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Author Topic: BAT COUNRY -- VANU -> NC  (Read 32254 times)
Stephen Zepp
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Reply #35 on: February 23, 2007, 12:06:19 PM

Is there a good guide anywhere for using a Jackhammer. I'm sure I'm not using it right.

1) Run up to player in hallway
2) Stick Jackhammer near chest
3) tri-fire
4) repeat

It's a really horrible outdoor weapon.  Use of it anywhere but in corridors is pointless because the shots spread-out so much after a few yards from the barrel.  Yet another reason the TR MCG is fucked, because it's so rapid fire and has a rifle-type spread.  I've been chewed-up on top of towers by 2 guys using MCGs while I try to snipe them.

An even better technique is to learn to use third person and the added view it gives.

Keep in mind that the JH is designed to flat out be the best weapon at contact range. Yes, it blows the MCG out of the water---if you can get to contact range.

The technique here (and it's only useful with bend-y areas such as stairs, indoor areas with corners, etc) is :

--go to third person, and face a wall so that as your opponent closes, he doesn't know you are there. stairs are pretty perfect for this, although you have to move far enough away from the approach so that they don't see part of you
--wait until they are literally in contact range, then swap to first person
--unload a triple shot, and go past them (jump over, whatever)
--turn 180 and unload again. Dead enemy (unless they are -amazingly- quick with both a personal shield and health kits)

the alternate strategy, and one that works outdoors in medium/short contact range is the use of the surge implant (which has been nerfed from the original tactic, but still works if you know the timing)

--be at medium++ range: you have to learn how long surge lasts, and how far it takes you so that when surge is pressed, you close, and surge wears off, you are at contact range
--surge, close, unload when surge wears off.
--go past, spin, triple shot again.

I feel like I keep beating the dead horse--but know your weapons, and know your ranges. Go to the Viritual Training area and practice ranges, and learn when you get the most damage per clip/fire rate. Most importantly, learn what weapons your enemy commonly uses, and know the most effective ranges for -each-, and how to best prosecute a fight to the kill.

Rumors of War
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