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Post terms that people not intimately familiar with EVE won't get here.

BoB - Band of Brothers, a powerful PVP alliance.

RA - Red Alliance, a powerful alliance comprised of primarily Russian players. Also referred to as "the Russians".

AAA - Against All Authorities, an alliance that splintered off of Red Alliance. Fearsome in PVP. Also largely Russian.

GOON, Goonfleet, Goonswarm - A corporation (Goonfleet) and alliance (Goonswarm) originally stemming from the SomethingAwful Forum Goons.

RAGOON - Refers to the very close ties between Red Alliance and Goonswarm, such that the two effectively operate in concert.

D2 - Dusk and Dawn, a rich industrial alliance. Largely German.

"The North" - The upper part of the game map, when projected into 2-D on things such as the Alliance Map (see Useful Links thread). Dusk And Dawn is located here.

"The South" - The lower part of the game map, as above. In the "west" (left) part of the map, you have the Band of Brothers stronghold regions of Delve and Period Basis. On the "east" side of the map, you have the Red Alliance stronghold of Cache, along with Goonswarm and associated alliances.

FIX - Firmus Ixion. An old alliance that has held the region Querious since time immemorial.

ASCN - Ascendent Frontier, an extinct alliance. Once the richest industrial alliance in their heydey, and also the first to unveil a Titan-class ship. Was crushed in relatively short order by Band of Brothers and has since dissolved.

T2 - Tech 2. The "high level gear" of Eve, somewhat stronger and better than most other ships/equipment in the game.

Complex - A space dungeon. Usually has a reward at the end. Difficulty ranges from Newbie to requring a group of very advanced players to complete.

Officer/Faction - Special "rare drop" equipment that can be found in some complexes or (very rarely) on random-spawning special NPCs in space.

I'll add some ship classes and acronyms.

Drone - Computer-controlled tiny ship that operates from another main ship controlled by a player.

Frigate - Smallest combat ship class (cost ~50K-500K)

AF - Assault Frigate, a small, fairly fast and robust Tech 2 frigate (cost ~5M-15M).

Covops - Covert Operations Frigate, a Tech 2 frigate that can move around well while cloaked.

Interceptor - Tech 2 very, very fast frigate.

Destroyer - Ship class between Frigate and Cruiser used by very few (cost ~500k-700k)

Interdictor - Tech 2 destroyer specialized in creating warp bubbles that make it hard to run off from engagements in 0.0 space.

Cruiser - Mid-sized combat ship class (cost ~2.5M-8M).

HAC - Heavy Assault Cruiser, often very fast and robust Tech 2 cruisers (cost ~40M-250M).

Recon Ships - Tech 2 cruiser that can cloak (hide) and have bonuses to electronic warfare ("crowd control")  (cost ~30M-80M)

Logistics Ships- Tech 2 cruiser for group support that I believe no one use much.

BC - Battlecruiser, a ship class between cruiser and battleships. Quite popular (cost ~20M-45M).

Command Ship - Tech 2 battlecruiser specialized to lead and give bonuses to groupmates.

BS - Battleship, the mainstay of fleet battles and largest non-capital ship (cost ~70M-140M)

Carrier - Capital ship where other ships can dock, and can also deploy fighters (cruiser-sized drones) (cost ~1B)

Dread - Dreadnought is a capital ship that can take and deal huge amounts of damage if they go into "siege mode", which stops them from moving and makes it very hard for them to hit fast ships. Specialized to take down well-defended Player-Owned Structures (POSes) (cost ~1.5B-2B)

Mothership - Supercapital version of the carrier (can't be found on market, costs probably 20B or more to construct).

Titan - Supercapital of supercapitals. Has a doomsday weapon that is damages all ships in a large area enough to kill most things smaller than a battleship. Can also create a gate for other ships to jump through (can't be found on market, costs probably 50-60B or more to construct).

Non-combat ships:

Indy - Industrial transport. Carries large amounts of goods but is quite slow and the tech 1 variants are very easy to kill (cost ~150k-600k).

Freighter - Capital-sized ship for transporting huge amounts of goods (cost ~900M-1B).

Barge - Mining Barge, a high-capacity mining ship.

Exhumer - Tech 2 version of the barge. Even higher capacity for mining and more robust.

Cap: Either a capital ship (any ship larger than a Battleship) or the capacitor of a ship (the battery of the ship, which powers it's weapons, engines, and other abilities).

Reinforced Mode:  As I understand it, when a POS is dealt enough damage, it goes into reinforced mode.  In reinforced mode, it is basically invulnerable, but it eats up fuel at a tremendous rate.  This is supposed to give the defenders time to get enough people together to repel the attack (to prevent alliances from just being able to knock out stations instantly at 3 AM).  I'm not really sure on this; someone want to correct me?

Pod: When a ship is killed, the captain ejects in an escape pod automatically ("podded").  If this pod is killed ("podkilled"), the captain "dies" and respawns at whatever station he bought his last clone at.  If he had any implants (expensive cybernetics that boost attributes), they're gone.

Empire:  Space that is patrolled by CONCORD (the space police).  Generally refers to space with a security rating of higher than 0.5.  Relatively "safe" in that random people blowing you up will probably be shot down by CONCORD.  Controlled by NPC factions and nations.  Most players spend most of their time in empire space.

0.0: Space that is not patrolled by CONCORD, or monitored by them.  Anything goes in 0.0.  Generally the big wars and politics revolve around 0.0 space.  Controlled by player alliances.

Fighters: relatively powerful drones that are launched from motherships and carriers.

A POS in reinforced eats strontium clathrates, which are not consumed during normal POS operations.

POS: Player-owned structure. An intermediate step between a ship and a space station. Provides something of the functionality of a space station, but is more vulnerable to attack.

Could someone add an explanation of cyno?


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