Age of Wushu 2 (Sandbox/Survival; Anyone here understand Chinese?)



So I kinda miss AoW, even though I hated the p2w bits and I suck at pvp.  This game isn't going to be a straight sequel as it's going to be even more of a sandbox/survival game. Still, I'm hoping for an English/NA game (it's Chinese only atm)

Is there anyone around that understands Chinese enough to peruse the forums and see what the devs/players are saying about the game? Google translate is terrible.  :oh_i_see:

Gah, i loved combat in that game and how all their systems worked together but it was so horribly run and p2w that i had to quit. I miss login in just to do my daily tai chi.


I almost forgot about that; I met a lot of people doing that that I otherwise would never have conversed with. So many little things that made the game fun even though on paper they don't sound that cool.

They are also updated the game engine for AoW, at least the Chinese version; they haven't decided on NA servers as far as I know.

oh yeah Age of Wushu was a lot of fun

It seemed like it could have been fun, but it was a goddamned fever dream of mishmashed systems and Engrish. I played for a couple of months and never had the slightest idea what I was doing.


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