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Author Topic: The Big Character Thread  (Read 9378 times)
Terracotta Army
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wants a greif tittle

Reply #35 on: April 18, 2004, 04:20:12 PM

Well, I think I might have found my release character. I am having great fun with my new blaster, he is Assault Rifle/Gadgets with Hasten from the speed line. I know its silly not go get flight with a blaster, but I doubt I will reach 14 with him, and hasten makes him a pure killing machine.

I like the assault rifle skills because they dont seem to use very much END. Even with hasten active, I can still spam my specials non stop. I am at lvl 7 now, and I dont think I have run out of END once in the entire life of the character. Put this against my Scrapper Dark/Dark who ran out of END after a fight vs two even leveled mobs.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 3113

Reply #36 on: April 19, 2004, 11:07:46 AM

Yes if you go assult rifles you will deffinatly want hasten. The powers are very very low end usage but fairly long recycle times. Coupled with the draw animations makes hasten a god send.

Also the devices pool has a lot of good stuff. The target drone is really sweet it is an toggled aura accuracy buff and since missing for a blaster = teh suk its really sweet.

Posts: 19227

Reply #37 on: April 19, 2004, 12:23:08 PM

FINALLY got a chance to play a bit this weekend (not long, unfortunately). My first character (Captain Catass on Pinnacle) is a Science/Blaster type.

Can anyone give me advice on what enhancements to use? How often do they drop? Is it worthwhile to swap them in and out?

I only made it to level 3 in my limited play time, but I had a blast.

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #38 on: April 19, 2004, 01:32:50 PM

First off, hasten on a blaster.  I would not call you silly at all to pick hasten over hover.  I cannot imagine life without hasten as a blaster.  My solo and group functionality doubles with it.  Endurance inspirations are fairly common and it comes back a LOT faster than health.  I will choose to burn endurance over health anyday.  Plus, using powers is just fun and hasten lets you use them twice as fast.  Stick a second enhancement slot on them and keep them both up with high end (for your level) timer reduction enhancements.  At level 15 with a dual origin 15 and a tutorial 15++ in there I get hasten recycled back JUST before it fades.  I love that.  With god as my witness I shall never be slow again.  And superspeed is plenty fun, trust me.

Now to Way's question.  For a blaster, the enhancements I like the best are damage, accuracy, and recharge timer.  Different powers will beg for different enhancements.  If a power misses a lot slot it up with accuracy.  If it is accurate but kind of low damage throw on some extra damage to make it abit harder hitting.  If it is one of those big whump powers that takes an age to come back... well if you are like me you LOVE those powers.  I slot them up with damage to make them even MORE devestating and timer improvements so I can use them more.

As a blaster, missing will just annoy us and get us killed.  So first thing I look for is accuracy.  If it does not hit it was just a waste of time and endurance.

So it is really personal preference and individual power dependent.  Don't be afraid to slot them up.  They drop pretty frequent, and you will be destroying them in no time to make room for new ones mid mission.  Just don't let your enhancement storage get full, because then you stop getting drops.  Give away, destroy or sell (to superpower field vendors) the ones you don't want to make room.

You will get plenty so slot them up to whatever you have at the time.  Store ones that you plan to use in the next level, but there is no reason to store them anymore than a level prior.  The tutorial ones drop really common.

At low level you level fast and will outgrow them rather fast as well, so use them while you can.

You also start getting a lot of 'money' and the only thing to do with it is buy enhancements.  So don't feel shy about buying one you want.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 20

Reply #39 on: April 19, 2004, 02:15:13 PM

I switched to Tank from Controller and have been having a blast.

The Controller I used was Gravity/Force Field, and he was fun simply because I could...well, Control much of my situation.  With Force Push, and Lift, I could keep some ganger off his feet until my hold recycled, and so on.  Some of  the Force Field shield powers looked pretty helpful, but I never had more than two of them.

I've tried most of the Tank stuff, if only for the first few levels.   I really like Invulnerability, and am also fond of Super Strength and Energy Melee.  Damage output isn't mammoth, but it's nothing to sneeze at either.  With those two Secondaries you also have a good chance of disorienting foes, which is great.  The main problems I have are endurance, and runners.  Runners I can catch, but I find it easier to just let them go and find new evil-doers.  Endurance, well...I seem to run out of endurance long before I'm ever in jeapordy of losing my life.

I have little fear of charging straight into large groups of opponents by myself, in fact I prefer it, since there are seldom runners when I'm outnumbered 10:1.  I can take out four or five blue gangers with no Endurance and less than half a bar of Hit Points, Vahzlock(sp?) seem tougher than their level to me...well, some more than others.

I disagree completely with schild on the mediocrity of Tanks.  As an example, some scrapper of equal my level in Steel Canyon asked me to help him take out a group of Nazi's, we weren't grouped, just met on the street.  There was a red con and three oranges.  I agreed, he charged in, and I followed.  Next thing I know, he's on the ground and I'm still fighting all four.  I took down the red and two oranges before having to flee from the third.  If I had had a damage Inspiration to start with, or one of the heal Inspirations, I would have been fine.  If I hadn't had two endurance Inspirations, I probably would have had to flee at some point after killing off the red con.

Some might find the archetype a bit dull, there's somthing appealing to me about wading into a host of bad-guys and coming out the only one left standing.  I may not hit for huge numbers, but I sure can take a hit, or a hundred.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 3113

Reply #40 on: April 19, 2004, 03:03:44 PM

Tanks are very tanky in the game especially earth and invuln. Usually if things really hit the fan the only person to survive will be the tanks. They have also upgraded tanks taunt recently so it "sticks" better and allows them to do their jobs easier.

Some may find them a bit simple sounding but it really depends on the power sets. Also as you get higher and higher level as a tank you are forced to be swithing armor even in fights to best protect against what you are fighting.

In my level 34 group it was always impressive to see my groups ice and earth tanks just slog into a HUGE pack sometimes 15 or 20 mobs first to get agro and watch their health only slowly go down as they got agro for the rest to start blasting.

At the high end fully slotted up tanks can hit upwards of 80 to 90% resistance to whichever attack they are protecting against. That plus they get a GOOD ammount more health than anybody else makes them a great part of any team.


I also forgot to mention if you are a fan of doing big damage tanks can dish it out pretty well. If you want to do some serious beat down pick up hasten and either earth melee or axe hehe especially axe. With buildup and tankers freakish tanking abilities tanks can solo better and faster at the high levels amazingly well. Inface they had to do some changes near the end of beta because high level tankers could fight mobs 6 to 8 levels higher than them. They still can fight over their levels better than most other archtypes when soloing.

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