Player wins MMO lawsuit

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And DQ, as far as what you're afraid of is concerned, I really doubt that you'd ever see a situation like that.  It's bad public policy to fly in the face of the rights of IP owners (i.e. game companies) and say that they are prohibited from changing their game ever for fear of devaluing virtual items.  Not only are there possible EULA-style safety nets, but there's no reason to protect an individual from something losing value.  We don't protect those who lose money in the stock market beyond basic fraud and "you're doing the shareholders wrong" lawsuits.  It'd take  a TON of leaps to get to what you are proposing.
Ok, I can get that. However, the guvmint has already been trying to force legislation to get game companies to change their games in some ways anyway. Thankfully the really poorly thought out nonsense from last year and this have mostly been ruled unconstitutional (or soon will be).

But that is a separate issue.

To your point, I can see a free market argument against the U.S. government from wanting to muck with a Adam Smith ideal situation such as this :)


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