Fanfest 2018


Fanfest 2018 Update

Into The Abyss Expansion on May 29th

Features Abyssal Deadspace [new space] that uses beacons detected by modules to delve submarine like into pve style zones that helpfully leave beacons for people to wait for you to come out.
Unsure of all the dynamics of it so far, time will tell. Can get new triglavian ships, new weaponry and special plasmids that can alter modules with good/bad stats.

Planetary Interaction improvements to make it less bad to set-up. FW will disallow stabs. SOCT battleships for the anniversary.

On June 6th outposts and npc conquerable stations being replaced with faction citadels.
POS cyno jammers and jump bridges being replaced some time afterwards. There is probably some more to come being that fanfest isn't over.

Sir T:
The Sisters of Eve already had a Battleship...

Quote from: Sir T on April 12, 2018, 05:12:01 PM

The Sisters of Eve already had a Battleship...

Oops I mean SOCT battleship.


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