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84 year old woman nails 11 year old boy.


PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- An 84-year-old woman who confessed to having sex with an 11-year-old boy in her foster care reached a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted sex abuse, officials said.

Georgie Audean Buoy will serve 36 months in prison, said Leslie Wolf, chief deputy district attorney for Wasco County. She was originally charged with six counts, including attempted rape, for which she faced eight years in prison, Wolf said.

In a taped confession, Buoy admitted to having sex with the boy while he was in her care in 2004, Wolf said. Her age and lack of prior criminal convictions played a role in the plea deal.

Buoy's attorney, Andrew Carter, did not return messages Thursday.

Buoy, of The Dalles, was a longtime member of her church and volunteered at the county jail, Wolf said.

She must register as a sex offender after serving her sentence at a women's prison, and must pay $5,000 to the victim, as well as up to $7,500 in restitution for counseling.

So.  Which one do you suppose was more desperate?

Do they really put children into the care of such elderly people?  Good Grief... when I'm in my 80s, the last thing I want is a bunch of kids running around.  Well, to be fair, I don't even want that now.  I can't give my opinion on an 84 year old woman having sex with an 11 year old child because my achey breaky brain blocks the horror of it out immediately upon thinking of something to say.

Mmmmmmm gumjob.

When I'm in my eighties I'm sure to adopt some teens for that type of fun, if they catch you can get off on old-age-senile-plead-guilty deal.

Picture of Skwisgaar hitting on the old woman in the grocery store remains unfound, please imagine amongst yourselves.


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