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Title: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 18, 2011, 10:34:58 PM
[Please note: I am playing this game for the first time, so if anyone feels like replying in here please NO SPOILERS!]


"Had you known this would happen, would you have chosen differently?"

At the time all I could think was, you daft old man, what a strange question to ask someone who has saved your life. I said 'no', of course. It was the right choice to go with Tess. Leo's death is not on my hands or conscience.

But this? What animals humans are.

I have begun this journal in order to help retain my bearings. I don't know if it will help, I can only hope.

According to those I have met I am Geralt of Rivia. I am a witcher and an amnesiac. I am tracking those who stole equipment from the laboratory of my friends. We spread wide in our search. I was sent south and have come to Vizima. I have picked up a track and I am attempting to follow the path by pursuing the men of Salamandra - those who wear the symbol of the lizard.

This is all I know of myself and of this world, but I am learning more with each passing day.

What fucking animals humans are.

I have gained a pass to enter the city, allowing me an exception to the quarantine currently in effect. I was to gain it by killing the beast that was terrorising the village outside the city walls. In the end I picked it up from a dead man's corpse. What beasts have I killed, and what remain? In chasing the beast I ended up killing most of the local population. In the end the beast was only terrorising itself. But I killed it also. I guess mercy is also a kindness...

Those I did not kill the ghouls have taken, or they have fled. The witch, Abigail, is one who fled. I do not know if I should have let her.

Had I know this would happen, would I have chosen differently?

I should avoid asking myself questions like these. I am here to recover the property stolen from me, not to mourn the deaths of rapists, murderers and dictators.

Perhaps I should have killed Abigail too. I am not sure. It seems she used her sorcery to force a man - Odo, an insufferable fat drunkard - to kill his brother, to take revenge for that brother not paying her any heed. The guilt destroyed Odo, of course. Or was he already destroyed? He was a drunk, and a liar and a cheat, that I know... or did that come after his brothers death, after Abigail showed him the way? Did she show him the way? I do not know. All I had was a doll and a fat man's word... a dead fat man's word... it is not hard for a witcher to kill a fat drunk craven.

I cannot follow these thoughts further, I have to push ahead and recover the stolen goods. I must take myself and my pass to the gate, where Mikul will let me in... to beg entry from a man whose assault drove his 'love' to suicide...

This is not working. Let me record some facts, instead of thoughts:

I killed the ghoul in the crypt and the drowner in the river: They were not difficult for me. My body remembers how to fight if nothing else, and takes great pleasure in it. Perhaps it is the simplicity. I beat the drowner inch by inch back from the shore and he fell from a thousand cuts. The ghoul did not last as long for I stunned him with my first spell and removed his head in a stroke. (The beast fell the same way.)

I rescued a girl called Vesna from a bunch of thugs one night. She was thankful. As was a peasant woman to whom I gave some flowers. There is more physical reward in this world than just fighting... though for me the pleasure is of a similar nature. I did not pass up Abigail's offer either. Should I feel any guilt for this? It does not matter, I do not. What I learn in the future will not change the present. Or my past, whatever that is. Though I do wonder if Vesna managed to flee... no, I will follow this. Had I know it would be the same.

I received 100 gold from a traveller who recognised me, making good an old debt. I note this down to make a balance for all else. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps it is not simply humans. Perhaps there was some malign curse on these people. Dear Abigail, perhaps the reverend was right... no, no. He was an evil man and met his end on those terms. If I missed justice by not doubting and killing every single person matters not. I did not know.

I buried a man who had died trying to enter the city from below in the crypt. A spectre spoke to me and set Leo's shade upon me. Leo fared no better in death than life. Perhaps the message here is for him, not me: If you had known, Leo, would you have apprenticed to Vesemir? Perhaps you could have lived in a village instead... and been sold to salamandra like Alvin...

If I did die, as Zoltan says, why did I come back?

Enough, I must go to Mikul. The past only contorts upon itself; I feel the need to fight again.

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 18, 2011, 11:06:36 PM

I hope you don't leave Mikul. I would hate to have to chase you.

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: JWIV on May 19, 2011, 07:21:22 AM
Awesome write-up so far!

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 19, 2011, 07:50:23 PM

My head hurts. And it's not just the alcohol.

I'm sitting on the floor at Kalkstein's place at the moment, attempting to recover. I'm going to go over last night first, while it is 'fresh' in my mind, then I will cover the other stuff. Too much has happened since I've entered this city...

I got word from the addict in the jail (the guard, not the inmates) that a man collecting bounties on salamandra boys was down at the tavern. I walked on over. The guy was there, but he was hard to get a word out of. I had to drink him under the table to get a lead. He pointed me back to the fat merchant whose friend I buried... who I must remember to visit later today...


After that I was too drunk to work, so I took a couple of hours to sleep it off. I woke with the ugly face of little Coleman swaying above me. I wasn't still drunk, but he was on his way. And was of a mind to take me with him. I demurred; I'd heard he knew something about the other witcher who had passed through and couldn't think of a better way to get it out of him. Before I knew it midnight had passed and the bastard was singing me some song. He sang me a little song about the swamps too, so it wasn't a complete waste. He'd picked up the other witcher's gear from some peasants out there, so a visit to the swamp is on the cards too...


I was of a mind to take another nap and finally get down to work, but before I could this mean bastard put his head in my face to have a chat.


Not a very friendly chat at that. Turns out he's the local underworld boss, Ramsmeat. He wanted to let me know he's seen me around and to stay clear of his interests. I wanted to let him know that I'd already met the local shoe-shine man and thus had no compunction about sticking my foot up his arse if he gave me any more attitude. If I hadn't had about two litres of spirits in me at that time it might have turned ugly... but I know my limits. And a shithead like that will give me another chance...


I managed to rest after that and got the alcohol out of my system. I then headed off for the hospital. There was an injured prisoner being held there I wanted to speak to, and the guards I'd bribed had said to visit after dark. I got there in time, but of course the guards had decided to forget the arrangement. Before I had time to make them see sense the hospital was attacked. By Ramsmeat's men. I don't know if they were after me or the prisoner, but they weren't mucking around and slew the guards before I could take them all out. The prisoner survived but was still too injured for sense, muttering something about Kalkstein.

I had no idea what to do at that point. I felt like having a talk to Ramsmeat but I had no idea if he was still at the pub, and wasn't sure on his protection anyhow. In the end I decided to pop in to the fence for a chat, as he was just around the corner, and see if I could come up with a decent plan. But that didn't go so well...


I got drunk with the old guy while we were chatting. Then the bum pushed a book in to my hands and passed out on me. I tried to get him up so I could have a nap myself but it was no use, he was out cold. It was at this point that I realised I was off my head in the middle of the night with who knows what out there hunting for me, far from any place to bed down. So I did what any sensible person would do in the situation... and I decided to pay Shani a visit. Never mind that her house was on the opposite side of the quarter and it was near on 4am...

I guess witchers aren't immune to the effects of alcohol any more than humans are. My thinking went: I need to sleep... Shani said to visit her at home whenever I want to talk... Shani looks incredible in her underwear... Shani's house... Shani's house.

I got there. I don't know how I got there, but I got there. I remember stumbling around with my sword out (for protection?) most of the way and getting attacked by some dogs, and I think I got lost for a while, because I can't remember...

Anyway. I got there. And grandma was up. And unimpressed.


So I didn't get to see Shani.

I must have been sobering up a bit by then, because I made the (relatively) wise decision to roll around the corner to Kalkstein's place and bed down there for the night. I think I might have tried to interrogate him before I slept, I have faint memories of him asking me to do something... but I doubt he will remember if I don't, the man is only halfway here at times.



That about covers last night. I'm going to have to get some food in to me before I try to catch up on everything else. But I will get it down. This town is a confusing mess and I've hardly had time to think since that fuck Mikul had me shut up in the dungeons; it has been one damned thing after another. I can't go on like this: I need to stop, think, and take control.

Which is tricky, because I might still be drunk...

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: Strazos on May 19, 2011, 07:51:49 PM
WTF, you playing in 3D?

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 19, 2011, 08:01:42 PM
WTF, you playing in 3D?

Just very drunk. Often. Who can say no to drinking with William Burroughs [Thaler], though?

It literally took me 10 mins to stumble from one end of town to the other.

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 22, 2011, 08:03:20 AM
Thinking i might have to put this on hold for a second playthrough. I don't want to waste time writing atm, I just want to play!

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: rk47 on May 24, 2011, 04:34:51 AM
Oh god, this game is both good and bad at the same time. Seriously, this game had me on the edge of quitting so many times on my 2nd playthrough just to get an export save going.

FFS, I hope they don't screw the pooch with the sequel.

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: lamaros on May 24, 2011, 05:00:44 AM
Oh god, this game is both good and bad at the same time. Seriously, this game had me on the edge of quitting so many times on my 2nd playthrough just to get an export save going.

FFS, I hope they don't screw the pooch with the sequel.

Yeah getting seriously like this now. So bored of the combat and inventory rubbish. And bored of the voice acting, the voice recording quality (sounds like they're in different rooms from line to line), the translating, the juvenile "omg adult" crap...

But can't kinda stop playing at the same time.

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Post by: lamaros on May 24, 2011, 11:27:56 AM
And I hit chapter 4. What the fuck. Done with this, going to do a radicalton for an actual good game, not this one.

I keep hearing vampire bloodlines is good and never played it, maybe that.

Title: Re: Had you known? (The Witcher: EE & DC)
Post by: rk47 on May 24, 2011, 11:47:17 AM
Well, you're so close to it being over, but yeah, chapter 4...wtf indeed. so close till the end, then they pulled you out when it started getting interesting.

At times, the pacing is wayyyyyy messed up. And to this day I wondered, what those people are thinking when they praised Witcher. Good idea on the narrative choice and consequences, but terrible execution.