple of Cazic-Thule
- Isle of Refuge
- Rivervale
- Obelisk of Vul
- Runnyeye Citadel
- Nektulos Forest

Fixed cosmetic issues in the following zones:
- Freeport East
- Freeport West
- Freeport North
- Freeport South
- Isle of Refuge
- Thundering Steppes
- The Vale of the Shattering
- Firemyst Gully
- The Commonlands
- The Caves
- Qeynos North
- Qeynos South
- Qeynos Harbor
- Temple Street
- Runnyeye Citadel
- Antonica

*** Audio ***

New Addtions:

*** NPC Voiceover ***
Warparty Warrior
Aheawan Terathan
Barbarian Hargan Icethaw
Bedo Waddlestun
Cicero Puer
Dasicar T'Lys
Dyric Pire
Farri Koude
Gorn Kicksplitter
Guzzlefiz Zibblewig
Erasmo Crane
Jabir Maridar
Karrie Clayton
Kualdin Swoonsong
Listalania Vainederi
Lolla Cotgrove
Marshal Surefoot
Mender Ironmallet
Noxhil V Sek
Molly Daysun
Rebeka Lori
Sage Xoort
Tracker Kelnis
Yola Sindlefop
Fridda Stoneheart
Gharvesz T'Hrosz
Gildas Cedartree
Gimal Evership 1
Hierophant Aldalad
Hlox Keshvik
Lucanic Knight
Lynn Wyhaem
Magister Niksel
Marlen Oakeater
Merchant Alypia Damian
Merchant Grum Zoomly
Merchant Qwergo Togglesmeet
Merchant Aulus Crispian
Merchant Ranik Calman
Kerran Female Scribe Evil
Kerran Female Scribe Good
Kerran Merchant Female Far Seas
Kib Brushrusher
Knight Captain Elgrondeth
Knight Male Lieutenant Alesso
Kogna Bonesplit
Korkoof Crackstone
Laura Castus
Leonidus Malaoi
Leucetius Wynd
Lower Magistrate Rachelle
Soldier Pellenos
Syilus Graphium
Taledr Starboard
Talooka Skullwrack
Tarwen Wyndspyre
Abbetor T'Avi
Adaline Oakshaper
Aldwyn Graham
Allard Stormsinker
Alun Z'Yaza
Arcanist Sonius
Arolair Swellbreak
Arrell Silvertongue
Bartender Borden Mannus
Batoompa Lumberfist
Ariana Neovra
A dervish cutthroat
Zhoz Selith
War Duke Gesarius
Carpenter Male Jorgie Icearmor
Carie Cedarfell
Cargan Bloodbender
Captain Molacus
Camtur Flograttle
Brina Featherfletch
Master at Arms Dagorel
Marcus Puer
Executor Adept Sal'ynelle
Banker Sempronia Gallus
Anrev Kaelyna
Gnome Ecology Evil Male
Erudtie Ecology Evil Male
Dark Elf Ecology Evil Male
Kerra Eco Race Good
Halfling Eco Good
Halfelf Eco Good
Wholesaler Baldmaer Duneof
Watcher Kenjedeau
Kerran Female Alchemist Good
Kerran Female Alchemist Evil
Kerran Merchant Good
Kerran Merchant Female Neutral
Kerran Merchant Female Evil
Isolde Stormspear
Irhsnil Fathom
Imnat D'Vren
Ilph II'K'Lorn
Lucanic Knight Initiate
Human Make Baker Good
Tobias Vreldig
Saydith Yarr
Reinkor McCollin
Jailed Skeleton
Inquisitor Irizan
Corporal Peckett
Brant Omannus
Ratonga Oles
Message Runner 1, 2
Murlond Everhot
Modninite Zvol
Merchant Julia Florens
Marshal Glorfel
Kerran Female Eco Good
Kerran Female Eco Evil
Kenric Dalston
Juno Ruddlecog
Isdaes Oakenbough
Halfling Male Housing Good
Halfling Male Far Seas Guard
Halfling Male Banker Good
Half Elf Male Neutral Merchant1
Chayla Gumbleflut
Craftsman Warren Wains
Dark Elf Scribe Male Evil
Dawson Magnificent
Forak Ecerstock
Dur Xshri
Human Male Pet Retailer Good
Kerran Female Far Seas Guard 1
Tavithi Nsari
High Elf Eco Good Concordium
Dward Eco Race Good Female
Empress Anassa
Freeport Militia
Chief Derrog
Dark Elf Eco Evil
Human Eco Evil Freeport Militia
A Freeport Partisan
A Freeport Traitor
Emmisary Mitsya
Erudite Male Alchemist Evil
Erudite Male Eco Good
Erudite Male Scribe Evil
Favonius Seneca
Fippy Darkpaw
Zombie Male Base 1
Zombie Male Everling
Zombie Male Hands of Tseralith
Matthias Siegemaker
Ogre Male Base 1
Ogre Male Dervish
Torkagth Tailslasher
Torlig the Alchemis
Tortuka Everhot
Tratnor Everhot
Trurg Darkchaser
Ugarian Male Far Wind
Partisan Keladerou
Merchant Edmond
Paragon Jalex
Human Eco Evil Sea Fury Buccaneers
Sheperd Seel'ar
Human Eco Evil Bartender
Private Doopy
Human Eco Evil Barmaid Female
Human Eco Good Bartender
High Elf Eco Good Concoridum
Dwarf Eco Good Female
Ragunk Everhot
Rala Eurocarry
Saelia Truwyn
Sataur Vinefeather
Scholar Gerden Hart
Shanura Rukiya
Signaan Sureshot
Sirt Antylus Male Teraeth
Skal Vethiz
Zoldier Homrie
Wholesaler Byan Rimpack
Wholesaler Kali Uzima
Wholesaler Kiora Shiverstone
Wholesaler Gip Ebonleg
Willim Barclay
Zever Male Tzizzink
Human Squire Moorford
Jarvaz the Despised
Kerran Dziko Etana
Neona Vithos
Oosa Gutwrench
Oseof Crestryder
Outfitter Bard Frostnight
Outfitter James Rogers
Ozagar Ilizoth
Proprietor Male Blagard
Qipuo Madstaff
Master Mokoto Shoda


*** Spells ***
No changes this week
*** Creature Audio - new & updates ***
Thoughtbleeder ghost
Kerra female and variations
Kerra male and variations
All Manitcores
Lava Golem - fire audio to dead state
Tunarian Fire Soldier - fire audio to dead state
form_fire - fire audio to dead state
factor_fire - fire audio to dead state
elemental_fire - fire audio to dead state
crab_fire - fire audio to dead state
dervish_fire - fire audio to dead state
goo_fire - fire audio to dead state
wyrm_fire - fire audio to dead state
fire_soldier - fire audio to dead state
Flaming Skeleton - fire audio to dead state
skeleton_greenfire - fire audio to dead state

*** Objects ***
chest_animated_small -- audio added
chest_animated_medium -- audio added
chest_animated_large -- audio added
*** Ambience ***
Environmental Audio added to Permafrost

*** Other Sound Changes ***
loom - changed auccess audio to be more consistant with particle ground dragon - audio on new attack
Shared material sounds sounds - metal surface types for plate and chain classes
Shared footstep sounds - metal surface types for plate and chain classes
Major Issues   (Items we wanted to fix before next update)
1) Fixed NPC issues with the following characters:
woodelf_eco_good_1 (male)    
woodelf_forrest_wardens (Male)    
Human_base_1 (Male)    
Human_harpies (Male)    
 Iksar_base_1 (Female)    
 Ghost_ratonga_base_1 (Female)    
 Lynn Wynaem    
 Magister Niksel    
 Marlen Oakeater    
 Merchant Qwergo Togglesmeet    
 Soldier Pellenos    
 Stilus Graphium    
 Taledr Starboard    
 Talooka Skullwrack    
 Tarwen Wyndspyre    
 Ghost_woodelf_base_1 (Male)        
 Ghost_froglok_base_1 (Male)    
 Ghost_erudite_base_1 (Male)    
 Ghost_froglok_base_1 (Female)    
 Ghost_froglok_base_1 (Female)    
 Ghost_highelf_base_1 (Female)    
 Erudite_base_1 (Male)    
 Evelyn Stoutfist    
 Froglok_base_1 (Female)    
 Froglok_base_1 (Male)    
 Emissary Mitsya (female ratonga)    
 Master-at-Arms Dagorel (male dwarf)    
 Tortuka Everhot (female dwarf)    
 Tratnor Everhot (male dwarf)    
 Trurg Darkchaser (male ogre)    
Dorak Everstock    
gnome_eco_evil_1(Merchant Male)    
gnome_pipefitters (Male)    
Halfling_corrupted (Female)    
halfling_eco_good_1 (Male)    
Human_dark_coven (Female)    
Human_base_1 (Male)    
Akiza Gharzik      
Iksar_base_1 (Male)    
kerran_eco_good_1 (Mender Female)    
Kroka Truthusher (Froglok Female)    
Zombie_base_1 (humanoid male)    
Zombie_hands_of_tseralith (male humanoid)

Although it's dated the 23rd, I believe this was uploaded this morning.  Only 3 1/2 hours to go.  Slowest... patcher... ever.

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Reply #1 on: September 25, 2004, 12:24:33 PM

Always patches ridiculously fast for me.

Best one up there:

"Now crouch while in crouch mode to look more stealthy"

What? You mean I don't poo-squat anymore? THank tha heavens!

Edit: And short of last weeks patch, I've always been amazed at how unbuggy these patches are given how much crap there is going in.
Terracotta Army
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Reply #2 on: September 25, 2004, 12:41:32 PM

I am impressed with the rate of content addition.  Last patch was really nice for my client side, went from shitty performance after a few zones to pretty darn nice performance (once they hotfixed the crash on zoning bug).  The server lag in zones like antonica has been the devil this past week, but supposedly that is what this patch is all about.  If it works I am impressed.

So far I have been rather happy with the patches.  Huge amounts of new content, decent amount of bugfixes, big increases in performance.

The game just MIGHT release ready after all, but it will be really tight if they stick with 2004.  I am mostly afraid the 11-19 subclass content will still suck by the time release comes.

And we need the guild stuff in fast I would think.  That will be a big system that will need a lot of balancing and bugtesting.
Terracotta Army
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Reply #3 on: September 25, 2004, 12:52:35 PM

This patch, unfortunately, gives me an itchy crash.  It's broken out everywhere and I can't stop scratching.   Please provide ointment so I can stay logged in.

Thank you in advance.

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Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you and other troops you control.

Reply #4 on: September 29, 2004, 09:56:13 AM

I noticed a slight improvement in zone times, but performance in places like South Qeynos (especially the middle area with all the empty houses) and Qeynos Harbor just absolutely blows, bites and sucks. I realize on my hardware you can't expect much but frankly it's almost unplayable in those zones.

Terracotta Army
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Reply #5 on: October 06, 2004, 02:53:15 PM

Patch notes for today.

Build 1351 10/06/2004 2:13 am

*** Headlines ***

- New types of player housing now available!

- Human females have gotten a facelift!

- Saddle up! Mounts now available for purchase!

- New heritage quests: Manastone, Polished Granite Tomahawk, Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch, Hierophant's Cloak, and the Journeyman's Boots!

Content Updates

- Many new styles of player housing are now available for purchase. Visit any innkeeper to invest in a larger inn room, or right-click on doorways in South Qeynos or North and South Freeport to purchase a multi-room house.

- Mounts can now be purchased with guild status points. They can be found on Merchant Boomba in West Freeport and on Merchant Channing in North Qeynos.

- Queen Antonica Bayle statues have been placed in main Qeynos city zones.

- Modified Lucan D'Lere Statue for City Leader Speeches in Freeport.

- Harvestable items have been added to Antonica, Commonlands, Enchanted Lands, the Feerrott, Nektulos Forest, Orcish Wastes, Rivervale, and Thundering Steppes.

- Some updates have been made to the boat tutorial.

- Bloodskull Valley has been renamed to "The Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold".

- Treasure has been added to bosses and rare spawns in Cove of Decay, Crypt of Betrayal, Edgewater Drains, and the Tower of the Drafling.

- Sage Indis Surion and Sage Navarius Orvalis had their merchant lists modified.

- Item descriptions have been added to several quest tomes and housing items.

- The ability to see invisible entities has been granted to certain NPCs within Antonica, Cauldron Cove, Deathfist Citadel, Eternal Gorge, Fallen Gate, Isle of Refuge, Nektropos Castle, Peat Bog, Tower of the Drafling, Trembling Lagoon, Vault of the Fallen, and all catacombs within Qeynos.

- A change has been made to fix issues with ghost models.

- Halflings now receive infravision instead of ultravision.

- Nightfall Giants have grown significantly taller.

- Scouts that kill an invader will see as wisp of light directing them back to Vladiminn.

- Call of Qeynos and Call of the Overlord will be removed from the citizenship signs next update.


*** Quests ***

New Quests:

A Chore in Cazic-Thule

A Clay Figurine

A Page on Poisonous Creatures

A Paradise Dream World

A Sandy Bone Shard

A Tour of the Feerrott

A Wicked Entity in Nektulos

Aboard the Far Talon

Abomination Domination

Bloodsaber Brew

Burning Visions

Channel Mender Tea

Coin of an Adept


Crazed Mender Coins

Dance of the Ancient

Dark Creatures Lurk

Deconstructing the Constructs of Thule

End of the Rending

Fiery Visions

Girding of Gunuk

Gnome and Antignome

Head Hunting the Hunters


Inundated by Evil

Jonovan's Endeavor

Keeping the Topside Safe

Local Hazards Abound

Marked Murkwater Cards

Marsh Dust

Messy Runnyeye

Murkwater Coffee

Never Double Cross a Barbarian

Now Hiring: The Far Seas Trading Company

Once Upon a Fallen Star

Once upon a Plague

One Last Voyage

Over Halas

Paper Puzzle

Paying Back the Pain

Pungent Recluse Destruction

Raging Mess

Remove the Glare Lords

Root of Evil

Runnyeye Filth

Scattered Notes

Shadow of Everling

Something Twisted

Stolen Spell Pages

Striking Fear into the Carrion Dregs

Striking Fear into the Forest Creeps

Surface Assault

Tae Ew Champion

Talisman Lost

Tears of the Moon

Temple Summons

Terror of the Feerrott

Terrors in the Swamp

The Bounties of the Sea

The Council's Will

The Lost Idols of Modinthule

The Noxious Urn

The Skull Note

The Unwelcome Rallosians

Threat Reduction

Tomb Guard's Chair

Travelers' Woe

Vicious Assault

Weaken the Defense

Within Sight of Home

Zombie Pincushion

Heritage Quests

- Heritage quests for the Manastone, Polished Granite Tomahawk, Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch, Hierophant's Cloak, and the Journeyman's Boots have been added!

- Some timers have been adjusted in the Shiny Brass Halberd quest.

- An error has been corrected in the Ghoulbane heritage quest.

- The item effect on the Screaming Mace should now work correctly.

- The Bone Bladed Claymore, Glowing Black Stone, and the Dwarven Workboots quests have been modified slightly.

Quest Updates

- Captain Sturman's 'Outland Brigade Reports' quest should now be updating correctly now.

- Modified the quest target and the number of targets needed in 'Typhoeus's Blackmail' quest.

- 'ZaZa's Little Problem' can now be completed.

- Selectable item rewards have been added to most armor quests in Freeport and Qeynos.

- Counter icons have been added to the 'Gnoll Pup Tales' tome quests.

- Mastery quest items should no longer be as rare as they were.

- The 'Aquagoblin Grimmin' quest should now update properly.

- The text for the 'Fallen Retriever' quest has been clarified.

- Right-clicking Mister Jumtum should now bring up options to progress the quest.

- 'Juma and Habika's Story' should now be updating correctly.

- Voleen's Sweetbread should now have proper regeneration effects.

- 'The Hunt for the Windstalker Rumbler' quest should now be updating correctly.

- The journal text for 'Potion Making' has been clarified.

- The Key to Varsoon is now a neck item, not a wrist item.

- The item which spawns the 'Krok's Pot' quest can now be obtained.

- Many tome quests have been moved off the Sages and are now scattered throughout the world to find.

- Updates have been applied to access quests, betrayal quests, class quests, and subclass quests.

*** Zones ***

Private Adventure Areas

- Firemyst Gully: A Foul Wind is now available for play!

Zone Modifications


Inkeeper Naroob is no longer attackable.

The level of the Unkempt Druids has been lowered.

Lieutenant Fenwill should now act like an NPC.

Guard Nault will now only respond to citizens of Qeynos.


Ghostly Orcs should now appear as ghosts.

Cove of Decay: A Treaty for Treasure

The difficulty of the boss fight within the zone has been increased.

Treasure has been added onto several NPCs within the zone.

Crypt of Betrayal

Several modifications have been made to the zone.

Treasure has been added onto the bosses within the zone.

Deathfist Citadel

An elevator has been fixed within the zone.

Fallen Gate

Zombies should now appear as zombies.

Halfling zombies should now be smaller.

Sarge should now appear as a ghost.

Edgewater Drains

Treasure has been added to several NPCs within the zone.

Several creatures within the zone have been modified to match currently existing quests.

Maid for the Mist

Some additions have been made to the zone.

Nektropos Castle

NPCs within the zone should now be working correctly.

Obelisk of Vul

Treasure has been added onto several NPCs within the zone.

Orcish Wastes

Many spawn issues were corrected within the zone.

Ruins of Varsoon

Peona Toughins will now respond correctly when hailed.

South Qeynos

Rune Shimmerstar will no longer ask players about a key to Varsoon unless they have the key.

Temple of Cazic-Thule

The doors within the zone should be working correctly now.

Thundering Steppes

Ambassador Sandor should now be working correctly.

Tomb of Valor

Spawn timers have been modified within the zone.

Tower of the Drafling

The difficulty of the zone has been modified.

Treasure has been added onto the bosses within the zone.

Mouse-over text has been added to the two exit spears into Rivervale.


Treasure has been added to the zone.


*** Mechanics ***


- The Qeynos citizenship quest mace should no longer appear as a pink box.

- Screaming Mace should no longer appear as a pink box.

- The Defiler's Corruptor should no longer appear as a pink box.

- The Inquisitor's Deliverer should no longer appear as a pink box.

- A Dusty Blue Stone can now be examined.


Professions Spells - (Mage/Priest professions)

- The Mage and Priest subclass spell revamp has been completed.

- As a side effect of the Mage and Priest subclass spell revamp, several spells were re-arranged thus causing their existing invokers and spellscrolls to be invalid.

- This update completely removes those obsolete spell references and spellscrolls, including the ability to create these obsolete spell scrolls by Sages.

- New recipes for the revamped and added spells will be made available in a subsequent update.

- New Mage subclass spells are in. Scribes now carry the Apprentice II scrolls for these spells.

- Adept I and Master I loot versions will be added in a subsequent update.

- Recipes to create Apprentice III and Adept III versions will be added in a subsequent update.

- Priests now receive two new archetype spell lines

- Priest: Archhealing spell line (Minor Archhealing replaces Inspiration) is a more potent instant healing spell, with a higher Power cost and re-use time.

- Priest: Group Healing spell line is a group-based instant heal.

- Priest: Courage spell line now grants an additional bonus (similar to Inspiration) to the priest that maintains the group buff. This removes the need for a separate "solo" augmentation. Note: The bonuses granted have been scaled down to reflect the one Concentration cost of the Courage spell line.

- Clerics received a revision to their Vitae, Sermon, and Radiance spell lines

- All forms of Cleric-specific instant healing has been replaced with a reactive buff that heals the target whenever they are successfully attacked. This buff lasts for a specific amount of attacks or the duration of the spell.

- All mesmerization spells are now flagged "NoAE", which means targets under the effect of a mesmerization spell are not considered valid targets for any AoE (PBAE or TAE) spells. This includes both beneficial and detrimental spells, for now.

- Damage and Healing spell values have been changed to bring magic-related damage and healing in-line with recent melee balance changes.

- Net result is an increase in potency for Adept III (and above) damage and healing spells, but a decrease in potency for those versions below Adept III. This change also increases the potency of higher-level damage and healing spells as the version increases past Apprentice II.

- Mage and Priest subclass damage spells have received a balance and consistency pass to improve their damage in relation to other professions' damage capabilities.

- Net result is that Mage subclass damage spells should always out-damage other professions in DPS over the duration of an encounter.

- Warlock: Dark Distortion had its damage improved.

- A spell visual (Casting and Results) pass has occurred.

Combat Arts

- Ranger combat art fixes:

- The skill requisite for the Rip ability has been increased to 150. An error message has been added to the ability when an arrow isn't used.

- The skill requisite for the Tear ability has been increased to 220. An error message has been added to the ability when an arrow isn't used.

- The skill requisite for the Miracle Shot ability has been increased to 160.

- The skill requisite for the Miracle Arrow ability has been increased to 230.

- The skill requisite for the Hidden Fire ability has been increased to 160.

- The initial power cost of Monk's Face of the Mountain ability has been increased. The recurring power cost has been removed.

- Brigand's Ruse ability will now break when damage is taken by the NPC.

- Swashbuckler's False Blade ability is no longer toggleable.

- Damage has been increased for Bard Piercing Shriek and Alin's Lamentation line.

- There's now a chance that Numbing Strike, Leg Shot, and Ensnare will break when a hostile act is taken on the NPC.

- Predator's Blade Fury ability will now proc more often.

- The reuse timer of Impale has been lowered to 20 seconds.

- Bard's Bria Ballad line now affects groupmates. The radius has also been increased.

- Bard's Alin Lament line will now affect the encounter, instead of a single NPC.

- The chance to succeed using Shadowknight's Graven Embrace line has been increased. The reuse timer has been reduced to 5 minutes.

- Paladin's Blessing of the Penitent and Blessing of the Devout are now stackable.

- The damage that Fiery Fists inflicts has been increased.

- Wind Walk will now only affect the person who used the ability.

- A damage-over-time effect has been added to the Swooping Dragon ability.

- The level 20 Berserker ability, Berserk, was changed to Focus Rage. Focus Rage allows a Berserker to go berserk when taking damage. A Berserker deals more damage and has an increased attack rate while berserk. Also, some Berserker abilities require the Berserker to be berserk to use them. These are Fury, Blood Rage, Berserker Barrage, Stifled Rage, Stunning Cry, Frenzy, and Rampage.

- Feign death's success rate has been increased.

- The sacrament reagents received were made stackable and appear less frequently.


- Recipes have been created to allow players to create bags (Apprentice III and Adept III) up to level 50.

- Added new recipes to the woodworker recipes for Apprentice III items up to level 50.

General Mechanics Updates

- NPC hit points have been increased across the board.

- NPC damage has been increased slightly across the board.

- Increased attributes on double-up-arrow NPCs.

- Slightly decreased overall melee damage for all classes.

- Slightly reduced the chance to be missed by a spell cast at your level (this goes for NPCs as well).

- Reduced melee damage of Warden/Fury.

- Increased melee damage of Templar/Inquisitor.

- Decreased experience rewards for multi-group encounters.

- Fire Elementals are now more resistant to heat.

*** Stability and Performance ***

- Many optimizations to reduce server lag.

- Further server stability fixes.

- Additional client memory leak fixes.

- The High Performance setting has been tuned, as has been set as the default setting. If you decide to change to Very High or Extreme Quality, you will receive a warning alerting you of the possible performance decrease.

- Added color coding to server names on the final character create screen to indicate which servers are preferred: Green = good population, Yellow = moderately high population, and Red = high population.

*** Characters, Appearances, and Rendering ***

- You should no longer look older while invisible or sneaking.

- Fixed bug causing the lenses of your glasses to be visible while you are invisible or sneaking.

- Disabled gravity on skirts while swimming.

- Fixed bug causing treant leaves to clump in the air.

- Particle effects should now sort better with water.

- Fixed bug causing invisibility / stealth to not turn off after skill is no longer in use.

- You should no longer get stuck in combat mood after you're done fighting.

- Fixed bug causing odd animation when using a nonexistent /mood command.

- Sewer Slimes should now show the DoT effect.

- Fixed bugs causing characters to briefly be displayed without the right equipment when being loaded for the first time or after an illusion.

- Fixed problem causing short races to have accelerated animations.

*** Controls, Commands, and UI ***

- Shift+PrintScrn will save a jpg of the character window that's seen in your inventory screen.

- /log files are now placed into their own subfolder inside the EverQuest II Beta directory.

- /mood by itself will now set your mood to none.

- Fixed various bugs with using Alt+Tab to change focus on / off the game.

- Chat: Italian keys for '<' and '>' should now work as intended.

- Chat: UK keyboards should now be able to use capital and accented vowels.

- Chat: Filter tree is no longer collapsed by default.

- Chat: Raidsay has been added to default chat button.

- Chat: Melee 'too far' message has been changed to 'Melee Warnings' filterable channel.

- Options: Added target arrow scale option.

- Main UI: Fixed display problem with Tradeskill XP bar.

- Main UI: An item's tooltip will now indicate if that item's condition is below 100%.

- Main UI: Double-clicking scrollbar in quest helper no longer opens quest journal.

- Main UI: Scroll speed has been increased.

- Main UI: Zone change windows are now moveable, resizable, and slightly larger by default.

- Main UI: Default placement of EQII Menu has been changed.

- Main UI: Experience window should now properly save your "show adventure XP" setting.

- Main UI: Fixed bug causing ESC to no longer close top window.

- Main UI: Hotkeys in different banks should no longer look like they are queued.

- Main UI: Recipe book window should now display the correct title.

- Maps: New maps for all city regions.

- Maps: Additional tooltip text has been fixed.


*** Audio ***

- Placing an item in your house will now play a sound.

- Sound effect for chest dropping will now play for all members of the group.

*** Gameplay ***

- You can now attack encounters that you were previously unable to if you were in a raid party that was too large to be challenged by the target. However, in the majority of the cases you will not receive loot, quest rewards, or bonus experience for defeating them. You will be able to tell encounters of this type via their overhead icon or by moving the mouse over the target window.

- Fixed bug causing you to get stuck performing tradeskill animations. If you are already stuck in this animation, using /mood should fix it.

- Auto-Bank feature now available. Simply place your items in this area of the bank window and the banker will automatically place them in the next available slot. This includes empty slots in bags as well.

*** Known Issues ***

- Still investigating possible other causes of server lag.


*** Art ***


- A new human female face texture has been added.

- Corrected many weapon orientations on player characters.

- New goblin death animation has been added.

- Changed Ratonga male death animation so face is not penetrating the ground.

- Added sit animations for wolves.

- Added sit animations for bears.

- Modified stretch emote to minimize mesh problems.


- Centered shuttle between strings on looms.

- Fixed heat shimmer on Lord Nagafen.

- Fixed bug in medium sized fires so that flames respond to wind.

- Added water drops to foot splashes.

- Adjusted timing and textures in point-to-point effects for Combat Arts.

- Thinned out bubbles used in sewers and fountains to improve frame rate.

- Added tools in the hands for tradeskill animations

- Optimized many spell effects.

- Optimized fires.

- Lightning bolt no longer strikes from odd angles.

- Added electrical effect to Temple of Life exterior.

- Adjusted cold breath visuals.

- Toned down chimney smoke wind effect.

- Added flame effect to fire giant eyes.

- Fixed leaf falling and floating bugs on treants.

- Optimized candle flames.

- Fixed Shadowed Man smoke ring particles.

- Optimized flying hawks.


Fixed stuck/collision issues in the following zones:

- Fallen Gate

- Antonica

- Stormhold

- Freeport Graveyard

- Freeport East

- Freeport West

- Wailing Caves

- Orcish Wastes

- Commonlands

- Beggar's Court

- The Feerrott

- Thundering Steppes

- The Peat Bog

- Qeynos Harbor

- Obelisk of Vul

- Temple of Cazic-Thule

- The Down Below


Fixed cosmetic issues in the following zones:

- Thieves' Way

- Serpent Sewer

- Freeport Districts

- Rivervale

- The Crypt of Betrayal

- The Baubbleshire

- Enchanted Lands

- Orcish Wastes

- Temple of Cazic-Thule

- Deathfist Citadel

- Blackburrow

*** Audio ***

New Additions:

*** NPC Voiceover ***





Dark Elf Female Alchemist Evil 2

Dark Elf Female Scribe Evil 2

Froglok Female Eco Good 2

















Template Human Housing Good Female 2

Template Human Housing Evil Female 2

Template Human Banker Good 2 Female

Template Human Banker Evil 2 Female

Template Human Scribe Good 2

Flavor Female Template Human Scribe Evil 2

Flavor Female Template Human Alchemist Good 2

Flavor Female Template Human Alchemist Evil 2

Flavor Female Template Halfling Eco Good 2

Flavor Female Template Halfling Mender Good 2

Flavor Female Template Halfling Weaponsmith Good 2

Flavor Female Merchant Tara Ironforge

Geologist Fribden

Turgen Bremhurst

Janitor Zolbuk

Captain Vulis

Gregor McDonnal

Pelle Shinkicker

Knight Grel Stoneshearer

Banker T'Val Varski

Archaeologist Elurad

Miner Carefree

Lucan D'Lere

*** Spells  Audio Added For: ***

Drumming Spell -- has sound

Foul Distortion -- has result sound

Purple Lightning Bolt -- has new sounds

Shrink -- has new sounds

attack_crush_damage -- has new sounds

attack_down_stun -- has new sounds

attack_forward_damage -- has new sounds

shield_shove -- has new sounds

Phoenix -- has new sounds

skin_of_clay -- new audio for casts

teleport_appear -- new audio for cast

teleport_vanish -- new audio for cast

verdant_genesis -- new audio for cast

Weakness -- new audio for cast

wood_spikes_growing -- new audio for cast

Rousing Tune -- new audio

Ursine -- new audio

Fire Ball Projectile -- new audio

*** Creature Audio - New & Updates***

Bixies -- have new vocals now

Female Centaurs -- now have vocals

Nymph Dryads -- now have vocals

Halfing Male -- combat audio added

Kerra Male -- combat audio added

Barbarian Female -- combat audio added

Dark Elf Female -- combat audio added

Erudite Female -- combat audio added

Froglok Female -- combat audio added

Ratonga male -- combat audio

Gnome male -- combat audio

Half elf male -- combat audio

Ratonga male -- combat audio

Troll male -- combat audio

Wood elf female -- combat audio

Baby Dragon -- swim audio

Pet Cats -- emotes have audio

Lesser Water Elemental -- underwater combat sounds

Wyrms -- walk and run audio added

All Dragons -- walk and run audio added

Nightblood Warrior -- added footstep triggers

Horse - copied horse footstep triggers over to mount_* states

Froglok male sounds - + specific combat audio

*** Ambience ***

Orcish Wastes - New reverbs & ambient sounds

Elddar - Underwater audio added to regions

Blackburrow -- more ambient sounds added

Commonlands -- more water audio

Antonica -- more water audio

Temple of Cazic-Thule -- more water audio, ambient sounds added

Deathfist Citadel -- new reverbs

Qeynos South -- added room reverbs

*** Music ***

Isle of Refuge -- is playing music again

*** Other Sound Changes ***

UI - Quest Journal now has open & close sounds

UI - New Quest Item Found sound

Levelup -- New audio

New Audio for Wisp Activated

UI - Place Item now has a sound

Combat Matrix -- should be in and working now.

Major Issues (Items we wanted to fix before next beta update)

1) Fixed lots of voiceover bugs, recorded some new VO, re-recorded some problem VO.

2) Music

- Music should now play correctly in all zones.

Known Issues

- Improperly tagged footstep surfaces will be fixed in a subsequent update.


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Reply #6 on: October 06, 2004, 06:39:25 PM

There are some problems.  At the end of the download I received a corrupted file error.  Other's are getting this also.  I logged in again a bit later and that seems to have been resolved although, after creating another character, it's lost connection.  Now, about an hour and a half later, it no longer connects to the login server.  Gallenite stated that the US servers are up, but they are eluding me right now.  Oh well.

If you do happen to get in the game, chances are you will be homeless.  There is an issue with housing.  No worry for me as I've started a new character to see what's changed in n00bville.  There are also some zone stability problems and a couple of client side stability issues that result in a CTD.  Antonica on Beta 1 keeps causing crashing and I understand the lag there is a bit extreme.  Evidently, it's associated with the Heroic Opportunities.  Lucky for me, I've crossed over to the dark side.  

Gallenite has been stellar in keeping his updates timely.  He has posted nine times since around 4:30 pm and the last being around 20 minutes ago.   I have a feeling he might be cute, too.

There... that should help keep you all off of the beta website.  You'd only get into trouble over there.

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Reply #7 on: October 07, 2004, 10:34:31 AM

I'm still not entirely sure why housing is in this game in the first place, in the manner in which it is used. I haven't been back to my house since one of my quests made me go back and have to listen to that old biddy who is my caretaker.

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Reply #8 on: October 07, 2004, 10:40:57 AM

Quote from: HaemishM
I'm still not entirely sure why housing is in this game in the first place, in the manner in which it is used. I haven't been back to my house since one of my quests made me go back and have to listen to that old biddy who is my caretaker.

The landlord in Freeport is awesome. It's not our fault you decided to go the Qeynos Route.

I am entirely pissed off that housing seems useless other than the 'chests' they plan to implement for holding items. You can't sit on furniture, you can't use your own bed to say, heal faster or something. it's just a waste. On top of that, they make you pay for it? wtf is that?
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