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Author Topic: Desktop Dungeons  (Read 2060 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 1369

on: April 25, 2010, 07:24:46 PM

Desktop Dungeons has sucked away all of my free time this evening.  It's kind of like a rogue-like meets minesweeper kind of game, where the goal is to beat the boss of the randomly generated level by any means necessary (usually meaning leveling up alot til your capable of killing it).  There aren't persistent characters, and games are very short.  However, there is persistence in unlocking classes/monsters/items, and I think the game does these things quite well.  

It's certainly hard, and my failure rate is probably around 75%, but since games last 5-10 minutes that's not a big deal.  Every once in a while the random map generator will screw you over, but generally only in the beginning of the game which leads to an easy instant restart.  Otherwise I think it's a brilliant way to waste some time.

http://www.qcfdesign.com/?cat=20 (mainpage)

http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=11688.0 (better tileset)

I tough this game deserved its own thread. It's on his way to my top 10 game ever.  Simple, enjoyable, casual friendly.  I'll add the wiki to the other 2 links  (especially useful for info on the Gods): http://www.qcfdesign.com/wiki/DesktopDungeons/index.php?title=Gods

The linked tileset is worth it.

So far, I'm enjoying the Thief a lot.

Terracotta Army
Posts: 2103

Reply #1 on: April 25, 2010, 10:17:50 PM

So far, I'm enjoying the Thief a lot.
The thief is pretty awesome - there's no real attempt at class balance as far as I can tell. Although maybe that changes once you unlock the "real" (i.e. rated) dungeon; I haven't done that yet. I was utterly addicted to this for, like, three days and then the novelty wore off on me. Absolutely worth the download though; I see myself killing time in it in 15-minute increments for years to come.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 17613

Reply #2 on: April 25, 2010, 11:15:58 PM

The upper level dungeons (particularly the factory) make me stabby.  It becomes a game of serious luck + micromanagement. 

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Terracotta Army
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Auto Assault Affectionado

Reply #3 on: April 26, 2010, 12:07:21 AM

The higher level games pretty much become an exercise in poison/fireball scumming, yeah.

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Terracotta Army
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Reply #4 on: April 26, 2010, 10:44:24 AM

Yeah, this game was insanely addicting while I was unlocking everything, but once that was done with I didn't really care to beat the 'advanced dungeons' with every class.  Desktop Dungeons v2 could be total crack if they just give it a biiiit more complexity/variety in gameplay.
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