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Author Topic: Torchlight: The Torchening  (Read 3919 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2105

on: November 11, 2009, 11:09:34 PM

I caved and bought Torchlight. I am so very weak.

Here's the setup and the rules:
  • I have never played Torchlight except for one run through the demo with a Vanquisher.
  • All games will be on VH HC.
  • I will have only one active character at a time. When that character dies, I reroll.
  • I'm running with effectively no pet - this takes it out of combat and I'm going to ignore its inventory. If I can find a way to have literally no pet whatsoever I'll do that instead (there's a "no pet" option in settings.txt but it makes the game crash upon accessing the shared stash).
  • You schmucks get to decide my characters. This means class, build, and perhaps even what gear to keep. Challenges (read: being a sadist asshole) are encouraged, as long as they're things that could conceivably be considered builds and not like "put one point in every skill" or something.
  • Also, feel free to propose additional rules/restrictions.
  • I will use the shared stash.
  • I may do in-character writeups if I'm feeling inspired. Feel free to suggest personalities for my adventurers.
  • Except for VH/HC and one-char-at-a-time, all rules are squishy - I might allow pets if they're in character, for example.
  • I will die a lot.
So. Destroyer, Vanquisher, Alchemist. What'll it be? First person to post gets to decide build, and whenever I die I'll just choose the next person's idea, or maybe the last person's idea.
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Terracotta Army
Posts: 181

Reply #1 on: November 12, 2009, 12:06:43 AM

Meh, I'll throw in the first character then.

Alchemist, absolutely mad and obsessed with electricity and his "children"; emphasis on lightning and homunculi spells.

(Assuming its possible, most of those spells are lv 10 or higher.)

Good luck, this should be interesting.  awesome, for real One way or another.
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2105

Reply #2 on: November 12, 2009, 05:28:39 PM

Journal of Nivith, Entry 1
The moment I walked into Torchlight I felt a feeling of profound loneliness. It was inherent in the name of the place, I decided - a torch is a flickering, fleeting thing, with but a breath of wind being all that's needed to leave one in the dark and so very, very alone. The vulgarity of burning is one I need not explain, and it is ironic that such a town as this should be located on an ember mine of significance clearly beyond the reasoning of the locals.
The first man I saw was clearly a sinister - wait, no, the first man I saw was that horse. He seemed friendly enough, though preoccupied with his own business, for which I can hardly blame him. The second man I saw was a vagabond. He immediately asked me, upon seeing me geared for "adventure", to bring him a piece of ember from the mine. What he was to do with such an item I don't know - probably powder it as a diet supplement or burn it in an obscene demonstration for the locals, or waste it on some other archaic purpose. The man's forwardness disgusted me, and soon I felt vitriol rising within me with every word he spoke, until I could no longer stand to subject myself to his foul yammering.
"I'll see what I can do for you," I told him, bowing slightly before continuing down the road. I merely hope the viciousness of this rebuke will encourage the wretch - Vasman, was his name - to abandon his backwards ways.

The third man I came upon had no tangible existence. I verified it with magic, and the bastard didn't even flinch.
This is a strange town, indeed.

The rest of the townsfolk were unworthy of note, but all of them seemed to have only the worst intentions for the brilliant cache of ember lying at their feet - they deface the mere thought of it by trading it for gold, as if its value can be measured in money. Wasting no time, I set forth to the mine to see for myself just what was down there.

A pair of adventurers was holding back a crowd of curious little rodent creatures that seemed to be fighting their way out of the mine, further confirming that whatever wonders are there, the locals are determined to keep them from being discovered and put to use. The woman talked at me, but I paid her little heed and continued to the entrance.

It looks lonely down there.

edit: A few more entries from Nivith on the way; in the meantime I, uh, need a new build. You know. On the off chance that I die in the future.
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Terracotta Army
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The Patron Saint of Radicalthons

Reply #3 on: January 16, 2010, 09:22:59 PM

Pedro the Pyromaniac with his Cat, Fireball

You love fire. You really. REALLY, love fire.

Primary : Spell Scroll Fireball I , II , III , IV, V etc mapped to your scrolls. This is your primary attack spell.
Skill build :
Max Offensive Magic
Max Critical Strikes

Your pet also carries two fireball for MOAR fire.

Colonel Sanders is back in my wallet
Terracotta Army
Posts: 2105

Reply #4 on: January 17, 2010, 03:47:04 PM

Wow, I got sucked into City of Heroes and then all sorts of school stuff and pretty much forgot about this. I'll get to that later today.
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