Eve Ascension Released





F2P eve is here and links are dead. Some new citadels and new bugs include your bio being deleted if you log in atm and your boosters being destroyed.
Better than boot.ini I suppose.

Sir T:
Clicked on my Eve online icon to be greeted with a messege that thius version of the launcher is not supported, and to click here. Clicked there and there is no new version of the launcher. DL laucher file that is there and trying to run that results in the mouse pointer spinning. In the meantine a patch downloaded on the inactive launcher, and when I let that download there was no play button.

Realised that to proceed I would have to download the entirety of EVE again into a new folder.

Ahh CCP. Please never learn to Program.

Ok did that, and then it gave me a window that let me copy my old settings over to the new client and use my old shared cashe. Ok I did so.

So finally aster I recovered my password, and got everything soprted, I logged in forgot to select the checkbox nerxt to my account and the program crashed.


Sir T:
Oh it wasnty a checkbox It weas a play/stop button? ok...

Run the English language version, and run as administrator, at least the first time.

If you log into old characters it will delete your bio; so log into the forums first and click yourself then copy/paste your bio from there, to save it.

Old accounts that create new characters will not get the new spiffy tutorial, you have to start a new account and then create a new character on it.

I've seen a report of the launcher causing BSOD / crashing or corrupting mskssrv.dll (Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy dll).  It was only one guy, so I'm not sure if it's widespread.

Sir T:
Got in and flew around a bit. I logged in in space in a covert ops frig, which I could fly but my cloak did not work. SO I flew to my come and clecked out my character panel Basically your skills are capped at 3 or 4 as an alpha clone and are functionally that even if you have 5s in them. You can fly navy faction ships as i wend flying  my Navy Augorer


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