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Author Topic: Solicitations: May 2005  (Read 2865 times)
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on: February 18, 2005, 01:38:14 PM




Not much really jumps out for me this month from Marvel.  There's a Punisher one-shot from Ennis that sounds interesting, and of course there's the usual series I follow like Runaways and Thunderbolts.  On the other hand we've got some set up for the painfully-bad sounding "House of M" X-Men/Avengers crossover, some tie-in's to the prison breakout from New Avengers, several months after the fact, and generally just a lackluster line of comics being released compared to what DC is doing. 

DC is reprinting the JSA: Golden Age tpb (an Elseworlds story, which I'd strongly suggest anyone who hasn't read to pick up).  We've also got JSA #73 which starts a sequel to the Black Reign storyline which saw Black Adam taking over a small country in the Middle-East.  Villains United looks pretty good too, and has Gail Simone writing so I'll be picking it up.  Also Alan Moore gives us a new Top Ten hardcover taking place in the early days of Neopolis.

Also of note, there's a new CoH comic being published by Image and being written by Mark Waid.  I guess the old comic must not have been cutting it (although for the most part I found it to be ok, especially considering it was free with the game subscription).  Had to go to Dark Horses web site to see what they have coming up in May.  Looks like that's when they're releasing Bruce Campbell's "Man with the Screaming Brain".
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