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Title: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 09:00:01 PM
Endless Legend
I have started and restarted enough games of Endless Legend now, that I think I have the hang of it. At least enough to get through the early going of a game. Also, I've been playing as Wild Walkers. From what I've read, this is the faction that's the least "different" from what you'd expect in a game like this.

I've already played about 60 turns of this particular game, before starting this topic. I wanted to have some material already written before I started posting.

Wild Walkers get some cool traits. I get to partially see through the fog of war in my empire and adjacent lands that I've explored; enemy armies show up as an X.

My cities get an industry bonus from forest hexes.

I start with two first-tier techs, granting me the Seed Storage (growth) and Sewer System (happiness) buildings right off.

The standard starting config is to have a world sized for 6 total empires, but you can play with the world size, along with other settings. You also control how many empires are in the game. I'm going to leave all the settings at their defaults for this game.

Click to view the game start screen. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/000_Game_Start_Screen.png)

Getting Started - Turn 1
From an RP perspective, I am the King of the Wild Walkers. I know the world of Auriga is changing, and I must convice my tribe of hippie elf forest dwellers to go out and explore (expand, exploit, exterminate).

Two pop-ups greet me. I have already located the minor faction that inhabits my starting region - the Haunts. More shortly.

The second pop up is a diplomatic contact from one of the AI empires. Apparently the Drakken race has a trait that lets them talk to me without having met face to face. I ignore these strange but apparently peace-loving reptiles, aka the Orange Drakken, for now.

Getting back to the Haunts. Each region is inhabited by a minor faction. They'll trouble me until they're pacified. I can pacify them by violence, bribery, or doing a quest. I always do the quest, if it's not too burdensome; I find the game to be more fun that way.

Haunts units are flying ghosts.

But the Haunts can wait. They won't start bothering me for several turns, so I have to concentrate on exploring and getting my first city founded.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 09:01:48 PM
The default map doesn't show the hex grid, or production numbers. I always turn these on, but this pic will show you my starting position. Wild Walkers always get plunked down in a leafy green starting region.
Click to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/001_Visible_World.png)

My initial army consists of two Dekari Rangers (archers), one Settler, and a Hero. What I prefer to do is split off the rangers so as to explore a little bit. The ideal city location would have loads of food, industry, science, and money, but that's laughably rare, so I try to find a good mix of industry and food as priorities.

Note: This gameplay, with a hex map and stackable units, is the direction I wish Civ V had gone; I might still be playing that game if they had. There's an initial cap of 4 units per army, plus a hero. A tech that we will discover later will raise the cap to 6. It's a lot easier to move an army around the map this way, without having the "killer stack" problem.

To split off a unit, I pick it in the army window, and then right-click the hex I want it to move into. I am describing this in detail because it was such a pain in the ass to figure out initially.

Splitting my army like this is best for the first few turns, when exploration is at a premium, but I'm going to want to reunite and reinforce them before the minor factions and enemy AIs show up.

Here's what the map looks like after my rangers have split off. I'm in a pretty thick forest, so I'm going to settle next to the Chromatic Land anomaly hex. (In this game, "anomaly" refers to a terrain that gives a nice big fat production number, food in this case.) I'm going to be strong on food and weak on science, but I can compensate for that with city improvements and population allocation.
Click to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/001_Explored_World.png)

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 09:03:12 PM
My First City

Behold the city of Zadde, capital of the Wild Walkers of the Zadde region!
Click to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/001_Founded_City.png)

Now that I've consumed my Settler, my Hero unit has broken off into his own "army" that I can move around independently. I haven't figured out how to split off a hero otherwise, but it's usually handy to have 3 explorers at this stage of the game.

I click on Zadde's handle in the game screen, to bring up the City controls. I've got one population, which I can drag (in the Workers row at the top) to control what my people are working on. I'm going to move this guy into the industry (red) column.

My city draws production from the hex I settled, and the six hexes around it. The settled hex gets -1 to food production, and +1 to "influence", which resource is used for political purposes. I'm getting big food from the anomaly hex, good industry from the forest hexes, and a low-but-livable number for science.

Initial construction options include the Founder's Memorial, which gives a little boost to all production, and can only be built once. My other options are Seed Storage and Sewer System, which I don't need right away. The memorial will take 5 turns with my current settings. Let's look at tech.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 09:04:33 PM
From my heart and from my hand
Time to do Research. Tech in this game is divided into Tiers. You research so many techs in the first tier in order to unlock the second, and so on. I have labeled the quadrants with more-or-less accurate definitions.

The blue circles in the first tier show that I've already got Seed Storage and Sewer System, due to being Wild Walkers. Must-haves from the first tier include Empire Mint, Public Library, and Mill Foundry; these give basic production-boosting buildings.

The other must-have is Alchemist's Furnace; this lets you exploit any Titanium or Glassteel in your empire. These are important strategic resources, i.e. they are used to upgrade your army units.

I always make Language Square an early priority, because it unlocks Bribery and Parley with minor factions. YMMV, you can skip this if you're going to just lay waste to their villages.

Open Pit Mine lets you exploit luxury resources within your empire. Luxuries are used as temporary boosters. I have not yet gotten used to having them active except in specific circumstances. They all provide a Happiness boost, so they can be used to offset your Happiness-reducing activies (i.e. expansion).

Aquapulvistics and Geomic Labs let you build money and science boosting buildings, but they are terrain-specific, so I let them slide until they're going to be useful. My initial city in this game has some science, so Geomic Labs will probably be a nice boost.

Mercenary Market lets you hire more Heroes. Heroes can lead armies and govern cities, although the governor aspect is not something I've got a lot of experience with so far.

Military Science might be great if you're getting Sieged a lot, but I've so far not had a game where I wished I had it.

Search Party would be cool if you didn't have so many other cool things to research instead.

Agache Shaman provides the Wild Walkers faction support unit. At least in the games I've played so far, I have found that support units are taking up an army slot that I'd rather have an archer in. YMMV.

Advanced Alloys and Armor are potentially good, but they're outshined by their Tier 2 analogues, and I'm always into Tier 2 by the time I want to do serious upgrades on my units. YMMV.

In this specific game, I am going to get Mill Foundry and Public Library asap. Next will be Language Square, followed by the mint, exploiters, and then whatever else I like until I'm at Tier 2.

Alright! I've founded my city, set up construction and research, and moved all my guys. That's the end of Turn 1.

Note: when you click on End Turn, the game will ding you if you have cities with empty construction, or the research queue is empty. But not if you haven't moved all your guys.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 09:34:23 PM
Turn 2
A quest! This is always the first Wild Walkers quest: Explore, and Search 4 ruins. Ruins are the goody huts of this game. I was going to do this anyway. Exploring nearby regions also helps me to plan my initial expansion. My reward for this will be 15 Titanium, which is a helpful bonus.

A note about the map: you can zoom out (scroll wheel) until you get a much less detailed view. This is ideal for locating villages, armies, resources, and ruins. I've spotted more than one unexplored ruin using this view.

There's a ruin visible to the SE of my city. Now that my Hero is unbound from the army he was with, I'm going to use him as my 3rd explorer, and specifically send him to the ruin.

Note: you can't actually end your turn on a Ruin hex, although you can move through them. You can also have them inside your city's exploitation zone, so the hexes they're on do have production. The way to explore them is to get into an adjacent hex, and right-click them.

Ugh. Sadly, "nothing of interest" is a valid search result. One down, three to go.

Note: I'm going to hit every ruin I can get to, not just the first four I see. Also, just because another empire searches a ruin, that doesn't consume it from your perspective. You can search all the ruins.

Turn 6
Both my construction and research were completed. My city now has 2 population; I put the 2nd one into Science. Since I now have the option, I am going to build a Mill Foundry, to aid with construction. For research, Public Library is next.

At the end of Turn 6, I have moved my archers into two adjacent regions, while my Hero explores Zadde. To the SW is Trode, which is also lush with forests; ideal expansion bait. To the SE is a region whose name is not yet revealed, but looks like it will have mixed terrain. Beyond that, to the South, I can see the color of one of the AI empires. I'll call them the Light Greens for now.

Trode is home to the minor faction Hurnas, which are orcish archers.

Something I've noticed in previous games: your default diplomatic status with the AI's is Cold War, which gives them license to attack you in unowned regions (or if you trespass into their territory). So I'm a little nervous about my lone archer sniffing around their border; if the AI has his army nearby, he'll probably attack. Also, he's probably going to be colonizing one of these intervening regions pretty soon. So I'm going to want to turn production into archers and settler(s) post haste.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 05, 2014, 10:52:50 PM
Turn 7
I search my 4th ruin, and get my reward of 15 Titanium.

I am immediately given my next quest. The aid of minor factions will be needed to grow my empire; I must pacify and Assimilate one. The tech Visions of Glory will be my reward; this is a tech that can't be researched, and it gives a passive Influence bonus, so it's a nice one.

Next turn, my Hero finds another ruin, and gains enough XP to level up.
I'm going to give him the +1 move upgrade (the squirrel icon); this also applies to any army he's leading.

Turn 9
I search a ruin and discover the Eayaen Bi-Forge, which apparently can only be used properly by dwarves Delvers. Hopefully, this means that I'll find some nearby. The reward is a tech, Meritocratic Promotion, that is in the 2nd research tier, and will let me expand my armies from 4 slots to 6. It's tasty, but I'm going to research it anyway. We'll see if I have Delvers assimilated by then. I haven't encountered any yet, so it seems unlikely.

Also on this turn, my archer unit that's exploring the Light Green's border has spotted one of their units. I forgot to take a screenshot of their diplomatic greeting, but the faction is Necrophages. Their unit looks like a giant locust. There's only one unit in that army, so maybe he won't attack?

Turn 10
Good, he doesn't want to fight. Here's what an enemy army looks like when I use the Sharing to sense him in the fog of war.

As soon as I move my archer unit, I encounter the Pink Cultists. That's a 2-unit stack, I bet they attack me.


Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Paelos on December 05, 2014, 11:34:18 PM
I've come to this thread to make fun of you, as instructed.

Also because I may want to buy this, so carry on.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 04:01:20 AM
Turn 11
The Pink Cultist army attacked my archer. I forgot to take a screenshot, but the upshot is that I retreated. Retreating causes my unit to lose some health (presumably it was beaten out of them). It's a longshot that I'll make it back to my home region before another successful attack.

Also this turn, I finished my Public Library research. Just in time to gather my armies back together, and start Parlaying with my local minor faction. I start research on Language Square.

Turn 12
My archer survived! Looks like the Pink Cultists went after the Necrophage explorer instead.

My city is done building the Mill Foundry. Now I need to get a Settler going. While I'm building a Settler, my city growth stops, *and* I lose a population from my city when it's done. It's a double whammy.

I've got the Mill Foundry, plus two pops on industry; that will kick out a Settler in 5 turns. I need to plan. The most appealing adjacent regions are Trode and Worimer. Trode is basically a clone of Zadde; lots of forests and resources. Worimer is mostly rocky plains, but also has (at least) one exploitable resource. Settling Worimer will probably piss off both of my neighbors, whereas Trode will just crowd the Light Green Nechrophages. Trode it is, assuming that the Necrophages don't beat me to it.

A note on cities and regions: you can only build one city in each region in this game. This makes exploration important; you want to get your city into a good spot. Of course the definition of "good spot" will vary according to your playstyle. Also note: you can expand your city from its initial hex, so that's something else to bear in mind when placing it. More on that when I get to it.

Turn 14
The game reminds me that I will be allowed to implement an Empire Plan on Turn 20. At the rate I'm currently going, I might not have enough saved up by then to do anything useful. But it's a handy feature, that I get this warning.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 04:11:45 AM
Turn 17
My settler is complete, and Language Square completes at the same time! I immediately Parley with my local Haunts village. The result is a fairly common quest, to destroy a Minor Faction village in an adjacent region. Ironically, it's another Haunts village, in the region Ia'poli, to the east.

My Settler sets out. Trode has a fantastic starting hex for my new city. Lots of industry, science, and food. I just have to slip past the local Minor Faction village before they start sending out raiders. Crossing my fingers.

I start research on Alchemist's Furnace. Before I start building more Ranger units, I visit the Military screen. Here, I can view my available armies, and redesign their equipment sets. I don't have any tech to upgrade weapons, but I will swap out the hand crossbow + shield for a real longbow, and give them some armor.
The longbow gives slightly better to-hit and damage, and the armor beefs them up from puny 60 health to slightly less puny 78. This makes them more expensive to build, but it's definitely worth it.

I'm doing this now because it's time for Zadde City to crank out a couple more rangers. I want a full army before I start picking fights.

When I select my existing army, the option to Retrofit is lit up, and it will cost me 69 dust (money). I can afford it.

While I'm at it, I'll upgrade my Hero's equipment. To the Academy screen!
Tlato Mosi Pakwa has the same weapons that the rangers did, but he's already kitted out in tier 1 armor. I just need to swap in a longbow, and he'll be all set. Cheap, only 8 dust to make this upgrade.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 08:43:28 AM
Turn 20
This turn is a Big Deal for a couple of reasons. One: this is when Minor Factions start sending Roaming Armies out. These armies wander about within their home regions, picking fights. Since the Haunts village is right next to Zadde City, and I've parked my army there for the time being, it's time for a fight!

Hmm. While I was playing with the Deployment buttons, the game threw an error. Looks like Amplitude didn't finish writing this part of the game. I'll start from an auto-save and see what happens.
The auto-save loaded ok, and I'm back in the fight. I just won't bother with the deployment controls this time.

When you get into a fight in this game, the respective armies spread out on a battlefield that is a subset of the world map, centered on the hex where the fight starts.

Well for once, all of my archers are targeting the unit I want them to, by default. I'll just hit Launch and see how it goes.
I am victorious. Focus fire is the name of the game with Wild Walkers. The Haunts got in a hit on my hero, but he handled it, and it should be a while before they send out another raiding party.

The second reason why Turn 20 is a Big Deal: Empire Plan! Every multiple of 20 turns, you get to adjust your empire plan. Of the options available at this stage of the game, I am the most fond of extra money (dust). I have 33 influence points, and it will cost 20 to set up my Empire Plan to get the money bonus. If I'd managed to found my 2nd city by now, it would cost 20x2 = 40.

On turn 40, I'll get another chance to adjust the Plan. Until then, I will enjoy the bonus cash.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 09:07:07 AM
Turn 21
My Settler reaches his destination in Trode, and founds a city.

A note about expansion: each region you control (beyond the first) decreases the overall happiness of your cities. Once a city's happiness drops below "Content", you start taking significant penalties, so it's important to find ways to keep the people happy.

Here's the known world. It looks like the Light Green Necrophages settled in Worimer.
Click to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/021_World_Map.png)

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 02:41:36 PM
Turn 22
Zadde completes a Ranger Mk2. Something that I noticed just now: Each army apparently costs distinct upkeep; when I merged the new unit into my existing army, my overall expenses went down by 3 dust/turn. Good to know!

Turn 23
The Necrophages notice my expansionist tendencies, and issue a diplomatic warning. Hypocrites. I don't know who I want to take down first; the Pink Cultists were in the lead until now.

Turn 26
My fourth ranger is complete. Now both cities are constructing Extractors for Titanium, to be followed up by Glassteel. My full army (4 units + hero) is heading out in search of adventure, glory, and trouble.

Turn 29
I am heading into Ia'poli, to pick a fight with the roaming Haunts there, on the way to finishing my side quest for the Zadde Haunts tribe.
The fight is victorious, with only minor damage sustained by my army.

Turn 30
I attack the Haunts village, and am again victorious. My reward is 15 Gold, and the next step in the quest is to return and Parley with the Haunts village in Zadde, and they will be pacified. Crap, I forgot to take a screenshot.

Note: By destroying the Haunts village in Ia'poli, an unowned region, I have set them up to be auto-pacified by whomever settles there. Hopefully me.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 02:46:38 PM
Turn 31
Winter is Here. Winter is Hell. Halved movement, reduced visibility, and drastic reductions in food, industry, and dust production. Winter will last from 1 to 17 Turns, according to the little counter in the lower right.
Also, I forgot to take screen shots at both the beginning and the end of Winter o.O

Turn 37
Trode has built everything that I know how to build, so it's time to expand the city. First, a Sewer System, to offset the unhappiness that I'll generate with the expansion.

Summer has returned. Movement and production return to normal! Winter lasted for 6 Turns.

My army finally returns to the Haunts village. I am now allowed to Assimilate the Haunts. I'm going to put that off. I currently have 63 Influence, and I'm going to have to burn 40 of it to maintain my Empire Plan on Turn 40. It will cost 30 Influence to Assimilate the Haunts, so I want to make sure I can do both.

In addition to a Flying unit, the Haunts provide a science bonus to my empire, if I Assimilate them. A pretty good get.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 06, 2014, 03:01:03 PM
Turn 38
A new Research Era (Tier 2) has begun. This is because I've researched a sufficient number of techs from Tier 1.
I have:
Seed Storage
Sewer System
Language Square
Mill Foundry
Public Library
Empire Mint
Mercenary Market
Alchemist's Furnace
Open-Pit Mine
So, nine is the number of techs needed in order to advance to Tier 2.
I'd also like to get Geomic Labs, but it might have to wait until I've snagged some high-priority Tier 2 techs.

The highest priority, IMO, are:
Meritocratic Promotion (6 army slots instead of 4)
Alchemical Alloys (Tier 2 Titanium and Glassteel weapons)
Central Market (Improves Happiness in any city that builds it)

I will start with Alchemical Alloys.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Lantyssa on December 07, 2014, 09:38:55 AM
Further notes on assimilating minor factions:

If you research all your racial units, you'll have three.  Each minor faction also provides a unit type in addition to the empire bonus.  There are techs you can get which allow you to receive the benefits of up to three minor factions.

You can customize their equipment the same as any other type of unit, and all of them have their uses.  The main danger with using them is that if you lose all their villages or the province in which they are based, you cannot build more.  You will keep any existing units, however.

Haunts and Demons are two of the strongest melee units.  The drider race provides an excellent healing support unit.  Any army would do well to have one or two present.  Other unit types can do circle attacks, retaliations, damage in a line, heal plus small heal to adjacent units, etc.  There is a good selection.

Pacifying a village, whether you assimilate them or not, puts a worker in the region's main city.

The Cultists have a game system dependent upon minor factions.  They can only have one city, however they can convert villages anywhere, and each pacified village in their empire contributes resources.

Hutch lucked out with Haunts.  Theirs is a melee based unit with a chain attack and it should work well with the Vaulter's range.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 07, 2014, 11:45:47 AM
Lol, the Driders will be showing up soon  :grin:
I have habitually skipped over even researching the Walkers' support unit, because I haven't found them useful in a fight. Yet.

Further notes on assimilating minor factions:
Pacifying a village, whether you assimilate them or not, puts a worker in the region's main city.

So that's where the extra pop has been coming from! I've noticed that in past games and not understood it.

And Cultists only get one city? Excellent.

Edit to add: I've gone back through this thread and changed all the Spoiler'ed images into links. It takes forever to load even so, but now the very largest images are deferred.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 07, 2014, 11:55:23 AM
Turn 40
My Empire Plan will remain the same. Now that I have 2 cities, it will cost 40 Influence to maintain.

I have 33 Influence left over. This is enough to Assimilate the Haunts.

On Turn 41, my quest is complete. I pick up the tech Visions of Glory, and then advance to the next stage in my faction quest!


I must assemble an army containing at least 2 Minor Faction units, and 4 Ranged. This could be done with just 4 units, if I had Assimilated a faction that grants ranged units. But Haunts are Flying ghosts, so I will need 6 units. Which is how I prefer it anyway!

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Paelos on December 07, 2014, 12:28:19 PM
So does this play complicated or is it fairly straight forward in terms of turn flow?

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 07, 2014, 12:46:35 PM
At the start of each turn, the game will pop up messages telling you about completed construction, completed research, diplomatic messages from the other players, along with any fights that the AI starts with you.
Many turns, there will be none of this happening.

Once I get past the start of the turn, I check on my cities, to make sure they're staying busy, and that the populations are allocated the way I want them.
Then, I make sure I'm researching something.
(The game will alert me if either of these things still need doing when I hit End Turn, but I've been trained pretty well by now).

If my armies need to be moved, I move them. If I'm not at war, then there's probably still a neighboring region that needs to be explored, and/or a minor faction that needs to be pacified. There is always something going on.

Is the game complicated? It's different from Civ, that's for sure. It took me quite a few misfires before I reached the level of ease with which I am playing it now, and I still haven't learned everything.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 08, 2014, 07:04:39 PM
Turn 43
I have colonized Ia'poli. The Haunts here are pacified, but I'll have to rebuild their village in order to receive a benefit from it.

Now I must turn my attention to taming the natives in Trode.

Turn 44
Alchemical Alloys is researched. I upgrade my Hero, Ranger, and Ghost units to have Glassteel or Titanium weaponry. This is a nice big fat upgrade for all of them.
Next up for research is Meritocratic Promotion. I want to have 6 units in my army.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 08, 2014, 07:11:35 PM
Turn 45
The Pink Cultists issue a diplomatic warning, and then put their main army inside my territory. I beat them like red headed step children. Let them declare war. I look forward to annexing their puny lands.

Turn 48
I fight both of the Hurnas roaming armies in the Trode region. I've been neglecting this region too long, it's a wonder they haven't attacked my city.

Turn 49
The Hurnas want me to maintain Fervent morale in the city of Trode for five turns. This is hilarous, as I am on my way to completing that city's third district. This quest will probably have to wait until my Wine extractors in Zadde are up and running.

Turn 51
The city of Trode has expanded twice now, so let's take a look. Each time you build a district, by constructing Borough Streets, you select a hex that's adjacent to an existing district. Once the new district is complete, your city gets access to all of the new bordering hexes, for exploitation purposes.
Each District gets +1 dust, science, and influence. But, -1 food, and -10 happiness for that city.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 08, 2014, 08:00:46 PM
Turn 54
I'm exploring the region of Idyna, to the south of Trode. The local villagers want me to keep the area free of enemy armies for 5 turns.

Turn 59
No enemies ever showed up. That may have been the easiest pacification yet! Now I just need to get a Settler down here.

Turn 60
The Necrophages want war! I guess I'll be defeating them first, after all.

Also, time to renew my Empire Plan. I'd really like to expand down to get the +25 happiness bonus, but I'd have to give up my dust bonus (total to get both would be 240, and I only have 199).

Map of the known world:
Click to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/060_World_Map.png)

Turn 62
I have enough Wine stocked up to use it as a morale booster, but it will only raise Happiness by +30. Current Happiness in Trode is 50, which would go to 80 with Wine. Fervent is 90+, so I am going to have to build a Central Market there. I would have had to do this anyway, since I plan to keep expanding!

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hoax on December 09, 2014, 01:21:23 AM
Thanks for doing this. The high and interesting visual quality is making me want this even though the same thing made me want Endless Space and I disliked that game.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 09, 2014, 08:15:58 AM
I played Endless Space and found it uninteresting. So I had some trepidation when I started in on this game. But I've found it to be fun, whereas Endless Space was dull.
I've got that one-more-turn feeling, which I frankly haven't felt in a game like this since Civ IV.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 09, 2014, 08:27:52 AM
Turn 67
The Necrophage has sent an army scuttling across my territory, and my Hero's army finally catches up to them.

I win, no losses. For some reason, my AI wanted to target the enemy's strongest unit, instead of the usual plinking off of the weak units. I wonder if this is because I've upgraded my offensive abilities? Or because the strongest unit was the AI's hero?

Turn 68
Winter has returned. I got a picture of the announcement this time!

Something I forgot to mention previously: The advent of the Second age unlocked a tech, called Imperial Highways, that lets me build roads between my cities, and build Watchtowers in designated spots within regions that I control. I'll get that one after the critical techs are out of the way.

Turn 69
Trode has completed its Central Market. Base happiness there is 75. It's time to booze it up! I have 35 Wine, and need to burn 20 in order to gain the bonus effect. It will last for 10 Turns, which will be long enough to finish the Pacification quest.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 10, 2014, 06:50:19 AM
Turn 71
As I trudge through the snow back to Trode, in order to clear out the latest band of roaming orcs, the Pink Cultists send me some Diplomacy. They want to close their borders. That's fine, I'm at war already, they can wait.

Turn 72
I slip a Settler into Idyna, to the South of Trode. I already pacified the bug-taurs here.

There's a Tier 2 tech that allows you to have two Minor Factions assimilated at once. Once I get that, I'll have the option to bring these guys into my army. Assuming that I decide I'd like a support unit.

I get my Hero back into Trode, and pick a fight with the Hurnas Roaming Army. I managed to record the fight this time!
(I recorded a fight previously, but for this occasion I turned the music down first.)
Fight vs Hurnas Roaming Army (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOqqNICkUD8)

Turn 80
I have enough influence (x4 cities) to extend my Empire Plan. I pick up +2 Vision on Units, which is cool, but is really just a prereq for +25 Happiness on Cities. This is great for my expansionism. Did I really not take a picture of this? Tragic.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 10, 2014, 07:09:35 AM
Turn 83
I am about to siege the Necrophage city of Worimer. Sieging reduces the defense level of the city, which is probably a better idea if there's a large number of units inside. This city (in retrospect) only has a couple militia, so my army could have busted them open pretty easily without sieging.

Turn 84
Trode City finishes constructing Right Of Way, which is the improvement that builds roads to adjacent cities (including those in other empires).
Click to see the map (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/084_Trode_Roads.png)

Turn 86
My siege is interrupted by the arrival of a 6-unit Necrophage army. Along with the city militia, they manage to take out one of my Rangers. Subsequently, my surviving army is able to just walk into the city.

I also complete research on Native District. This lets me Assimilate a second faction; I will choose the Driders. The second faction costs 100 influence.

Turn 87
The Necrophages realize that War is Hell. They want to have a cease fire while they rebuild their armed forces.

Or maybe they just want me to waste some influence on a Truce proposal. Jerks.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 11, 2014, 09:14:47 PM
Turn 91
The Third Age has begun. (I completed research on Public Granary).
This reveals the resources Palladian and Adamantian on the map, which are going to be useful in upgrading military units. (There are also a whole slew of luxury resources revealed).

Turn 99
Ugh, Winter has returned.

Turn 100
I maintain my current Empire Plan, which costs 400 of my available 618 Influence.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 11, 2014, 09:23:22 PM
Turn 102
I have curled back around to the last unexplored frontier that borders my empire, the region of Sam-hin. It's inhabited by Kazanji (Demons). Their pacification quest is, in a word, ridiculous. I would have to swap out one of my Assimilated factions for the Geldirus, to get a cavalry unit. And then build one, and garrison it. Better and quicker to just conquer the demons.

Turn 105
Destroying the Kazanji village cancelled the quest. I'll Parley with the next one (there are 3 in this region) to see what they want.
Ahh, the bait and switch quest. Give us 200 Dust to find out what we really want.
Ouch, what they want is 30 Palladian. I haven't gathered any yet, but I'm not unwilling to take the pacific route. It's just going to take a while.


Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 11, 2014, 09:28:01 PM
Turn 107
I have hired Citli Owaci III to be my second general. His army is nearing completion, and mustering in Trode.

Turn 109
I return to my Faction quest chain. I have to keep Trode clear of enemies for 5 Turns.

Turn 114
After a couple assaults by quest-generated mobs, Trode is safe and I get my next quest: City Building! I am to raise a City Center, plus one other city District, to level 2.

In the meantime, I have scouted out the Necrophage capital. They've got 9 guys in there! I can probably take him, but I am going to pursue a strategy of taking away his expansion regions first.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 11, 2014, 09:36:43 PM
Turn 116
The Pink Cultists are bribing me for a Peace Treaty. Why not.

Turn 117
I colonize Sam-Hin. Curiously, the Kazanji village that I leveled earlier is pacified, but the two that I'm questing for are not.

Also, I caught a 3-unit Necrophage army out in the open. I think they were trying to reinforce the region (Bel'sero) that I'm about to attack. Oh ho, it's 3 units plus a hero. Back to the Necrophage Academy with you!

Turn 118
I caught another 3-unit + Hero army, on the other side of the city. Bad strategy exhibited by the Necrophage!

Turn 119
I have taken Bel'sero. I didn't bother with sieging; they only had a single militia left defending the place.
Bel'sero has a Dark Green region bordering on it. I'll find out who's in there soon enough.
Click here to view. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/119_Belsero_Map.png)

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 11, 2014, 09:49:12 PM
Turn 120
Trode completes the 6th member of my 2nd army; they are dispatched to relieve the siege of Sam-hin by the demon natives.

Also, it's time to maintain my Empire Plan. 560/970 to maintain the current plan. I am just shy of having enough Influence to extend up and get +30% attack for my army units. Maybe next time!

As I move my offensive army into yet another Necrophage region, I encounter the Broken Lords, the Dark Green empire. We are neutral for now.

The city of Isield has only a token Militia defending it. I think that might be all for the Necrophage's expansion regions. And this one seems fresh; it doesn't look like they've bothered to pacify the natives. That might be my next task.

Having conducted a few fights now with a Drider replacing one of the Rangers in each army, I have to say: good advice by Lantyssa. Having a healer available saves units and cuts down on downtime.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Paelos on December 12, 2014, 08:05:41 AM
What do you mean by maintaining the empire plan? This is the most confusing part I've seen.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 12, 2014, 11:18:25 AM
Every Turn that's a multiple of 20 (20, 40, 60, etc), you get to modify your Empire Plan.

The Empire Plan is a way to purchase bonus attributes for your Empire, at a cost in Influence.
Influence is one of the currencies generated by your cities. It's the purple number.

Let's have another look at that most recent Empire Plan image. This is from turn 100, but I didn't change it at turn 120.

I am at Tier 1 to the left. This grants me a bonus to Dust generation in my cities. Dust being the analogue for money in this game.

I am at Tier 2 to the bottom, which gives my army units +2 vision range, but more importantly gives me +25 happiness in my cities. I'm doing this to offset the unhappiness that is caused by all the empire expansion I'm doing.

I'm at Tier 0 to the top and right, which means no bonuses.

You use the mouse to drag the little gray circles to the tiers that you want.

Each Tier is unlocked when you reach the corresponding Era. Eras are unlocked by doing Research.

Tier 2 is more expensive than Tier 1, and so on. Also, the basic cost of the Plan is multiplied by the number of cities (regions) that I control.

The number in the center is the cost of the proposed plan. The number at the lower right is my current total of Influence.
If the proposed plan is too expensive, the number at the center turns red.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Paelos on December 12, 2014, 11:22:58 AM
What generates influence points?

Also why do you hate science?  :why_so_serious:

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 12, 2014, 12:05:17 PM
What generates influence points?

Also why do you hate science?  :why_so_serious:

For that, let's have another look at the city of Trode.

Both the Founding District and the Expansion Districts are producing Influence. It's the purple number with a star icon.
You can also assign population to generate Influence, in your city screen.
You can also research techs that let you build city improvements, which will generate Influence.

You have to make choices with the Empire Plan. I am satisfied with my pace in Research. But, my expansionism means that I really need that +25 happiness.
YMMV on this one  :grin:

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 13, 2014, 09:10:54 AM
Turn 122
Exploring the Isield region reveals the Ardent Mages in an adjacent region.

Turn 128
Winter has arrived. This time it has the added penalty of -30% attack on units! Just in time for me to siege the Necrophage capital  :oh_i_see:

Turn 132
As my siege reduced the Necrophage capital to zero defense, they launched an attack on my sieging army. Which was backed up by my nearby reserve unit. Having healers around is a great idea against these Necrophage DoT units.

Turn 133
I walk into Jamoj, the Necrophage capital. I'm pretty sure this is their last stronghold.

Turn 134
Now the message pops up, telling me the Necrophage empire is gone. They brought it upon themselves, really.

Turn 137
I sent my second army into Isield; the natives were sieging my conquered city there.

I have to figure out what to do next. Wiping out the Necrophages has been my main focus up until this point. My cities are Content or better, so I've got some leeway for expansion. At the very least, I will send my armies out on exploratory missions; there are still some unowned regions in the vicinity.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 21, 2014, 04:00:05 PM
Turn 139
I've pacified (by force) the minotaur natives of Isielde. When I parleyed, they wanted me to attack one of the AI neighbors. Which I may end up doing anyway, but not just to pacify a minor faction.

Also, I have reached Era IV, by way of research.

In addition to the usual gaggle of city/region  improvements, the fourth research tier includes a couple of game changers.
- 3rd minor faction assimilation slot
- +2 army slots (army size 8)

Turn 140
I don't hate Science so much, and I can afford it, so I add the science bonus to my empire plan.

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 21, 2014, 04:00:24 PM
Turn 148
I've spend the past few turns using my armies as explorers, uncovering the frontiers of the unowned regions to the south. I will have to colonize one or perhaps all of them.
Click here to see the map of the southern frontier (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1217291/EndlessLegend/WildWalkers/148_Frontier.png)

Turn 160
Empire Plan time. I've accumulated enough Influence by now that I can afford to spike up and get +30% attack on my army units!

Title: Re: Endless Legend: Journey with the Wild Walkers
Post by: Hutch on December 21, 2014, 04:01:15 PM
Turn 162
Trode has a level 2 city center, plus one additional level 2 district. This completes my faction quest, and unlocks the next step in the quest chain. I have to search a ruin, to seek after a figure of legend.

Turn 165
Ah cheese, Winter has returned, bringing even harsher movement penalties than before. This is getting nasty.

Turn 168
I adapt the Geldirus (Ice Wargs) as my 3rd assimilated faction. They provide +5% damage per village, and their unit is cavalry.

Hmm. I note that the Tier 1 military bonus from my Empire Plan, which is 20% off of unit cost, only applies to the normal resource cost, not to the strategic resources (adamantian and palladian, and etc.)

My army arrives at the ruin. Hah, the next step is to inspect another ruin in the same region (Zadde, my home region).