Legends of Aria aka Shards Online

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Is that on anyone's radar?

It's USP seems to be it's UO2.   :why_so_serious:


Aria is inspired by the original living & breathing persistent worlds like Ultima Online and Eve Online. Legends of Aria believes in emergent gameplay defined by the ambitions and day to day actions of our players. You run our shops, craft our tools and shape the world through your deeds. Whether you wish to build an empire, delve into the darkest dungeons or build a thriving roleplay community, Aria is a land of endless opportunities to truly live in our world.

Lawful lands surrounding major cities and well traveled roads offer sufficient protection for those who choose a lawful existence. Those who venture into the lawless lands seeking plunder and precious materials risk the slight hand of thieves, or worse... The land of Aria offers a home be you good or evil.


PVP with full loot.

Welcome to irrelevance.

PvP with full loot. Sign me up.

After further inspection, this looks like another money-less dead-on-arrival and almost already abandoned project. Sigh.

I had a 7 day pre-alpha via a friend, played for maybe 30 minutes with him, and it was very Alpha and very Ultima Online clicky, with grandiose plans that gank and sandboxy build your own communities could co-exist. The guy who pk'd people over and over just outside town, and kept leaving people naked was fun for a few seconds. This was in 2016 when the pre Alpha was, and they were supposed to release 2017, but there's been zero news or really anything to follow (without digging).

The only other notable thing (other than the above) is Sanya Weathers is on Citadel Studios team as Communications Director, but I couldn't be assed to visit their forums after the alpha experience. /shrug


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